How to Clean a Countertop Ice Maker in 7 Steps

Every object in your house requires periodic maintenance and cleaning, which is the same in the case of the countertop of the ice maker, as well. We all know that ice can easily enhance the taste of our drinks on a scorching day and give us a feeling of relaxation from a very hectic day.

 Having an ice maker at home makes this process much easier. Still, we all know it is essential to clean this countertop periodically. If you wash it regularly, you will avoid getting dirty and drinking ice, which highly impacts your health.

In this article, we will discuss how to clean the countertop of the ice maker in elementary steps so that you don’t have to go through a very long procedure. It can efficiently perform the task without investing time and hard work.

Why is Cleaning Necessary?

Cleaning is one of the essential parts of our living, and that is how we protect ourselves from getting diseases or getting into contact with environmental pollutants. Different regions have different water quality; some may have high magnesium content, some have high calcium or fluorine content, etc. Most house owners have installed several RO or filtration systems to get healthy drinking water. What about cleaning the ice maker, one of the virtual objects in a house, during summer days?

As we wash our utensils after eating, the same thing also happens with the ice maker. Although it only has water, it still requires periodic maintenance and cleaning. That is because several contents of magnesium, calcium, fluorine or other chemicals get deposited under the countertop’s surface, which can affect your health if not washed thoroughly. And that is why it is essential to perform this task periodically, once a week or a month.

How You Can Clean The Countertop in Simple Steps

Before discussing the steps to clean the countertop, we should discuss the necessary supplies to perform this process. Ensure you have collected all these objects and don’t have to get up again,  as this can hinder your task. Below is the list of things that you need:

  • Warm water
  • Ice machine cleaner ( provided by the manufacturer)
  • If there is no ice machine cleaner, you can use this White vinegar and baking soda. You can also use lemon juice or any other solution the manufacturer recommends.
  • A soft cloth or a scrub
  • A cotton swab or a toothbrush
  • Dish soap ( to clean the basket and other parts)

Now let’s Jump into The Step-by-Step Process

Cleaning the countertop is straightforward and does not require any professional help. This process will take a short time, and you can efficiently perform the task in under one hour. As you have collected all the objects, it’s a perfect time to discuss the processes in detail:

Step 1

As step one, you must unplug the ice maker as we will start the cleaning process, and plugging it in the switch is useless. Now carefully drain the water that may have remained/left in your machine into the sink. Perform the task very carefully without creating any mess nearby.

Step 2

With dish soap’s help, clean the basket and other parts. Use a smooth scrub to prevent you from making a scratch in the ice maker. The basket and scope are the removal pieces of the eye maker, and they will quickly come out. Use hot water if you cannot clean these compartments with a scrub or normal-temperature water.

Step 3

Now, it is time to clean the ice maker with the help of specific solutions. If you are using vinegar, mix the lemon juice in 1:1 with the water. If you have vinegar, you can use it as it is one of the most natural and effective cleaning solutions available at everyone’s house. It can work as a  descaling or disinfectant chemical and removes all the bacteria that may be built up in your appliances. Scrub the ice maker smoothly, and use the hot water thoroughly.

Note: You can also use the other chemical the manufacturer may provide in this step. But make sure that you are cleaning these chemicals properly afterward.

Step 4

Use undiluted chemicals to remove the stubborn stains, as they can be hard to Scrub away. Once you are done, fill the ice maker with water and wash it thoroughly. You can also use a flexible toothbrush or a swab to perform the task.

Step 5

Examine every corner of the ice maker and search for marks. Fill the ice maker with a vinegar solution or another chemical if you see no marks. Press the start button at the front of your appliance, and wait for specific hours. Close the lid, and plug in the machine.

Step 6

Once the ice is ready,  remove it from the machine and discard it (ice) in the sink. Now thoroughly wash the ice maker with the help of a cleaning solution, and try it with a clean cloth. Smell the ice maker properly. If you smell any lemon or vinegar fragrance, perform the cleaning process with only water uncle unless you don’t feel any fragrance.

Step 7

Use a clean towel or a cloth to pat dry the ice maker and reinstall it in the machine.

Above are the seven simple steps to perform or clean your ice maker. It is one of the simplest tasks, and you must do it periodically to get better-quality ice for your drinks. Whenever you see hard water building up in the bottom of the machine, you should always clean it with the help of baking soda and a toothbrush. According to the reports, every house owner should perform a maintenance task every month or two months, depending on the brand and the quality of your ice maker.

Pro Tip

Whenever you think of a cleaning ice maker, use the chemical already provided by the manufacturer or mild solutions like lemon, baking soda, or vinegar. You can easily find these solutions at your house,  so you don’t have to go anywhere to buy them. Further, we will never recommend you try harsh chemicals or use any kind of citrus-based chemicals or Ammonia to clean the surfaces. Also, never use wool cloth, newspaper, paper towels, soaps for washing bathrooms, etc., to clean the ice maker. All these chemicals and other objects can harm your ice maker, and they are too stubborn to clean them properly. Also, if they remain in your ice maker, they can result in several health-related risks. So ensure that you are avoiding them altogether.

How Often Shall I Wash The ice Maker?

According to the report, a person should manually clean the ice maker every two months. Still, we will recommend you perform this every week or a month. It is a simple process and will hardly take 20 to 30 minutes.

Does My Area’s Water Quality Also Impact The Ice Maker?

Yes, the water quality of your area highly impacts the performance of the ice maker because high chemicals in the water can result in the deposition of these Chemicals at the surface of the ice maker. We recommend you frequently wash the ice makers if you live in such areas.

Can I Use Chemicals like Ammonia to Perform The Cleaning Task?

No, we will not recommend you use Ammonia because it is a very harsh chemical and can quickly impact the ice maker. Apart from this, if any Ammonia Residue gets left in the ice maker, it can result in specific health hazardous issues.


Portable Countertop ice makers are one of the most valuable devices in everyone’s house because you can manually remove them from your fridge. Apart from this, a manually removable ice maker is easy to clean and can be done in straightforward steps.

Sometimes the cleaning solution is already provided by the manufacturer. Still, you can also use vinegar, lemon juice, etc., to perform this task. We hope that is article has helped you learn how to clean the ice maker in straightforward steps. Ensure you perform every step carefully without harming or damaging the ice maker.