Frizzlife WA99 Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filtration System Review

Who says that water filters should look like water filters? The same boring old industrial design where you see a filtration unit, a water storage unit, and the same ancient boring manual spigot. It is why the Frizzlife WA99 reverse osmosis comes with a design like no other. We have never seen a water filter that looks so unique at this price range. So for all the people who are a little tech-savvy or want a water filter to look like a computer CPU, then this filter is the one for you.

While the looks are surely unique, what about the overall package? Is this the right countertop filter for your home? Is the filter powerful enough to remove all the contaminants that the other filters can remove? We got ourselves one, and we tried to for days. Finally, we put it to the test, and this is what we found. It is the review of the Frizzlife WA99 reverse osmosis.

What’s In The Box?

Frizzlife WA99 Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filtration System Review
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Unboxing the Frizzlife WA99 was a pure delight. Unlike all the other countertop water filters and under sink water filters, there was not a lot to unbox. There are no separate filters, spigots, hoses, etc. It was just one small and compact filtration unit and some paperwork. Easy and simple unboxing is what we’d call our unboxing experience. But what about the product?

There are no complaints about the build quality of the Frizzlife WA99. Right from the display screen body build quality to the quality of the water storage unit and the filters inside, everything feels very premium and high-quality. Even though the size of the filter is small and it barely weighs anything compared to some other filters that we have seen, there was something different about this filter. The weight distribution is done so well that it does not feel cheap in any way. We won’t call it super premium, but it would be impossible for someone to guess the price of this filter by looking at the build quality. We’ll give it a solid nine out of ten for build quality.

We’ve covered all the essentials about how this filter feels and looks, but what about the most important aspect; How good is the filtration? So first, let’s see what it can do on paper and what it did on our tests.


Size does not matter, and this surely applies to this filter. Despite being so small and light, the filtration it offers is very powerful and very surprising. Even with the small size, Frizzlife has managed to put in an astounding four-stage water filtration unit. Here’s what each of these filters does:

The first is a sediment filter which is more important than people think. The sediment filter is an absolute requirement for all the filters in the US because while the state water supply is fairly devoid of harmful chemicals and contaminants, there is quite a good amount of sand and silt that passes in. This sediment filter removes the larger sediment particles.

The second filter is a block carbon filter, the most powerful and efficient carbon filter. It is the part that removes most of the contaminants such as heavy metals, dissolved chemicals, VOCs, PFAs, etc. The company claims that the filter can remove 99.9% of more than 1,000 contaminants, which is remarkable at this size and price point. This filter can remove:

  • Radium
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Chromium
  • Asbestos
  • Mercury
  • Chlorine
  • And much more

The third filter is a reverse osmosis membrane that removes all the minute contaminants that may have passed the carbon filter. It works on the same contaminants such as toxic heavy metals, chemicals, and other solid contaminants. The company claims it can remove 95% of the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), which is a number we have to test before calling the claim impressive.

The final filter is a granulated carbon filter that does the final filtration, and it works mostly on dissolved chemicals and other volatile chemical compounds. So this stage is to remove the herbicides, pesticides, PFAs, fluorides, and other chemicals in the water. VOCs are more dangerous than people think as these compounds evaporate from the water and go inside your lungs.

Frizzlife WA99 Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filtration System User Review

Over 1,000 contaminants removed with such efficiency is wonderful, but does this translate over in real-life usage? It is what we tried to test. Here’s what we found.

The Test

We usually do basic tests using moderately contaminated water for basic passive filters. But since this is a four-stage filter with a reverse osmosis unit, we had to up the game. So we took out the most contaminated water sample in the office, laced with toxic metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and some of the highest concentrations of chemical contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, VOCs, pesticides, and insecticides such as DEET. The TDS number of our water sample was over 950. For reference, anything over 500 is considered too high. So the Frizzlife had a challenge ahead.

The water sample was added, the filtration happened, and then pressed the button to get the sample out. The water looked cleaner than before, and it certainly tasted and smelled much better. It was because the filter had removed the VOCs and chlorine, along with some other chemicals. There was a very distinct odor in the water before filtration. It was due to DEET, but we were surprised to see how well the filter removed all the DEET. After that, the water smelled perfectly okay.

After testing the filtered sample, we did not find any trace of lead and arsenic, while mercury was only in trace amounts. Chlorine and chloramine were totally removed, with only trace amounts of fluoride left. There were no sediments in the sample and hardly any chemicals and VOCs. But what about the TDS?

Frizzlife WA99 Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filtration System Review

We really got to see the power of reverse osmosis with TDS removal. From over 950, the TDS level was brought down to a perfect 210, which is perfectly fine for normal water. Overall, we are happy to say that the Frizzlife WA99 performs as advertised. There is no compromise in the filtration process, and you can totally trust the filter’s ability to provide you with clean water—a solid ten on ten for filtration.

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What We Loved About The Frizzlife WA99?

  • Price
  • Tech
  • Portability
  • Easy Filter Change
  • Low Water Wastage
  • Poor Filter Life
  • Low Tank Capacity

There are a lot of things that we loved about this filter, the looks and filtration already mentioned. Here are some of the pros and benefits of the Frizzlife WA99 that will make you want to get it.

1. Price

A four-stage water filter that comes with reverse osmosis, portable design, all the tech bells and whistles, and a high-quality build. Surely the price must be as high as Everest, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. The entire filter can be yours just for $390. That’s it. An RO filter that works so well costs so less. The price to features ratio is incredible, making it one of the most value-for-money countertop water filters.

2. Tech

There are not many countertops water filters at this price range that come with so many tech features as this one. You get two large digital screens at the front that tell you all the important information. All the information about the filter quality is hard to find in other water filters, even at higher price ranges. These are TDS levels, filter life reminder, option to select the cup size (so that the filter dispenses the right quantity), and a 24 by seven water quality monitor.

3. Portability

There are two qualities that make the Frizzlife WA99 one of the most portable countertop water filters in the market. The first is, of course, the size. Due to its compact build and clean design, this filter can be kept anywhere in the home or in your office. It hardly takes any space and can fit on most of the side tables. It also fits well on the dining table. The second quality is how it looks. Due to its modern design, it looks like a machine rather than a water filter. It makes it the perfect choice for offices.

4. Easy Filter Change

The filter changing process is very easy and simple, with no need for any tools or tutorials. All you have to do is open the filter chamber, twist the filters, and pull them out. Installing the filter is also very simple. Just put it in and give it a twist. That’s it. 

5. Low Water Wastage

The only issue that we have with poor reverse osmosis systems is that they create a lot of water waste. It is more pronounced in cheap reverse osmosis systems. Fortunately, that is not the case here. Frizzlife claims that their RO system can save water by almost 1500% compared to other RO systems. While this number sounds ridiculous, we tested it, and it was very close. So props to them for achieving this.

What We Did Not Like About Frizzlife WA99?

Not everything was great about this filter, and with the small size comes some big compromises. Here are some of the cons about the Frizzlife WA99 that may lead you to reconsider your plans of buying it.

1. Poor Filter Life

Since the filters are small in size, the company recommends changing the first two filters every six months, while the other two filters every year. It in itself is bad, but wait for it to get worse. A pack of 6 filters costs $110. That’s almost a third of the filter’s price. It dramatically increases the cost of the filter.

2. Low Tank Capacity

Where the small size of the filter gives great portability, the compromise comes at the water tank size. The tank is capable of storing only a measly 0.4 gallons of water. It can be a problem for people who want to stay hydrated all the time.

Frizzlife WA99 Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filtration System Review

Frizzlife WA99 Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter System comes in compact size which makes it quite easy to handle, it is equipped with 4 stage filtration unit, which filters and claims to remove harmful containments up to 99.9%, at this price range it is one of the best water filter's available in the market.


There are a lot of great things about the Frizzlife WA99 countertop water filter. However, where the portability, tech, filtration, and price are great benefits, the frequent filter change and low tank capacity can be equally off-putting for many buyers. We’d recommend getting it if you want a great portable water filter for your personal office or where you don’t spend too much time. It is not a filter for your home or family.

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