5 Best Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure

We all know how critical the water shortage is in most parts of the world. Using water in the most judicious way can likely solve this problem of water wastage where there is a scarcity of water. Moreover, it is also a step towards water management as well.

One such way of using water in an eco-friendly way is using a low-pressure shower head. It helps appropriate use of water and also limits energy bills too.

The showering experience is always one of the most critical parts of our day-to-day life and works as a healing time for most of us. The showering work as a rejuvenating or relaxing period.

In this piece, we will discuss some of the best shower heads for low water pressure. Several innovative technologies have resulted in controlling water pressure from the shower head.

The Original Fire Hydrant Spa ©™ Plaza Massager Shower Head

Currently the Original Fire Hydrant Spa is the best shower head for low water pressure in the market. International customers should check the voltage and the outlets before ordering the product. It is affordable compared to the other products.

How Many Types of Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure?

So, before we move on to our main topic, let’s discuss a bit about the types of shower heads for low water pressure. They are basically three types. Find out below:

  • A fixed shower head is attached to the wall’s ceiling and is not movable. They may come in various sizes or shapes, but the only limitation is that their range of motion is minimal.
  • Handheld shower heads are movable and are very good for washing hair. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Combinations shower heads have both the capabilities of Handheld and fixed shower heads. This gives more flexibility as compared to both the above-discussed showerheads.

Best Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure

Let’s dig into the most popular shower heads for low water pressure.

The Original Fire Hydrant Spa ©™ Plaza Massager Shower Head

The Original Fire Hydrant Spa ©™ Plaza Massager Shower Head

  • Easy to install
  • Customer support
  • Multiple size options
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High Sierra's All Metal 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead

High Sierra's All Metal 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead

  • Easy to install
  • Multiple size options
  • Quality of material
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HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

  • Simple and reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and install
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Pressure Boosting Shower Head

Pressure Boosting Shower Head

  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • A spa-like experience
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  • Comfort and sturdiness
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Experiences like a Hotel Spa or massage
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1. The Original Fire Hydrant Spa ©™ Plaza Massager Shower Head

The Original Fire Hydrant Spa ©™ Plaza Massager Shower Head
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This shower head is presented by the Fire Hydrant Spa Shower Head brand. This is a traditional style shower head made of metal and has an oval shape. It is made of metal and has a flow rate of about ‎2.5 Gallons Per Minute. The dimension of this shower head is ‎‎4 x 3 x 3 inches, and the weight of around ‎‎4.6 ounces.

The installation manual is already provided by the manufacturer and is already available online. The installation manual has step-by-step instructions for the users to install it themselves. But if you are still confused, we will always recommend hiring professional help instead of messing it up.

Consumers must ensure that this showerhead is only designed for US outlets and voltage. The customers need to remember that every outlet and voltage will vary internationally and applies only to specific destinations. So, before ordering the showerhead, check your country’s guidelines.

The Original Fire Hydrant Spa ©™ Plaza Massager Shower Head customer review

Product Details

BrandFire Hydrant Spa Shower Head
Setting TypeMassage
Finish TypePolished
Installation MethodWall Mounted
ManufacturerHigh Pressure Showers
Product Dimensions4"L x 3"W
Number of settings‎5
Item model numberLow Water Pressure
Item Weight4.6 ounces
Product Dimensions4 x 3 x 3 inches
Is Discontinued By ManufactureNo
Flow Rate2.5 Gallons Per Minute
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No


It fulfills its main objective even at every water pressure irrespective of the city you belong to, as the water quality varies from region to region. The manufacturer has provided several demo videos which allow the user to know about the working and functioning of this low-water pressure shower head.

The international customer will have to talk to the customer care center before making an order. If you live outside America, you must talk to the customer care center.

Furthermore, they suggest you buy an adaptor or converter to use in your area or country.

International customers should always do a compatibility test before purchasing. The 1200 customer reviews and 4.5-star rating will give the confidence to invest in this product.

The Original Fire Hydrant Spa ©™ Plaza Massager Shower Head review

How it Performs?

As per our in-house report, we noticed that the shower head has the best pressure, which gives you a massage-like feel while taking a bath. This experience not only enhances your mood but also helps relax the body if you have muscle pain or a sprain.

Essential Features of the Product

The Original Fire Hydrant Spa ©™ Plaza Massager Shower Head I have shoot a picture after installation
The Demo Videos

If you visit the Amazon link above, you will find that the manufacturer has offered several Demos and reviews to ease out your work. This can help you make an appropriate decision to invest in buying this equipment.

The Material

Water appliances can get damaged by continuous water use and are more prone to rusting, but this doesn’t go the same with this shower head. This equipment is made up of brass which not only helps in making equipment durable but also helps in the proper positioning of the equipment while you take a shower. The definition type is polished, and a few parts are made of metal, which further plays a huge role in maintaining the functioning of the shower heads for years.


This equipment is highly affordable and can cost around $40 if you live in America. International customers must ask the customer care center to make the shipment. Along with this, International customers will also have to invest in adaptors, increasing their costs.

Easy Installation

To ease the process of installation, the manufacturer has provided an installation manual on the website. Apart from this, whenever you make a purchase, the installation kit will be delivered to you, along with the packaging which not only helps you to install it appropriately but will also contain some cautions that you must take while installing the equipment.

Previous Models or Releases

This is the latest model introduced by the manufacturer in the market. The main aim of the manufacturer was to make this product budget-friendly for all customers irrespective of the area or region. The manufacturer made the showerhead with brass material, which enhances the product’s durability and longevity, along with the movement of the showerhead at the appropriate angle. This product has more than 1200 reviews on Amazon and is the highly demanded low-water pressure shower head in the market.


  • The product is affordable
  • Wide range variety
  • Easy installation
  • An experience like a massage


  • The product is made of metal with a polished finish, but it is prone to corrosion after time.

Who is This Product For?

If you want to invest less time installing equipment, that fulfills its primary objective, without much maintenance then they should be your go-to product. It solves your low water pressure problem and provides a great massage experience while taking a bath. The customer care service and a variety of options are available by the manufacturer.

What Sets the Product Apart From its Competitors?

The unique massage-like experience of the showerhead sets it apart from its competitors. Furthermore, the affordability of this product and the range of motion it provides when you fit it into the shower also make a huge difference compared with the other products available in the market.

Expert Tip

If you are an International customer, talk to the customer care center before making a purchase. Try to find the adopter and the converter in your area because it will help you make an appropriate decision for future use. Apart from this, the massage experience, affordability, and durability of this product are of top quality, and you must invest in this product.

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2. High Sierra’s All Metal 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead

High Sierra's All Metal 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead
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High Sierra’s showerhead store presents this showerhead. It has a round shape and is made of metal, making it much more durable than competitive products in the market.

The manufacturer provides shower heads in multiple finishes like chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and polished brass. It comes in various sizes like 1.25GPM, 1.5GPM,1.8GPM,2GPM, etc., which benefits the customers by providing a wide range of shower heads.

The 1.5 GPM is feasible for customers who want to save energy without compromising the showerhead’s performance. The 2.0GPM is considered the best showerhead that conserves water usage. It provides heavy droplets and is generally recommended who have 6.5’ shower arms or ceiling mounts.

The patented nozzle of this product delivers a solid and full spray of drops, making the showering experience much better. The main advantage of this device is that minerals present in the water do not clog the nozzle.

It is built in the US and is commonly used for domestic and imported purposes. It has a flow rate of about 1.5 GPM, a weight is ‎0.81 ounces, and product dimensions are approximately ‎2.5 x 1 x 1 inch. If you are an international customer, you must check the product’s compatibility before purchasing. These products are only applicable to America’s outlet and voltage.

High Sierra's All Metal 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead customer review

Product Details

Finish TypeChrome
Installation MethodWall Mounted
Product Dimensions2.5"L x 1"W
Special FeatureEasy to Install
ManufacturerDrake Off Road Tools
Part NumberFCS-100-CH-1.5
Item Weight0.81 ounces
Product Dimensions2.5 x 1 x 1 inches
Country of Origin‎USA
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Size1.5 GPM
Flow Rate1.5 Gallons Per Minute
Water Consumption1.5 Gallons per Minute
Special FeaturesEasy to Install
Batteries Included?‎No


This low-flow shower head is an award-winning shower head,  so you will not have any doubt about the durability and longevity of this product. Watersense certified this product for its efficacy and performance. The agency is an Environment protection agency in America. It has received several sustainability certificates because the manufacturer pledged to always provide environment-friendly products.

The product has a patented nozzle, which is efficient enough to provide a powerful full spray of large drops while you shower. It also has a layer of minerals but don’t worry, it doesn’t lock the shower head nozzles; instead, it benefits your skin.

High Sierra's All Metal 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead review

 It was manufactured in America, so it was initially designed for the outlets and voltages of America. This means that International customers will have to talk to the customer care center before making a shipment,  or they will have to buy an adaptor or a converter in their particular area.

How it Performs?

As mentioned earlier, it is hard to doubt this product because of its efficiency and high performance. It is one of the highly demanded products in the market. The material is made of bronze and brass, which ensure the product’s durability.

 It prevents the passage of sand or minerals from the nozzles and always remains clog-free due to its special patented nozzle. Apart from this, it leads to forming a drenching spray of large and high-energy droplets, enhancing the shower experience.

It comes with multiple options like 1.5 GPM, 1.8,2.0, etc., and in different materials like chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, and brushed nickel.

It has more than 2500 ratings on Amazon and is one of the most highly rated products in the market. The warranty information is already provided online by the manufacturer.

Essential Features of the Product

High Sierra's All Metal 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead i clicked a picture after installed

The manufacturer company has received several certificates from several agencies because of the product’s effectiveness and water efficiency performance. The manufacturer provides 24*7 customer support, which is the best part of the company. The company has provided the “certificate of analysis” and “certification of compliance” on the website so that any customer can go and check the credentials.

High Efficacy and Performance

The main motto of the company is to provide the best shower heads, which are of very high quality and comprehend the main objective of the product. It has a patented nozzle that provides an excellent and full speed of large droplets to enhance the shower experience. The metal used for construction does not rust easily, enhancing its durability.

Multiple Options

The company provides multiple options based on its flow rate and material. For example, the company has three options in case of flow rates 1.5GPM, 1.8GPM, and 2.0GPM. The materials are Chrome, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed Nickel. The customers can choose any one of them, according to their choice.

The International Customers

As we have already mentioned earlier, the manufacturer provides full customer support to its customers in the US and internationally. If you are an international customer, we will always recommend you talk to the customer care center before purchasing because they will suggest a better idea.

Previous Models or Releases

 This is one of the most latest products by this manufacturer, which is one of the best low-water pressure showerheads in the market.


  • The product is made of metal but has multiple finishes with polished brass or brushed Nickel, which help in protecting the product from corrosion.
  • It comes in various sizes; a customer can choose it according to the family size.
  • Very affordable and save energy.
  • It has a patent nozzle, which protects the building up of calcium and magnesium.


  • The product is only meant to apply to American outlets and voltages. International customers must check their government guidelines and transport them to the country.

Who is This Product For?

If you believe that the certificate of several organizations plays a vital role in enhancing the experience with the brand, buy this product. We said certificate because it ensures the product is high quality and completes its primary objective of providing a user-friendly experience. Furthermore, this company’s customer care service is top-notch and always there to help you!

What Sets the Product Apart From its Competitors?

The multiple certificates of the product set it apart from the customers, which not only enhances its transparency to its user but also helps in developing this product unique from the other competitors. The multiple options of flow rate and the material play a vital role as it provides a range of options to the customers to invest in the product they love.

 Expert Tip

When we tested this equipment in our in-house facility, we came to know that the patented nozzle listed on the website is accurate, and a range of options are available for the customers. It has a shiny appearance, ensuring that the material is top-quality and long-lasting.

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3. HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head
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The brand HO2ME provides showerheads with a round shape and comprises stainless steel hose and Chrome Plated Premium. It helps in making the showering memorable and Powerful. Its perfect pressure helps in relieving muscle pain.

The nozzle is soft rubber, preventing water minerals from building up. If there is any clogging, you can remove it with the help of your fingers.

It is made of high-strength ABS Engineering grade plastic, with a solid brass connection fitting. This helps in protecting the device from splitting or cracking.

Its weight is around ‎1.1 pounds, and the product dimensions are ‎8.9″L x 3.3″W. The manufacturer has provided three settings that offer extra benefits to the customer. The flow rate of the product is about ‎2.5 Gallons Per Minute.

The manufacturer will offer an installation manual whenever you buy the product, but it will be hard to find it online. The installation manual will provide step to step instructions, but we will always prefer to hire a professional if you cannot understand it with the help of the manual.

HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head customer review

 The customer can easily import this from the USA. Though they must check their product dimensions and electric voltage before buying it. It is 100% easy to operate, and maintenance is also very easy.

The brand specializes in quality control and efficient delivery, thus providing full customer support. You can also call their Customer Care Centre to check the authenticity of the product.

Product Details

MaterialChrome Plated Premium ABS, Stainless Steel Hose
Setting Type‎Powerful Rain, Massage, Mixed
Installation MethodWall Mounted
Product Dimensions8.9"L x 3.3"W
Item Weight1.1 pounds
Product Dimensions2.76 x 2.36 x 5 inches
Flow Rate‎2.5 Gallons Per Minute


It is a very lightweight shower head available in the market, which is way too perfect to offer you a fantastic showering experience. You will surely be impressed by this product’s simplicity, applicability, and reliability because as the water pours down over you, it relieves muscle pain.

The customer care service of the manufacturer is always active in helping the customer. To do the same, the company has provided a complete guide of installation instructions on the website, which also comes along with the kit. It has more than 20000 ratings on Amazon, which shows that this is one of the most highly loved equipment in the market

A picture has been clicked after installing HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

How it Performs?

It is one of the best shower heads available in the market to provide low water pressure. The product is made up of solid brass and Chrome,  which helps to protect the materials from getting damaged and also helps in regulating the flow of the water.

It has rubber jet nozzles which help prevent the building up of minerals, thus ensuring the product’s longevity. Apart from this, it also helps in the easy removal of minerals by the fingers as it is made up of ABS engineering-grade plastic. And its brass make helps prevent the showerhead from cracking, thus enhancing its durability.

Moreover, the quality of this equipment is top-notch because the company has a Quality Assurance system that ensures surface protection, luxurious finishes, and solid grades

Essential Features of the Product

HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head review
The material

The material is made using ABS engineering-grade plastic, ensuring the product’s durability. Apart from this, the finishing of the material is of brass, chrome, and high-quality steel, which prevents the building up of minerals at the end of the nozzles. You can easily clean the dust or the minerals with your finger, thus making it easy maintenance.

Highly Rated

If you visit the above amazon link, you will find out that the product has more than 20000 customer reviews. The product’s total rating is more than 4.6, which means high customer satisfaction.

The Nozzles

The company states that the nozzles of this shower head rubber not only help prevent the building up of minerals but also help maintain the pressure of the water. It helps in providing a fantastic experience as it gives a very relaxing massage-like experience to the user.

Customer Service

An essential feature of this product is that the manufacturer provides 24*7 customer service, irrespective of whether they are from their home country or international customers. It is also essential for the customers to know that this shower head is made explicitly for American outlets and voltages. So if you are an international customer, you must talk to the customer care center before making a purchase.

Previous Models or Releases

This is the best product launched by the manufacturer, as it has multiple material options for the customers to choose from. Apart from this, it uses the latest technology to enhance the user experience.


  • The product is very simple, reliable, and durable
  • It is affordable to the customers
  • The material of the shower head has a very high strength
  • The shower has nozzles made up of rubber which helps in remove or protect the equipment from clogging the calcium and magnesium
  • The brass in the shower helps in protecting it from cracking or splitting
  • Customer support is provided 24*7


  • The shower only applies to America’s outlets, so the customer must import it through America after checking their country’s government guidelines.

Who is This Product For?

If you are a customer who often suffers from muscle aches and wants a shower that can help you relax, this is the best product for you compared to the other products we have listed above. It is affordable and highly recommended because it uses high-quality materials like Chrome Plated Premium ABS, brass, and Stainless Steel Hose.  The product also does not require any maintenance, so it will be a  budget savings purchase for you.

What Sets the Product Apart From its Competitors?

The fantastic customer support by the manufacturer is another factor you should consider while making a decision. The ABS Engineering grade plastic enhances its strength and helps in protecting from cracking, which are other factors that set it apart from the other products in the market. Apart from this, it does not require any maintenance; it also helps prevent the building up of minerals at the nozzels.

Expert Tip

As per our reports at the in-house facility, we realized that the nozzles are very soft, which is why it helps handle and maintain the water pressure. You can easily clean this with a finger, so it does not require high maintenance. Also, if you live in an area with a problem with high minerals, this can be your go-to product because it does not get harmed by the minerals and blocks its passage. Thus your body will not get affected by the high minerals.

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4. Pressure Boosting Shower Head

 Pressure Boosting Shower Head
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The brand Aqua Elegante provides this product. It has a round shape, and the material comprises Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This shower head comprises a thick layer of ROBUST ABS THERMOPLASTIC RESIN which protects it from corrosion. It is lightweight, long-lasting, and easy to handle.

The shower head is engineered with self-cleaning nozzles that are easy to clean and maintain. The shape has a jet-like nozzle that helps in preventing calcium buildup. The thin streams will give you very gentle pressure making your showering enjoyable and soothing.

The material is brass, which makes it much more durable and long-lasting. The product’s weight is around 2.89ounces, and the dimensions are ‎2.9 x 2.9 x 2.6 inches. The flow rate is about ‎2.5 Gallons Per Minute.

Pressure Boosting Shower Head customer review

The manufacturers provide a step to step instructions manual with the pictures. You can easily install the instructions in one minute if you understand the instructions. But if you have a problem understanding the manual, you can hire professional help.

The California resident cannot buy this showerhead because, according to their government guidelines, the Californian showerhead should have less than 1.8 GPM.

These rules vary from country to country, so customers must check their government guidelines and the voltage in their particular area.

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Product Details

BrandAqua Elegante
StylePressure Boost Head
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Finish TypeChrome
Installation MethodWall Mounted
Product Dimensions2.9"L x 2.9"W
Special FeatureQuiet
ManufacturerAqua Elegante
Part NumberPressure Boost Head - Chrome
Item Weight2.89 ounces
Item model numberH3B011-PC
Size‎2.5 GPM
Flow Rate‎2.5 Gallons Per Minute
Water Consumption2.5 Gallons per Minute
Cutting Diameter‎2.9 Inches
Measurement SystemEnglish/Standard
Assembled Diameter2.9 Inches


The material of this shower head is made up of a thick layer of thermoplastic resin, which helps enhance the durability and the longevity of the shower head. It is lightweight and straightforward to handle. Apart from this, the material helps prevent the shower head from getting blocked by minerals and resists the corrosiveness due to water.

The nozzle of this shower head is self-cleaning and is made of mineral-resistant silicone. This enhances durability, and also has brass fittings that protect the equipment from cracking and help ensure the range of motion of a shower head. This will improve your salary experience.

The company clearly states that this product cannot be sold in California because one cannot use a water flow with speed above 1.8 GPM water flow ( according to government guidelines). You can only buy a 1.8 GPM water flow shower filter if you are a Californian.

How it Performs?

This is the best product available in the market that is lightweight, easy to handle, and highly affordable. It provides a spa-like experience and enhances the elegance of your bathroom. This is one of those pieces of equipment you need to invest in only once, and you can enjoy the shower for years because of good quality material.

It also saves or prevents water usage, which means you use only a tiny amount to get appropriate water pressure from the shower head. The equipment has a luxurious handheld shower head, which enhances the user experience and gives the user a massage-like experience.

The company of manufacturer provides a warranty for the equipment if anything goes wrong in the future, but one will have to show the invoice to claim the warranty.

Essential Features of Product

Pressure Boosting Shower Head review
The Material

While checking this equipment, we realized that it has a very high-quality material which ensures its durability and helps protect the equipment from corrosion. It is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene,  which prevents calcium from building up at the nozzles. The other material is resistant silicone which does not lead to water clogging and has straightforward maintenance.

The Affordability

This is one of the cheapest products available in the market, keeping in mind the high-quality material used. Apart from this, it has multiple functions. It can be used as a handheld or a waterfall shower head, thus enhancing the user experience and creating a user-friendly option for customers.

The International Supplier

We know that this is not a huge fact, but still, the manufacturer can supply the shower head internationally, but one has to ensure they have the appropriate fittings. This shower head is manufactured according to American customers, so ensure you have the proper fittings or clear out the confusion by talking to the customer care center. Apart from this, the California government does not allow the countryman to exceed the value of 1.8 GPM, which means California customers can only buy up to this range. The company will strictly avoid supplying this showerhead to California even if you want to buy a high GPM flow rate.


The company has strong warranty policies, and one has to adhere to them. The company provides the warranty because they look after their customers, but one has to ensure that they have kept the invoice safe and Secure to claim the same. Although we will always recommend you go through the warranty policies on the website so that you can handle it smoothly afterward.

Previous Models or Releases

This model was released in 2019 and is one of the latest products launched by the manufacturer. It has fantastic customer reviews on Amazon and is a highly-rated showerhead with more than 4-star ratings and 1200 customer reviews. The company continuously provides terrific offers throughout the year, so remember to check the website before investing in any other product. The showerhead has an extensive range of motions and a tough brass thread which enhances its durability no matter how much time you shift its range.


  • A thick layer of resins helps it to protect from corrosion
  • The shower head is easy to handle, and long-lasting
  • The showerhead has nozzles which help in preventing the building up of calcium
  • It is very durable


  • This shower head cannot be used in California because the rules for outlets and voltage vary from country to country.

Who is This Product for?

If you want to keep your shower head safe for a long time, you should invest in this product. It is highly affordable, and the material is of top-notch quality. We ensure that you will be satisfied with the function and equipment quality.

What Sets the Product Apart From its Competitors?

The material and self-cleaning nozzles prevent the building up of calcium inside them, and the mineral-resistant silicone helps the showerhead not to get affected by the water; these are the factors that set this product apart from competitors. We have already mentioned the different types of material the company uses to make its product, enhancing the durability and equipment’s functioning.

Expert Tip

As our expertise, we recommend investing in this product, as it enhances a person’s showering experience and saves tremendous water. It will help you save extra bucks on purchasing multiple shower heads throughout your lifespan. You will be amazed to have a massage and a spa experience at your home, which again saves you time of visiting the spa.

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CircleSplash manufactures this product. The shape of the product is round, and it is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It has 90 self-cleaning jets, which can convert your bathroom experience into a hotel spa.

It meets the American plumbing system standards, but it is not available in California. If you are an international customer, you must check the outlets and electric voltage system before placing an order or importing it to your area.

CIRCLESPLASH Shower Head customer review

The showerhead has a 6-inch round face plate to give the appropriate steam to your whole body. It has a leakproof seal and a screen filter, so you can easily remove the full Jet spray. The brass ball joint is adjustable and gives a very flexible movement.

The item’s weight is around 13.7 ounces, and the dimension of the product is ‎6 x 6 x 3 inches. The flow rate is about ‎2.5 Gallons Per Minute. The brand already provides an instruction installation manual, so you easily install it yourself.

Hiring a professional would be better if you cannot understand this system. The Other components included in the battery are a mesh-O ring, flow restrictor, and Teflon tape.

Product Details

MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Finish TypeBrushed
Setting TypeRain
Installation MethodWall Mounted
ColorBrushed Nickel
Product Dimensions6"L x 6"W
Item Weight13.7 ounces
Country of OriginChina
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Flow Rate2.5 Gallons Per Minute
Included ComponentsTeflon tape, flow restrictor and mesh O ring


The product is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene helps in meeting American standards, and also helps in preventing the building up of calcium in the nozzels. It provides a wide range of motion because it has an adjustable brass ball joint. It has a modern style that enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Moreover, it has a brushed finish and around 90 self-cleaning jets, meaning it is easy to maintain. The company also provides a free installation kit with Teflon tape, guaranteeing that it will not leak even after a long period. The installation manual comes along with the packaging, so you can spend less time understanding it through the DIY videos on YouTube.

Furthermore,  it fits the American guidelines, which is why it comes at 2.5 GPM. This range of GPM  is not allowed in California, so the manufacturer does not supply it to California residents. Apart from this, international customers can easily make the purchase, but we’ll always recommend you talk to the customer care center before making an order compatibility test.

How it Performs?

The performance of the shower head is satisfactory because, first of all, it is nonremovable (easily) after you have installed it. Although it provides an extensive range of motion, you cannot change it afterward. Even if you want to remove the shower head, you will have to go through a lot of hassle to remove the water restrictor, the screen filter, and the shower head.

Moreover, it gives the user a relaxing rainfall-like experience, relaxing your body and muscle pain. As per the company’s statement, you can turn your bathroom into a hotel Spa. It has 90 Silicon nozzles which provide appropriate pressure to the shower head to get a good experience. Apart from this, the Silicon Jet is straightforward to clean and has no clogging because of the high minerals in the water. The other objective of the manufacturer was to design a product that would stay clean for a very long period without any maintenance. It comes in various options where a user can buy the equipment based on materials like chrome, matte black, gold, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel.

 Essential Features of the Product

CIRCLESPLASH Shower Head review
The International Customers

International customers would be happy to know that the manufacturer supplies the product worldwide. But we will remind you that California residents will have to invest in any other product because of their government guidelines, as they cannot exceed the flow rate of 1.8GPM.   We recommend that international customers should talk to the customer care center for a compatibility test before making an order.

The Multiple Options

One of the manufacturer’s essential features is numerous material options so customers can buy according to their convenience. We recommend you buy the shower head which matches your bathroom color/ paint to enhance your bathroom’s effectiveness. Brushed Nickel, Matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, gold, and Chrome are the multiple material options available for the customers. They all have 90 Silicon jets, which means whatever you buy, it does not influence the functioning of the shower head.

Easy Installation

The company states that it has a 5-minute easy installation, which is very quick and does not require much machinery knowledge. The installation guide is provided along with the packaging so that you can install it yourself without professional help.

Furthermore, installing this product is very easy, but when you try to remove it, you first have to remove the water restrictor, then the screen filter, and finally, you can remove the shower head.

Previous Models or Releases

This product was launched in January 2019 by the manufacturer and is different from the latest developments by the same manufacturer. Till today, they have launched several new developments in the market. Compared to the other product by the same manufacturer, the multiple material options are the best in this particular product. The Nickel showerheads provide extra benefits to the customer as the maintenance becomes easy and prevents the product from rusting.


  • The shower head has 90 self-cleaning jets, enhancing the showering experience.
  • Easy to install
  • The product has a leakproof seal and a screen filter
  • It gives a hotel Spa-like experience


  • The international customer will have to talk to the brand’s customer support if they want to get it transported from America.

Who is This Product for?

If you are a customer who highly trusts Circlesplash products, then this product is for you. It has more than 3000 ratings on the website, which ensures that it fulfills its objective and the customers are happy with the services. Although, Californian residents will have to choose from any other product because of their government restrictions.

What Sets the Product Apart from its Competitors?

The multiple material options provided by the manufacturer set it apart from the other competitors in the market. The product’s materials play a vital role in customers’ decision-making process because a good material leads to better durability, and the customer does not have to invest in another product after a few years. The self-cleaning nozzles are another factor that can influence your decision because you dont have to invest a significant time in their maintenance.

Expert Tip

Finally, the fantastic customer care services by the manufacturer and the ability to solve the doubts of the customers is a thumbs up from our end. Apart from this, we will highly recommend this product if you are prudent when buying good material equipment because there are a range of options for you. Furthermore, Californian residents should invest in buying any other one from the above list, as they serve the same purpose, and few of them are much better than this. We recommend that international customers should make a call to customer care help before making an order to make a compatibility test, as this equipment was manufactured by keeping American standards in mind.

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A buyer’s guide

Before making a final decision to buy a particular showerhead, make sure that you have considered all the below-listed factors:

1. Types of the Spray

We all know that spray like pulsating, rainfall, and combo are responsible for controlling the showering experience. The pulsating spray has tiny droplets and works like a massage to the body.

The rain droplets are a perfect experience and have big water droplets. Combo spray has both the combination of pulsating and rainfall features. Now it is a personal choice which kind of spray you like, or want, so make sure that you question the manufacturer so that they can guide you in providing the details of these types of spray.

Another essential thing is that these showers do not put much pressure on the plumbing system. So the maintenance of the plumbing system becomes much easier.

2. Price

The second critical factor is the price of the equipment. If you believe you can get a better showerhead at the same price, then opt for that. Always consider your budget before deciding. Many affordable options are available in the market, providing great showerheads and benefits.

3. Restrictions on the Water Flow

The area you live in also plays a vital role in deciding what type of low-pressure shower head you require.

For example, if you live in an apartment with external water pressure, you must ensure that you’ve already looked at the specifications.

After noting down all the specifications, you should ask the manufacturer about the shower head, which will give you a great experience.

4. Style

Different brands available in the market provide a wide range of shower heads. The manufacturer will give you several options, and you have to choose the shower head according to your shower dimension at your home or apartment.

5. Material

A shower head with a combination of metal, brass, and plastic is considered the most appropriate shower head, which has very high durability compared to the other shower head available in the market.

These showerheads are resistant to rust and corrosion because of brass metal or plastic. The metal is resistant to physical damage, as well.

6. Installation

The majority of times, a manufacturer will provide you with a guide or a booklet that will help you to install the shower head by yourself. There will be step-by-step instructions, and you can efficiently establish the process yourself.

If you need to gain machinery knowledge, we recommend you ask for professional help instead of doing it yourself. Make sure that whenever you buy any shower head, there are installation tools, a crescent wrench, and plumber tape in the kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

From where should I buy these showerheads?

In the above article, we have already provided the Amazon links from where you can buy this showerhead.

Apart from this, you can also visit the manufacturer’s stores available in your city, or you can directly order through their websites.
Before proceeding, ensure you have gone through all the details about the equipment; this will help you get more information about the product.

Why is my living area also a factor in influencing my decision?

This is an important element because a floor apartment or a multi-story apartment building has different water pressures, so it becomes essential to know the water pressure in your area or your residence.

The water pressure is generally controlled by your site’s area or municipality department. If you cannot make an appropriate decision, the manufacturer or the brand’s customer support will help you throughout the process.

What is the difference between a regular shower head and a rain shower head?

We have already mentioned the three types of showerhead features which will make your showering experience much better.

Regular shower heads spray at a particular angle, whereas rain shower heads have a larger diameter than standard shower heads.

Regular showers do not imitate rainfall, so you will not get a very soothing experience from them.

My shower has low water pressure, even when I have not installed any low-water pressure shower head.

If you are facing low water pressure, even when you have not installed any shower heads, then there will be an issue with clogging in your shower. The best solution to this issue is to change the shower and replace it with a new one.

In the majority of the older homes, the showerheads get clocked due to excessive hard water or the building up of sediments in the pipes. That is why there is the low water pressure in your shower head.

Even when you like the pressure, we recommend you replace it with a low-water-pressure showerhead because the water can give you skin-related issues.


The shower experience in the morning or the evening plays a vital role in enhancing our mood and refreshing our minds. To do so, every now and then, it is essential to control the water pressure from the showerhead. Thanks to technology, we can do so independently without worrying about the normal pressure supplied at the homes/apartments.

This article discusses several shower heads which provide low-price water pressure to make your showering experience much better and more soothing. We hope you have decided to buy a showerhead and have made an appropriate choice by considering all the factors listed in the buyer’s guide.