How to Clean PUR Water Filter Faucet Mount Step by Step?

Without safe drinking water, many things can go wrong in your home, with the introduction of several harmful diseases among the most prevalent. Luckily, the PUR water filter faucet mount is an effective water filter that can remove more than 70 chemical and physical impurities, leaving you with healthy, great-tasting water.

Cleaning and replacing PUR filters are an essential part of continued usage. For all of the PUR water filter’s effectiveness, it requires frequent cleaning as it easily gets blocked with impurities. When the system gets blocked, you’re exposed to those same contaminants. But how do you clean this system with no prior experience?

We’ve taken the liberty to show you how to clean and maintain your PUR filter to continue enjoying clean water in your home. The good thing is that cleaning PUR filters will only take a few minutes, and by following this guide, even complete newbies can keep their systems clean. However, it is vital to understand some basics about the PUR filter before starting.

Basic Information About PUR Filter

To successfully clean the PUR filter, you’ll need to understand what this filter is and how it works. Knowing its basic working principle will help you know which parts should be cleaned and how to do it.

PUR faucet filter uses an activated carbon system to block physical and chemical contaminants and an ion exchange system to block heavy metals from entering your cup. These filters are attached to the faucet and, as such, are last-stage water treatment systems. As water flows from the faucet to the PUR filter, impurities are blocked from passing through, so the mounting area may see many contaminants over time.

While going through the owner’s manual, you’ll pick up even more distinct features of your particular PUR filter. The manual will typically contain steps to assemble and disassemble the parts, which will become helpful when cleaning the filter.

Why Should You Clean PUR Water Filter Faucet Mount?

Why Should You Clean PUR Water Filter Faucet Mount

Considering the time, effort, and sometimes, money it’ll cost you to clean the PUR filter, it begs the question: why should cleaning this filter even be necessary?

The filter cartridges do not last forever and require constant maintenance. Cleaning and changing the filters are just as important as the installation.

Even though the PUR filter can be classified as low maintenance, you cannot abandon it for long and expect continued clean water in your kitchen. To prevent the accumulation of algae, mold, and impurities that get stuck while passing through, rust, and grime, cleaning the filter mount becomes imperative.

The kitchen tap sees a lot of traffic with the water that goes through the faucet for drinking, cooking, and washing hands. You often touch the filter with dirty hands, depositing germs on the PUR. Cleaning this filter, therefore, regularly is a must for any healthy home. Here are some other benefits of cleaning this filter:

  • Increases the filter lifespan
  • Reduces repair cost
  • Guarantees clean water

Tools And Materials For Cleaning PUR Filter Mount

Tools And Materials For Cleaning PUR Filter Mount

If keeping your PUR faucet-mounted filter clean and practical is essential, you’ll gather the materials and tools to help your maintenance activity.

  • Owner’s manual: The owner’s manual is often abandoned after installation but contains helpful information about your specific PUR filter that may not be available anywhere. Keep the manual handy when cleaning the filter, especially if you’re still new.
  • Mild dishwashing soap: Dishwashing soap with mild concentration is a common PUR faucet mount cleaning material when mixed with warm water. A combination of one cup of warm water and a tablespoon of dishwashing soap is enough to clean the filter.
  • Soft bristle brush: Overtime, fine particles may be stuck to the filter body and will require the tender but assured stroke of a fine bristle brush to clean.
  • Sponge: This is a regular dish sponge for removing loose particles and stains on the filter.
  • Disinfectant/sanitizer: You can use different disinfectants while cleaning the PUR faucet filter mount with vinegar, among the most popular as it is found in most homes. Mix with a combination of warm water and vinegar in equal proportions.

Step-by-Step Process to Cleaning PUR Water Filter Faucet Mount

Step-by-Step Process to Cleaning PUR Water Filter Faucet Mount

Looking at the PUR water filter faucet mount, you might get discouraged from cleaning it due to its build, but cleaning this filter is non-negotiable. So how do you clean it without stress? Here are simple steps to follow if you want to remove dirt and maintain the effectiveness of the PUR filter.

1. Remove The PUR Filter

The PUR filter is attached to the faucet, so before cleaning, you need to disconnect this filter. Removing the filter will give you unhindered access to the parts and make cleaning easy.

You’ll find a disconnect mechanism around the part where the faucet meets the filter, which makes it easy to remove. Horizontal PUR filter models disconnect by twisting the thread clockwise.

If your mount has a pair of buttons, hold them down while pulling the filter away from the nozzle. Some other filters have a disengaging lock that you must flip to remove the mount. Sometimes, the filter may be too tight to be removed with bare hands and would require the help of a wrench to make the first turn.

2. Access The Filter

You can scrutinize the filter to determine the following action with the filter in your hands. Do you replace or clean the system? Check for dents, dings, cracks, wear, or damages to the unit that can affect its effectiveness. You also want to check the connection port between the aerator and mount, which should have a washer and a screen.

While cleaning will prolong the PUR filter’s lifespan frequently, sometimes the damage is beyond cleaning, and the filter requires an overhaul. By examining the unit, you can decide the right step to take between cleaning or replacing the filter.

3. Disassemble The Filter Unit

You can disassemble the parts when you’ve decided the unit only requires cleaning and not an outright replacement. Generally, twisting the filter’s upper section will give you access to the canister. When you twist the top cap of the filter, the filter chamber will open; however, this may differ depending on the filter mode. This is why checking your owner’s manual is vital.

Some systems have their mount adjoined with the housing, while others are built as separate units. Separating the parts will make cleaning the mount and other sections with impurities easy.

4. Rinse The Filter

Before rinsing, ensure to empty any dirt in the filter in a trash can by holding the system upside down and shaking it. Place the unit under running water for about five minutes to remove dirt and particles. Flushing the filtration unit and mount will remove most of the dirt in the section while you focus on thoroughly cleaning the mount.

5. Thoroughly Clean The Filter Mount

While flushing will remove loose particles on the filter and mount, tough stains will be unmoved by running water, requiring special attention if you must get a clean filter mount. Use a soft bristle brush to wipe off particles from the mount while paying particular attention to the threads as they hide dirt and sometimes grime.

Brushing and rinsing under running water will make the process more effective and prevent the particles from spreading to other parts of the mount. Use warm water and mild dishwashing soap to remove grime, stain, and oils from the unit, while you may need a vinegar-warm water combination for even tougher stains. Ensure to rinse the particles off the surface while cleaning.

6. Disinfect Filter Mount

Filters deliver clean drinking water and must be adequately disinfected after cleaning and raising dirt particles. Vinegar is a common disinfectant to use with warm water. Combine the two in a bowl with the volume of vinegar, only ⅓ the water used.

Soak the unit in this solution for fifteen minutes, giving it enough time to kill microorganisms while removing any chemicals that may have been used when cleaning.

7. Rinse And Dry The Mount

While the vinegar is effective at sterilizing the equipment, it needs to be cleaned from the system to get purified water. After the set time, remove the unit from the vinegar and water solution bowl and rinse thoroughly under running water. Shake the filter to remove excess water, which can cause stains when it dries.

The next step is to place the unit on a clean rack in a well-ventilated room and allow it to dry. Depending on the humidity and ventilation available, drying may take a few hours.

8. Reassemble The PUR Filter

Reassembling and reinstalling are easy once you can remember how to disassemble the unit for cleaning. Start by placing the filter back into its housing by pushing the head. You’ll hear a click indicating it has locked in, so you can cover it with the front cover and tighten it by hand.

Ensure that the washer and screen are correctly arranged inside the aerator adapter before turning the faucet mount onto the nozzle till it clicks. Remember not to over-tighten it to prevent cracks. The next step is to turn on the faucet and allow the water to run for about five minutes to flush the system.

How Long Does PUR Filter Faucet Mount Last?

While examining the filter may give you an idea, it is stressful to disassemble the unit every time, so knowing the general period the system should last is essential. This information lets you estimate the best time to replace or clean your PUR filter.

The PUR filter can last about three months and about 100 gallons of water for the average home’s needs. This means the more water you use from your kitchen tap, the less time your PUR filter can last. Also, the more impurities in your water, the less time your filter lasts since it has to do a lot of work removing contaminants.

Luckily, this system comes with a filter change light that indicates when you should change the PUR filter cartridge; however, you should not rely on it as it is not entirely accurate. The filter indicator is a timer for the average three months of usage and will not pick up heavy usage.

Frequently cleaning the system will add more time to the filter’s lifespan, saving you money. Ensure you factor in your usage level and impurities to determine the best time to replace the unit.

Tips To Increase The PUR Faucet Filter Lifespan

Manufacturers indicate the average lifespan of your PUR faucet filter, but you can increase this period by a couple of months with the proper steps. Here we share tips to make your PUR faucet filter last for longer.

  • Clean the filter exterior frequently with a sponge to prevent rust, growth of mold, and algae on the surface.
  • Never run hot water through the filter system: Do not connect the filter to a hot water tap, as it is not built to withstand hot temperatures. Heat will shrink the cartridge and make it ineffective in blocking impurities.
  • Flush the filter frequently to break off the buildup of contaminants in the system. By turning on the tap for five minutes at full pressure, you can flush dirt and impurities in the unit.


We realize you may have questions about cleaning the PUR faucet filter mount, so we’ve included popular questions and their answers in this section.

How frequently should you clean the PUR faucet filter mount?

Thoroughly clean the filter mount monthly to continue enjoying clean water from your tap. Ensure to clean the exterior more frequently anytime you’re cleaning your kitchen.

Why should you clean the PUR faucet mounted filtration unit?

Cleaning the PUR filter will prevent the buildup of contaminants in the units, which can start entering the water and causing illnesses.

How long does it take to clean the PUR filter?

Depending on your experience and the level of impurities in the system, cleaning the PUR filter can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour.


PUR faucet filter is an effective water filter to get clean drinkable water for your home. However, maintaining clean water from your kitchen tap requires frequent maintenance. With the straightforward process provided in this guide, anybody with minimal experience can handle the cleaning of the PUR  filter.