Does Water Softening Salt Melt Ice? Everything You Need to Know

YES! If you have never heard of or known about this, then you must know about this interesting phenomenon.

You might have seen people sprinkling or throwing salt on the road during winter when it’s snowy. In the same way, water softener salt can also melt the ice!

In this article, we will talk more about how and why this happens. We will also discuss the other options that can be used as an alternative method. So make sure that you read this article without any distractions!

What is Water Softener Salt?

What is Water Softener Salt?

Water Softener Salt is a water-softening agent that removes the hardness of the water. They come in pellet and cube forms and are made of sodium chloride (NaCl). Also, water softener salt is made of Potassium chloride, but they don’t not very popular.

We all know that most filtration systems have a salt system or work on the principle of Ion exchange. These filtration systems have salt to remove a few chemicals, like calcium and magnesium. These two chemicals make the water hard, so consuming the water directly from the tap is unsafe.

Hence, to prevent you from the harshness of water, salt softener comes to act. You can quickly notice the hard water by noticing the white-colored crust in the house or plumbing systems or certain marks on the utensils after washing them. So water softener salt always helps you in preventing your plumbing system and your health as well.

The fantastic quality of these softening salt is that they remove the hardness, but they never make the water salty and take away the beneficial nutrients. So now you know what water softeners are and how helpful they are to humans.

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Does Water Softener Salt Melt Ice?

Does Water Softener Salt Melt Ice

Yes. Water Softener has the property of melting ice. It speeds up the melting point of water, thus, resulting in the melting of ice.

Seawater takes considerable time to ice, while other water origin doesn’t have salt content, so they freeze very quickly. This section will discuss how they can melt the ice more.

Here salt generally refers to sodium chloride. If you want to refer to it chemically, it can be any component made using alkali and an acid like magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and potassium chloride.

However, rock salt and water softener salt are one of the most used to melt ice.

But water softener salt is much less effective than rock salt.

The time taken to melt the ice generally depends on the temperature of a particular area, the quantity of salt you are throwing, the quality of the salt, and the nature of the area that has been affected. But, in general, rock salt can work much earlier than water softener salt.

In winter, people generally use water-softener salt as an alternative method because it is much cheaper than rock salt and can keep you safe when rock salt is unavailable. If you don’t have any of the salt, you can also use ordinary regular salt.

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Water Softener Salt vs Ice Melt Salt vs Rock Salt

From the above section, we have already come to know that different types of salt are available in the market that helps in melting the ice. Comparing the water-softener salt with Rock salt or ice-melting salt, we can say that water-softener salt is much better than both.

The main advantage of using a water softener is that it is cheap and can do the same work much more quickly. Also, it is the best option to keep your pet much safer if you are a pet lover.

If your pet regularly plays on the floor, water softener salt does not harm it, even after its consumption through licking. This is much more effective than other options because it has a lot of sodium ions, enhancing its effectivity and melting the snow or ice.

While comparing ice-melt salt and rock salt, rock salt is cheaper than ice-melt salt. But ice-melt salt is much safer as compared to rock salt. So if you want both benefits, we will always recommend using water softener salt.

The softener salt’s chemical composition is very different from the other salt because it is generally formulated to perform the Ion exchange process. This process helps effectively remove the chemicals from the water that makes the water hard.

To know about the authenticity of the working of water softener salt, it has the efficiency to capture the unwanted magnesium and Calcium ions. While rock salt generally allows 5% of the unwanted contaminants to pass on. That is why most filtration system uses water-softener salt compared to rock salt.

 The refining process can make the softener salt much more expensive. But even a regular salt can do the work efficiently. So we’ll always recommend you spend less on refined softener salt.

Availability of Water Softener Salt

If you live in an area where the temperature can go very down during the winter, you can find the softener salt in the general stores. But if you live in a place where the temperature does not generally go down, then you can find some difficulty in finding the water softener salt in general stores in your area. In such cases, you can easily buy them online before the winter start and store them because they will quickly go out of stock during the winter season.

Can the Water Softener Salt be Used in Road Wayside

Yes! Water softener salt is an excellent way of melting ice on rooftops, balconies, gardens, or your home. But if you want to melt the ice on the roadway, you will need a very high quantity.

Furthermore, predicting how much time it will take to melt the ice effectively or quickly in the road wayside is challenging. So you will have to wait for an extended period.

Several other and the best options are available in the market to dissolve the Roadway side ice,  which can save you time and hard work. The salts are generally highly-priced but can give excellent results compared to water softener salt.

We will not recommend using water softener salt for the Roadways side because you will have to invest a lot of money in it. In such a situation, Rock salt is much more economically better and will benefit from melting the ice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use water softener salt to melt the ice?

Yes, you can use the water softener salt to melt the ice. It is much more effective compared to table salt or rock salt. To do so, you have to Sprinkle the water softener Salt on the Ice, which will automatically meltdown after some time. The melting time varies from region to region because it depends on several factors, like the area you live in, the quantity and quality of salt, and the area’s temperature.

Are there any advantages of using water-softener salt rather than ice-melt salt?

There are several benefits of using water-softener salt compared to ice-melt salt because it is eco-friendly, cheaper, and a much safer option than ice-melt salt. Furthermore, if your pet has a habit of licking shiny surfaces, you should choose water softener salt because it does not cause any harm to the animals.

What are the other ways and the best ways to melt the ice?

Salt is one of the best options to melt ice. Apart from this, you can use table salt, rock salt, sand, sugar, dry syrup, Epsom salt, etc. The other household methods that can be used are homemade Ice melt mix, baking soda, vinegar, calcium chloride pellets, beet juice, pool salts, and coffee grounds.


In conclusion, water-softener salt is much better than rock salt or ice-melt salt. It has several benefits like it is much cheaper and safer than both. This is one of the most common salts in most houses and is safe for pets. The salt is eco-friendly and contains many sodium ions, enhancing its effectiveness.

Apart from this option, you can also use several other options like soda, vinegar, calcium chloride pellets, Epsom salt, adding sand, sprinkling rock salt or table salt, using dry syrup or sugar, etc. We hope that this article helped you!

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