How to Install a Countertop Water Filter: in 4 Ways

The water filter has become a necessity in everyone’s house today. The main reason is that the water quality is deteriorating daily, and it varies from region to region. Few regions have hard water like high calcium and magnesium ions in the water; some have other disease-causing microorganisms in a very high quantity, etc., which can put the human body at risk. The only option to protect the family and loved ones is to install a water filter that tackles your problem and is very specific to the area.

Now, as you have already invested in a water filter that tackles the problem of your area, the other big hurdle is how to install the water filter properly. But don’t worry. We have got you covered!

In the article, we will discuss how you can install the countertop water filter in simple steps so that you wouldn’t have any problem installing it properly and do not have to invest a lot of time in performing the task.

What are the Advantages of Installing the Countertop by Yourself?

As we all know, whenever you buy equipment from a manufacturer or a store in your city, they will always recommend you take benefit of professional help. But the real problem is they will ask you to provide them with a separate fee to facilitate this process.

Apart from this, even if you buy the equipment from an online store, the thought of hiring professional help to perform this task comes to mind. But again, we have to invest a lot of money in hiring professional services and giving them a clear idea about the plumbing system and where to install it. Right?

But how about installing the water filter by yourself? The main advantage of installing the countertop (by yourself) is not only to prevent the extra bucks from your pocket, but it will also help you to provide extra knowledge of how to install the countertop. Most of the time, the installation manual comes with the water filter, so you can easily read that manual and have an idea about the installation process. Apart from this, whenever you face any issue with your water filter (in the future), you will always have the courage to fix it without hiring professional help.

Furthermore, installing the countertop water filter is simple; even if you don’t have any machinery knowledge, you can efficiently perform the task in less time without professional help.

How to Install The Count of Water Filter in Easy Steps

How to Install The Count of Water Filter in Easy Steps

We all know that different types of water filters are available in the market, like a countertop or under sinks. But don’t worry; installing a water filter is an universal process and can be done similarly. Before moving forward, we will always recommend you go through the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer to get a rough idea of how the machine works or how you can install it.

The below-listed steps are the most straightforward steps that you should follow to install the countertop water filter:

Step 1

As the countertop water filter is free-standing, you must find a space adjacent to the kitchen sink. Apart from this, ensure that the area has a proper water supply and is connected to the kitchen tap to a pipe or a tube to facilitate water flow into and out of the water filter.

Note: This process is critical because it will help you discard the unfiltered water directly into the sink. So ensure you find a place to perform the drainage process smoothly when using the water filter.

Step 2

Now, the filter cartridge, and aerator adapters, will be already provided by the manufacturer, so you need to search the packaging. At this step,  you need to check the aerator adapters that can adequately fit the first of your kitchen tab. The packaging will have multiple aerator adapters (mainly four different adapters varying by size),  so check them correctly and use the one that provides 90% of the spout or faucet. To make this process much more accessible, most manufacturers generally mention the female or the male end in the spout and adaptor. Your spout will act as a female end, and the adaptor will behave like a male end, so you need to attach them properly. They must be appropriately tightened and not under-tightened or overtightened.

Note: Most of the filter comes with four different types ( varies in dimension) of aerator adapters,  so you don’t have to worry whether the manufacturer will provide them according to your faucet. Ensure that the aerator adapters fit around 90% of the connection to maintain a proper fit/connection and provide a water flow.

Step 3

Install the filter cartridge by unscrewing the housing counterclockwise. Now connect the cartridge with the accommodation at the base and screw it back correctly. You can also use an adjustable wrench to perform this process.

Step 4

Connect all the tubes,  and turn on the water supply. If you see no leakage, that means the job is done, but if there is any leakage, make sure you are using the adjustable wrench to screw the connections correctly.

As mentioned in the above steps, the adjustable wrench is one of the most critical and essential plumbing tools that can solve most of your issues with the plumbing system. It will help you in most cases, so ensure you always have one at home. It is affordable and can be easily found in hardware stores, or you can order it online. Apart from this,  when you open the tap,  you will feel that the water has a  unique texture and taste, so ensure you are not consuming the water in 1 to 2 cycles. This is because the machine is new, and it may have some material debris, so make sure you are flushing it correctly for 1 to 2 cycles. After this, your water filter is ready for use, and you can consume high-quality, contaminated-free water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a water filter even when I don’t have any machinery knowledge?

Yes, you can easily install a water filter by yourself, even if you don’t have any machinery knowledge. Installing a water filter is not very hectic but requires observing skills to perform this process.

How much time will it require to install the machine?

If you already have machinery knowledge, it will take around 30  minutes to 1 hour. Still, if you are new, we recommend giving you around 3 to 4 hours to understand the process and perform the actual task. This will help you solve most issues because you have come prepared.

 Which brand of water filter shall I use?

Choosing a water filter is an entirely personal choice. A water filter’s main objective is to tackle your area’s water problem, which may be anything.  We recommend you research the water quality in your area and buy a water filter to solve the problem instead of purchasing equipment that works on a very different principle and doesn’t solve your problem.


Due to increased pollutants in the water sources, installing a water filter in the house has become one of the most critical aspects of our living. Installing a water filter without professional help is not very difficult. Still, it can result in specific issues if not done correctly.

The water filter has been considered a cost-efficient and eco-friendly alternative, which helps people consume clean water with enhanced taste. So follow all steps when you install the water filter. We recommend you go through the instruction manual that the manufacturer has already provided. We recommend this because most water filters follow the process mentioned above. Still, a few brands may require professional help.