Clearly Filtered Under Sink Water Filter Review

Under the sink water filters are some of the most popular water filters in the US, primarily due to the convenience they provide you. Just fit it and forget it under your sink, and you get a smooth supply of clean and filtered water. We have tested a lot of water filters, both under the sink and countertop. In all of those tests and reviews, Clearly Filtered is a name that has always stayed true to what it offers. We recently tried their under-the-sink 3-stage filtration system to see how good it is. We put the filter through some rigorous testing, clearing out some of the most contaminated water. The results were interesting. There were things that we loved and a few things that we did not like. Here is the review for the Clearly Filtered Under the Sink filter.

What Do You Get With The Filter?

Clearly Filtered Under Sink Water Filter
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As soon as we opened the box containing the filter, we were surprised by the compact size of the filter, even though it is a 3-stage filtration unit. The package itself was very compact. The filter comes with handy instructions for DIY installation. There are two high-quality metal hoses for the inlet and outlet of water. Then there are the three BPA-free filtration units, along with a metal mounting bracket and screws to attach it to the cabinet wall. Very simple to install and nothing complicated that might make the average joe tremble and call the plumber.

The Filtration

Coming to the most important part of the water filter; filtration. Clearly Filtered states some very impressive features and powerful filtration. The three filtration units consist of a carbon priming filter. It removes the ever-present chlorine from water, improving the taste, smell, and cloudiness of the water, along with other VOCs and chemicals.

The second stage works wonderfully to remove all the heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, chromium, and other PFAs, along with herbicides and pesticides.

Clearly Filtered Under Sink Water Filter Review

The third and final unit works to remove the harmful fluoride and arsenic from the water that we have always detected in considerable amounts in most of the US water supply systems. The company claims a removal rate of 90.7% for fluoride, which is done without the use of RO or bone char. We shall test it in the review.

Clearly Filtered water filter can remove more than 200 contaminants, which includes:

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)
Trihalomethanes (THMs)

It is what the company claims. But we had to do our testing for the filtration’s efficiency and accuracy. We used a water sample from the tap and then added a few more contaminants to make the quality worse. Note that this is an extremely polluted water sample. If the filter can clean this water decently, it will efficiently clean your tap water, even if you are from Texas (which has the worst water quality in the US).

The water sample we used had incredibly high concentrations of chlorine and fluorides, as is the case with most of our water supply. After the filtration was completed, we are glad to say that the results did not disappoint us. The filtration was carried out successfully with the chemicals and metals eliminated to trace amounts or none. The filter completely removed lead, arsenic, and mercury from the water. Chlorine was down to 2 ppm, fluoride at three ppm, and the TDS levels we recorded were around 38-40, which is considered extremely safe.

Clearly Filtered Under Sink Water Filter User Review

Coming to the odor and taste, it was a drastic improvement. The high amounts of chlorine and other VOCs had made the water sample impossible to drink and smell. But to our surprise, the entire smell was gone after the filtration. The water tasted great, albeit a little bit of iron was still there, but that’s okay as iron filtration units require a different filtration method.

So the bottom line is this; With all the rigorous testing and trials, you can be sure about the Clearly Filtered 3-stage water filtration system, which is very capable of filtering heavily contaminated water easily, making the water safe to drink. Therefore, we approve the filter’s ability to filter.

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What We Liked and Did Not Like About The Product?

Here are some of the Clearly Filtered water filter features and what makes them desirable. This section will also include the pros and cons of the filter. Finally, we’ll mention all the things that we loved and did not like. Let’s start with the things that we loved about it.

  • Great Filtration
  • Compact Size
  • Ease of Installation
  • Best Warranty
  • Robust Quality
  • Price
  • Expensive Filter Replacement


1. Great Filtration

For the size and number of filtration units here, the Clearly Filtered filter can get rid of almost all of the contaminants in the water without using any electricity. This saves you bills on electricity and gets you greatly filtered water. The filter can remove all contaminants found in the US water supply, which is up to 99% for most of the contaminants.

2. Compact Size

With great filtration, one does not expect that the size would be anywhere close to manageable. But that is what makes this filter so unique. It is one of the most compact and easy to install under the sink filters. If you are one of those people (like us) who does not like their entire under sink cabinet to be captured by a water filter, then this is the one for you. Hang it on the side, and it barely takes any space. The filters are slender, and they barely take any space. The entire filtration unit takes around 16.75″ high x 13.75″ wide x 3.25″ deep; there’s also not too much piping or hoses to connect that creates a jumbled mess. Two metal hoses that connect easily to the inlet and outlet, giving your under-sink space a clean look. More space to keep some other things there as well.

3. Ease of Installation

Installing the water filter is one of the easiest things to do that’s related to filters. It took us around 10-15 minutes to fix the entire thing. Since it just hooks to the wall mount, you have to place the wall mount using the screw and hook the filter to the mount. Then, one small wrench to fix the hose to the cold water and the other to the faucet line. That’s it. You have successfully installed the filter. No plumber, no problem.

4. Warranty

Another great thing we love about this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. It means that if there are any issues with the filtration, you can easily get it fixed for free or even a replacement if the company cannot fix the issue. It does not mean that the product is faulty. In our time of testing, we did not experience any performance issues.

5. Changing Filters

One of the most important features that are also one of the most overlooked is the filter change. How easy it is for the average user to change the filter, as filter changes are regular and could be a problem if it requires special tools or even a plumber. It is another one of Clearly Filtered USPs. Changing the filter was a breeze. The filter can be removed using a simple screw & unscrew method. It means that to change the filter, just twist and remove the old filter cartridge and then screw the new one in place. That’s it. It is done within seconds; no need for professional tools.

6. High-Quality Build

The entire filtration unit is 100% made in the US, with high-quality BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. It ensures that the product is made to last and can survive in the harsh environment under your sink. Holding the filter, we can assure that all the components feel sturdy and high-quality. We have tried some cheap Chinese-made filters, and you can tell how low quality they are just by one touch. The Clearly Filtered feels American, and it is. Strong and dense plastic and heavy hoses speak for the quality. There is no compromise in quality.


Not all was good and great about this filter. It is hard to find a water filter that is free of any flaws, and sadly, the Clearly Filtered is not one of them. There are some cons about this filter that might break the deal for many. Let’s start with the biggest con.

1. Price

This is an expensive filter; there is no other way to put it. The entire unit will cost you $450 upfront. That is when you subscribe to their filter replacement service. A one-time purchase will cost you $500. There are some great filters in the market (American-made) that cost $200 less than this. And yes, there are many great features about it, and it offers excellent filtration. But even with all the great features, the price still cannot be justified. So for the people who are looking for a cheap filter, this is not the one.

2. Expensive Filter Replacement

The filters can only last for about one year and two months if you live alone or with one more person. For a family of three, the filters can only last for about 12 months, and for more than four people, you get only nine months. While these are not the worst numbers we have seen, most of the under-the-sink water filters offer similar numbers; what we did not like was the cost of the replacement filters. Each set of 3 filters would cost you $400! That is a lot of dollars, and for a family of more than 4 (or if your water supply is very contaminated, which reduces filter life), spending $400 every nine months seems expensive.

Clearly Filtered Under Sink Water Filter System

Clearly Filtered Under Sink Water Filter is compact in size easy to handle and, consist of a carbon priming filter which removes chlorine from water. helps in improvising the taste, smell, and cloudiness of the water.


The Clearly Filtered is a great choice for people who want great filtration with a compact filter. And those who do not mind spending $500 on a water filter are the best choice for them in the market. The filter is not lacking features, and it is capable, high-quality, and compact to fit easily in most spaces. Only the price tag that comes with it has made us hesitate in recommending this product to everyone.

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