8 Best Whole House Water Filter System Reviews for 2023

Whole house water filtration is one of the most important additions to your house to ensure you get only the cleanest and safest water. Most people consider only using water filters to purify drinking water. But the harmful chemicals and toxic metals present in the water supply can cause extensive damage to your skin, hair, and even respiratory system. Also, did you know that certain volatile chemicals in the water can evaporate in the air and cause health-damaging? It is why we have curated the eight best whole house water filtration systems for 2023.

From water filters that can filter one million gallons of water to small portable filters that can only soften the water, we have included a variety of products in this list to address all your needs. However, before we start with the reviews and products, let’s look at some essential information about the process.

Our #1 Recommended Whole House Water Filter System
Springwell Whole House Water Filter System
9.5/10Our Rating

Springwell’s whole house water filter comes with a powerful four-stage water filtration unit capable of filtering an impressive one million gallons of water.  The filter is priced to ensure affordability, while it also comes with powerful addons to increase the functionality. It also offers a great water flow rate and improves water flavor and odor. A perfect choice for your whole house.



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How Does Whole House Filtration Works?

For the whole house water filtration system, the principle and process of filtration are very simple. The water usually passes through an activated carbon filter that traps most of the chemicals, heavy metals, and other dissolved VOCs to clean the water. Other larger sediment-based contaminants, sand, silt, etc., are filtered through a simple filter with very small pores, usually 5-microns (the industry standard). Water passes through this filter, and the contaminants collect in separated spaces then wash back out of the filter. Some filters also use coconut shells with activated catalytic carbon to provide more filtration.

To remove the presence of iron and hydrogen sulfide, the main contaminants causing the bad, rotten egg smell and the orangish marks in the sink and washbasin. The filter mixes the water with oxygen and oxidizes the contaminants, and then a process called backwash is used to put them out of the filtration system. It is the basic principle of how iron and sulfur removal works.

So to remove the water’s hardness caused by calcium and magnesium salts, the filter uses beads of charged particles that get attached to these salts, separating them from the filtered water. Then a solution of salt water (brine) is used to remove the calcium and magnesium salts from the charged beads. We have used this just to explain a complex process efficiently. The exact process, the technology used, and making it work together takes effort, and that is why some of the filters cost a lot, especially the iron and sulfide removal ones.

Best Whole House Water Filter System Reviews

Top Pick
Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

  • Powerful Filtration Process
  • Best Warranty and Moneyback
  • Odor and Taste Enhancement
Runner Up
Springwell Whole House Well Water Filter System

Springwell Whole House Well Water Filter System

  • Precise Filtration Process
  • Excellent Water pressure
  • Best Warranty and Moneyback
Editor's Choice
Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 Gallons

Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 Gallons

  • Excellent Filtration Process
  • Compact Size
  • Great Warranty
Bodyguard Plus by US Water Systems

Bodyguard Plus by US Water Systems

  • Powerful Filtration Process
  • Smart Data Features
  • Powerful Add-ons
US Water System Matrixx Infusion Iron and Sulfur Removal System

US Water System Matrixx Infusion Iron and Sulfur Removal System

  • Excellent Filtration Process
  • Best Warranty
  • Smartphone Integration
NU Aqua 3 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System 

NU Aqua 3 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System 

  • Great Filtration Process
  • Great Customer Service
  • Compact
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Juggling through an abundance of options of the whole house water filter system wasn’t an easy task, though. We ensured you get the information related to the best ones so that you don’t have to dig in any further looking for the water filter. Here, we have also added a brief review and what we liked and disliked about them.

With the basics and frequently used terms explained, let’s get started with the review.

1. Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

Springwell Whole House Water Filter System
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When it comes to heavy-duty water filters with great filtering capacities, Springwell is a name that can be trusted. We have tested their products from time to time, and they never seem to disappoint. It is why the list is beginning with one of their most popular and capable products, the Springwell Whole House Water Filter System. Just like the name of the product, the filter works to the point and exactly how you’d want your water filter to work. One of the many things we loved about this filter was the add ons options that allow you to get better filtrations and features.

With great filtration, excellent features, fast shipping, and an option for easy monthly payments, the Springwell has already become a great choice. But that’s not all the great things about it. Here are some more reasons why we chose this filter to be on the list.

What We Loved About this Product?

Springwell Whole House Water Filter System User Review

Powerful Filtration

Anyone considers water filters to get great filtration and water that is free from contaminants. It is what makes filtration features the number one priority for us to consider the products. The Springwell filter comes with a powerful four-stage filtration system that thoroughly processes and cleans the water. Each filter unit is designed to get rid of specific contaminants without sacrificing the water pressure.

  1. The first stage is a flex bed unit designed to streamline the flow of water while removing some larger sediment particles from the water.
  2. The second stage is a KDF bed, which stands for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. This unit is used to remove mainly chlorine, Chloramine, and other chemical contaminants.
  3. The third filtration unit is where most of the filtration occurs. This unit has an activated catalytic carbon bed that takes care of most contaminants, small and large, even heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. This section also removes the organic compounds present, such as VOCs.
  4. The fourth stage is what makes this filter so special. It is a 5-micron sediment filtration unit that removes the fine particles and contaminants such as sand, silt, clay, and other sediment particles that usually come from pipings and faucets. It’s worth noting that other companies charge you extra for this 5-micron filter. So props to Springwell for adding it as standard.

Amazing Filter Capacity

The company claims that the filter can work effortlessly and filter out an astounding 1,000,000 gallons of water. Yes, that’s 1 million gallons of water. Now, estimating the average use of water in American households, this filter will last you (with 1-3 bathrooms) more than ten years. Of course, this number depends on the quality of water that the state supplies. The filter may last less than ten years in states like Texas, where the water quality is really terrible. But still, for the price, getting 1 million gallons filtration capacity is impressive. It takes us to the next benefit of this filter.


We were genuinely surprised at the price of the products, so much so that first we thought that the price was actually the discount they were giving on the actual price. But no, the Springwell water filter comes at a pleasant price tag of $876.58 at the time of writing this review. For a price that is under a thousand bucks, you get four-stage filtration and 1 million gallons water filtration capacity, and a lot more. Trust us, and you’re getting each penny’s worth of features with this one.


There’s a great feature that comes with this water filtration system: upgrades and add-ons. Springwell allows you to add some extra features that can turn this house water filter into a drinking water filter and a very competent one. For example, you can add a Reverse Osmosis unit which can further clean the water, making it suitable for drinking. There is also a UV water purification unit which is mainly designed to get rid of any bacteria or any other harmful microorganisms. You can also add an easy installation kit to make installation a DIY task instead of a “plumber task.” Add all the extra features, and the price goes to $2489.

Warranty and Moneyback

Springwell is offering some of the best warranty and moneyback offers, if not the best. The tanks and valves get a lifetime warranty, retention and mineral tanks get a 10-year warranty, and the electrical parts get a 5-year warranty. These are some of the industry’s best warranties. To make it even better, Springwell is giving a 6-months money-back guarantee. So to install the filter, use it for six months, and if it does not perform well, you can get your money back. What could be better?

Water Pressure

A problem that comes with these entire house water filters is a drop in water pressure. A pressure drop is expected because the water supply has to go through a filtration unit. But gladly, that is something that we did not experience. There was hardly any drop in water pressure using the system with five bathrooms. The company claims that it can give around 12 GPM (gallons per minute) for 4-6 bathrooms, and that was what we tested. So if your house has more than seven bathrooms, then the water pressure would be around 17 GPM. It is a decent number.

Odor and Taste Enhancement

The filter also uses filtration units to enhance the taste and odor of the water supply. It means that not only the water will be better to use for bathing, but also for cooking. In addition, the filter is capable of removing PFOA, PFAS, PFOS, pesticides, herbicides, and other haloacetic acids. These contaminants in the water are responsible for ruining the taste and smell of it, also causing harm to the skin and scalp.

Springwell Whole House Water Filter System Review

What We Did Not Like?

Not all was great about this filter, and we are happy to say that the cons list for the Springwell water filter is very short and basic. However, here are the things that could have been made better or improved in this water filter:


There are a lot of components that come with this filter, some quite large. While this is not a problem with this product, all the full-house water filters are bulky, and this one seemed to be extra heavy and bulky. Add UV and RO filters, and then the size doubles. Not really a con, but be ready to give up a lot of space for this filter to fit.


There is no way to install this yourself. You will need the help of a plumber and professional tools to install this water filter. It is recommended not to DIY this filter as it could result in damage to the filter or your waterline, or even both.

Frequent Pre-Filter Change

The pre-filters (5-micron filters) need to be changed every 6-9 months, depending on the quality of the water supply. While this is not too big of an issue, as Springwell sells a pair of these replacement filters for around $40, the hassle of changing filters every six months seems like a con to us.

Visit the Review to know more about Springwell Whole House Water Filter System or Click the button to order the filter.

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2. Springwell Whole House Well Water Filter System

Springwell Whole House Well Water Filter System
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You can tell that we really liked Springwell’s water filtration system a lot. That’s why we put another one here on the list. Springwell really did impress us, and this one is basically the same great water filter but with a few extra things to make it a well water purifying system. AS you can imagine, since this is a good purifier, the main focus here is going to be on filtering the iron and improving the taste and odor of the water. Well, water is highly susceptible to degradation in taste and smell. So what makes this product so “recommend-worthy”? A lot of things:

What We Loved About this Product?

Springwell Whole House Well Water Filter System User Review

Precise Filtration

The Springwell Well filer is specifically designed to filter the main contaminants of a well or any water reservoir; Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Manganese. This filter has a single-unit filtration chamber that does all the work. This chamber utilizes pockets of air to do the filtration. How does it filter?

The water enters the filtration chamber, which has a pocket of air on top. It is to use the oxygen with the contaminants. The oxygen reacts with the iron, manganese, and sulfides present and forms oxides. These oxides are then pushed out of the water outside the reservoir. The clean water is then transferred out. The company claims that this process can remove contaminants by:

  • Iron by up to 7 PPM
  • Hydrogen Sulfide by up to 8 PPM
  • Manganese by up to 1 PPM

These numbers are impressive and effective enough to eliminate the rotten egg smell that sometimes comes from water (due to hydrogen sulfide) or the orangish staining on the white sink (due to iron and manganese). In addition, research has shown that excess iron in water can result in skin damage.

Great Water Pressure

One thing that many buyers do not take note of is the water pressure the filter can serve. A filter can work wonders, but it is enough to ruin the entire experience if the pressure is terrible. Remember that the filter will stay in your house for more than ten years. You cannot live with a slow stream of water from the taps. It is why Springwell offers great water pressure of 12 GPM (gallons per minute) for a house with 1-4 bathrooms. The water pressure will be around 20 GPM for houses with more than four bathrooms. It is great water pressure, very similar to stock water pressure.

UV Add-Ons

You can also add the Springwell UV addon with the well water purifier. This Ultraviolet unit offers great protection against harmful bacteria and viruses. The company claims that it can kill 99.9% of harmful pathogens. While there are not any compelling reasons for us to recommend this addon to any water purification system for general water supply, here we do recommend it.

It is because stored and stagnant water is a breeding ground for microorganisms. While most of these are not harmful, there is always a good amount of chance that some dangerous pathogen might show up. Some of these pathogens can be fatal, and although you’ll not be drinking this water, there’s always a threat hanging above the head. So get rid of these microorganisms and always have a safe and clean supply of water.

RO Option

Add a Reverse Osmosis unit, and you’ve turned your well water into drinkable water. This unit costs around $400 and is powerful enough to filter out most of the contaminants such as PFAs, VOCs, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and chemicals like chlorine, Chloramine, etc. If you are planning to use the RO unit to turn the well water into drinking water, add the UV unit for reasons already mentioned.

Warranty and Money-back Guarantee

Just like the Springwell Whole house water filter, you get a lifetime warranty on the tank and other parts of the filtration system, along with a great 6-months money-back guarantee. Use the product and if you are not satisfied with it, return it within six months. It lets you have the assurance that your money is safe in case you don’t like the product.

Tech Specced

The Springwell comes with Bluetooth integration and mobile app support to control the filtration unit. It lets you adjust the system settings such as backwash cycles to save water waste air draw to adjust the filtration level if your water reserve has too much or contaminants. The app is available for both iOS and Android. The system also offers a slow release of compressed air, which results in quieter operations. The app lets you:

  • View water usage
  • Show all valve settings
  • Start backwash with a simple click


We really liked the quality of the product, from using high-quality hose clamps, high-grade plastic for valves and drain lines, and the actual heft and build-quality of the purification tank. The unit feels sturdy and worth the price you are paying. And trust us, you’ll be paying a lot for this one. That is why the price for this filtration system comes as its con.

Springwell Whole House Well Water Filter System Review

What We Did Not Like?

There are not a lot of things that we did not like, and the biggest part of this small section is going to be the price. The filter works as expected and gets the job done well. But if only it could have improved its…


The Springwell Well water filtration system retails at $2667.70, making it one of the most expensive water purification systems in the market. It is after the company is giving a 47% off! If you want to add the UV and RO system to it, then be ready to read the eye-watering price. The whole system will cost you more than four grand! It is what we did not really like about this filter; it is priced too high. If it were around $1,800 (which still is high), we wouldn’t have put it in the cons section. Along with the price, we think Springwell could have lowered the price of the UV unit as well.


While Springwell says that the installation can be DIY if you have experience, we’d recommend getting a plumber and all the tools to install this. The process of installing this filter is complicated and requires experienced hands. Unless you are a plumber yourself, do not try to install it yourself.

Visit the Review to know more about SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System or Click the button to order the filter.

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3. Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 Gallons

Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 Gallons
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Other than Springwell, Aquasana is another prominent name in the water filtration industry. With some of the most efficient and powerful under the sink and countertop water filtration systems, Aquasana is a name that you can trust. The same name also makes one of the most powerful and cost-effective whole house water filtration units. The Rhino is one of their most powerful offerings, with the capacity to filter 1 million gallons of water. So what makes this filter so great? Let’s find out:

What We Loved About this Product?

Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 Gallons User Review

Excellent Filtration

Aquasana is a brand that has always put more focus on filtering the dissolved chemicals and heavy metals in the water, and the same is true for the Rhino. The multi-level filtration offers great filtration, removing 97% of the chlorine in the water (which happens to be the most common contaminant in the US house water supply). The filter also removes toxic metals such as lead, mercury, VOCs, pesticides, and much more. It results in better taste in food, cleaner laundry, better skin health, and much more.

But what makes the filtration so great is the sheer amount. The Aquasana can filter 1 million gallons of water or, as the company claims, work for ten years efficiently.

The filter comes with a great three-stage filtration process. First, the main filtration unit processes the water to get rid of all the toxic contaminants such as lead, chlorine, etc. Along with the main unit, there are two secondary filters as well.

  • Sediment pre-filter first processes the water to get rid of dirt, debris, and other larger sediments, rusts, etc.
  • Post filter gives a final filtration to the water, making sure there are no remaining finer contaminants and organic particles.


The Aquasana standard filtration system is priced at $949, making it a great purchase for the filtration and features it offers. We know that there are some other filters that are priced even lower, but they lack the most important part for a filter; filtration. With Aquasana, we can comfortably vouch for the filtration it offers as we have tested a roster of Aquasana filters, and we have never been disappointed. In addition, the price to feature ratio is great, making it a great value for money product.

Compact Design

This is perhaps one of the most compact and well-fitting whole house water filtration systems. The filters are compact, and there is no excessive long piping or hoses. The entire unit can easily sit in any corner of the house without becoming an eye-sore. It is what we really love about Aquasana. Compact in design, but no compromise infiltration.

Add-ons at a Great Price

The available add-ons are a common feature now, but the pricing is where Aquasana stands out from the rest. There are three add ons you can get with this filter. One of them is a UV filter to make filtered water drinkable. IT costs just $583! Compare this price to the Springwell UV filter addon, which is $1059. That’s almost twice as expensive.

Apart from the UV filter, you can add a Salt-Free Water Conditioner to eliminate the calcium and magnesium salts that make water “hard.” This one comes at around $720, which still is a great price. You can add the Pro-Grade Install kit for around a hundred bucks, which has more durable and stronger components.

Great Warranty

Aquasana gives a 10-years warranty on its main filter unit, which covers all the defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is valid for the entire operation period of the filter, as you’ll have to change the filter every ten years. But don’t worry, if you don’t like the filter, there’s also a 90-days money-back guarantee which ensures you from making a wrong purchase and wasting money.

Aquasana Rhino 1,000,000 Gallons Review

What We Did Not Like?

Here are the things that we did not like about this filter. Unfortunately, these cons are not something that we could ignore, meaning that they hamper the experience. Fortunately, there was no fault in the filtration system.

Water Pressure

The water pressure is really not that great, which is perhaps a downside of having a compact design. Aquasana is offering just 7 GPM of water pressure. Compare this with the excellent 9-10 GPM from Springwell. We tested Aquasana’s claims, and it came out around 6.8 GPM. But we are sure it was due to some piping issues. The water pressure could have been better. If you have a house with more than three bathrooms, you’ll definitely feel a reduced water pressure, especially during heavy water usage.

No RO Addon

Aquasana is offering a UV kit addon to make the filtered water fit for consumption. But there is no option for a reverse osmosis unit addon. It does not mean that just using the UV along with the standard filtration is unsafe for drinking. We are just saying that RO makes the water even fitter for consumption, and an option (for those who want RO-filtered water) would have been great.

Visit the Review to know more about Aquasana Rhino Water Filter System or Click the button to order the filter.

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4. Bodyguard Plus by US Water Systems

Bodyguard Plus by US Water Systems
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This one is a new name on the list, and it is also something that we tried without knowing too much about the company. As it turns out, the reason is that US Water Systems are majorly a commercial water purification system provider, with much of their focus on commercial spaces like offices, malls, etc. So with that experience of making products that can filter large volumes of water under their belt, we expected something really great from this company. The results? It was delivered. This is a single water filtration unit capable of handling a decent amount of water in most cases. With the range of filtration products US Water Systems are offering, we are very sure of the trustworthiness of the company. Let’s start with the pros and cons of the Bodyguard Plus whole house water filter system.

What We Loved About The Product?

Bodyguard Plus by US Water Systems User Review

Powerful Filtration

Even though it uses just a single filtration unit, the level of filtration, along with the precision, is commendable and impressive. The filter is capable of removing most of the heavy metals from the water, such as lead, chromium 6, mercury, etc., with its Zeta potential material filter. The main section has two types of filtration; Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon and Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon. These are carbon filters that we talked about before, and they are capable of removing all the toxic and common contaminants, even the ones found in trace amounts.

Along with the metals and microorganisms, The Bodyguard water filter can remove Chlorine, Pesticides, THM, TCE, PCB, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, VOCs, industrial solvents, and hundreds of other contaminants. In addition, the Catalytic stage is added to get rid of Chloramine, which is one the most prominent reasons for bad tasting water.

There was no issue with the filtration as we tried to filter some of the most heavily polluted and contaminated water. It handles heavy loads like a pro and provides clean and clear water. The main focus here would be for people who want to improve the taste and smell of the water, along with stopping harmful VOCs from mixing in the air through the water supply. A good 10/10 for water filtration.

Powerful Add-ons

There are two more add-ons that you can get with the filter, and according to us (and the company recommends this too), you should get the other two filters as well. The Magna filter is a 5-micron pre-filter that prevents contaminants from entering the filtered water stream. It is a great option to add and improve filtration. But if you want more, getting the Interceptor filter would be even better as it combines the 5-micron pre-filter with a charged plate to filter our sand, silt, lead, cysts, bacteria, and much more. Completely worth the price.

Excellent Water Pressure

This water filter system has one of the best water pressures, if not the best. The standard flow rate offered is 10 GPM, which is one of the highest on the list. But there is an option to increase the flow further. Add around $200 more, and you get 15 GPM which is already a great water flow speed. Add around $400 more, and you can get a blisteringly fast 20 GPM water flow. We don’t think that any other water filters can offer this flow speed. It comes from the company’s experience with working in commercial spaces where the flow speed has to be high.

Smart Data

There is an app for the water filter that comes both for Android and iOS. This app connects you to the filter using Bluetooth and lets you access all the filters’ settings and real-time data about the filtering. Set the level of filtration, check water usage, and much more using the application. It is not necessarily something that we find using too often, but it is a great feature for those who need it.


The company offers a lifetime warranty on the tank, a great ten years warranty on the valve and the electronics (which we did not expect), and a 5-years warranty on the media. While the tank warranty came standard with almost all the other options in the market, the 10-year warranty for electronics and valves was impressive as most companies offer just five years at most.


We really loved the price of this filter. It is certainly not the cheapest in the market, but the cost to feature and filtration ratio is great, offering features worth every dollar it asks. The base model costs just $1,165, and if you add the 5-micron filter (which we really recommend), the price goes to $1,255. Adding the Interceptor makes the price climb to $1,390, which we think is the best value for money. The maxed-out version with the Interceptor filter and 20 GPM flow rate would cost you around $1,750.

What We Did Not Like?

There were a handful of things that we did not like, but none too bad to make us not recommend this product. Here are some of the cons of the Bodyguard water filter.

Single filter lacks

The filtration that the Bodyguard offers is great. There is no doubt about that. But the single filter is a bit lacking when it comes to some contaminants, and it even is not capable of backwashing. In addition, it can cause some of the sand or silt to enter the filtered water stream. So the company recommends getting the extra micron filter as well. But it would have been great if they could just put both the filters in one package—a complete solution.

Filter Changes

Where we are seeing filters that can handle a million gallons of water with ease and last for as long as 12 years, US Water Systems says that you should change this filter every 5-years. It is quite low, and since these large filter changes can cost upwards of $800-$900, changing the filter every 5-years seems like a con to us.

Visit the Review to know more about Bodyguard Plus Water Filter System or Click the button to order the filter.

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5. US Water System Matrixx Infusion Iron and Sulfur Removal System

US Water System Matrixx Infusion Iron and Sulfur Removal System
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Another filter from the US Water System is the Matrixx Infusion which is less of a water filter and more of an iron and sulfur removal system. But the great thing about this is that it can work decently to provide basic filtration, especially for smaller particles and microorganisms. From what we learned after testing the Bodyguard water filter from the same company, there is no doubt left in the capacity of filtration that they offer. This filtration system is most suitable for houses with their own well or large water tank. A high content of iron is harmful to your skin and body, while the presence of hydrogen sulfide is the reason for that awful smell of rotten eggs that can sometimes emerge in stagnant water. Let’s see what we found out after testing this filtration system.

What We Loved About The Product?

US Water System Matrix Infusion Iron and Sulfur Removal System User Review

Powerful Filtration

The Matrixx Infusion uses the similar principle used by many iron and sulfide filters to get rid of these two. The principle uses an oxidizing agent (which connects oxygen molecules to iron and sulfide) and then filters out the water. This is done by releasing hydrogen peroxide (which is water with an extra oxygen molecule). It results in the oxidation of iron and sulfide. As a result, the taste is improved, the smell is gone, and no more orange staining on the washbasins and other places due to the iron.

We tested the filtration system very harshly, using water with over iron concentrated at over ten parts per million, which is way higher than the normal content. However, the filter managed to clean it easily, and not even trace amounts of iron were present. We did the same test with sulfur, and the smell from the water vanished. So there are no complaints in terms of filtration.

The filtration unit also comes with coconut shell catalytic carbon that can remove manganese and other contaminants. These components are all approved by the NSF. High-capacity filters also remove and reduce sand, silt, sediments, turbidity, and cloudiness in the water.


Another great feature with this water filter is the addon filters or bundle packages that come with it. Along with the iron removal system and odor improvement, you can either go with a simple pre-filter addon to remove the other contaminants such as lead, mercury, chlorine, etc. So make it a complete house water filtration system. But there is more, and that is what we really liked.

US Water Systems gives you an option to get a complete water filtration system for your home, from odor removal to making it fit for drinking water. It comes with the Matrixx Infusion filter, a water softener to reduce water hardness, a Pulsar UV disinfection unit to get rid of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms, and a six-stage alkaline reverse osmosis unit to make the water as pure as the clearest glaciers of Mt. Everest. And the price you’ll have to pay for this will be as high as Mt. Everest. The entire unit will cost you around $5,100. We know this price is high, but it is great to have the option.

Great Water Pressure

There is no compromise when it comes to water pressure if the filter is from US Water Systems. We say the great water flow pressure with The Bodyguard is the same for this one as well. Or should we say it is even better? The filter uses an electric motor to increase the flow of water. The standard flow is at 10 GPM, whereas it can go as high as 25 GPM. 25 GPM for a stagnant water filter is unheard of. This excellent water pressure is one of the USPs of US Water System filters.

Smartphone Integration

US Water System offers an app for both Android and iOS, and after trying the apps for ourselves, we found them very easy to use and understand. The interface was simple, with all the needed information right on display. The app offers all the data about filtration, even real-time data. You can adjust the water filtration rate, valve pressure, and oxidizing rate. Again, we set the desired setting and nearly forgot about the app, which will be the case for most people. But again, it is great to have an option.


The warranty is the same as for the Bodyguard, and it is really good. The carbon tank gets a lifetime warranty of 10-years warranty on the carbon filter valve and other valve electronics. The Precision injection panel gets five years of warranty. Again, this is one of the best warranties in the market, if not the best. We have not seen many companies offering a 10-year warranty on the carbon filter valve and the valve electronics. It is clearly one of the best features here as it really ensures your investment.

What We Did Not Like?


This is the first thing that we did not like about the Matrixx was the price. It would be unfair to call the price a con because most of the other iron and sulfide filters in the market are priced similarly. But what could have made the Matrixx best in the market and ahead of the competition if the price was just a bit lower. The standard price for the filter is $2,606, and it’s not higher than the other similar filters, but it could have been lower to make it one of the best stagnant water filters in the market.

Poor Customer Service

From a couple of reviews that we saw and other market research led us to find out that the company has poor customer service. Most of the people complained about slow response time. We did not experience anything terrible with the customer support service, but we also did not stick with the product for too long to find any fault and get customer support for it.

Visit the Review to know more about Matrixx Infusion Water Filter System or Click the button to order the filter.

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6. NU Aqua 3 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

NU Aqua 3 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System
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Do you want a great whole house water filtration system that is capable of offering great filtration at an unbelievable price? Then the NU Aqua’s 3-Stage water filtration system is the one for you. There are a lot of great things about this water filtration system and some not-so-great things too. But the reason why we mentioned this product is that it is disrupting this segment with great filtration at a great price. NU Aqua is also a trusted name in the industry, and this one is for the houses which do not have a grand or two to spend on water filtration systems. Basic, decently powerful, and great cost to feature ratio is what the NU Aqua provides, and hence, we put it on the list. We did a few tests, and this is what we found.

What We Liked About The Product?

NU Aqua 3 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System User Review


Hands down, the first great thing that we loved about this is the price, which makes whole house water filtration accessible to so many people. The NU Aqua is priced at just $415.95, which is lower than many dedicated water filters and RO systems in the market. Where the competitors are offering filters at a range that is double the price of this filter, it is really great to have an option that does not make a hole in your wallet. Do note that this product is not cheap. We did not just consider it for the low price, but for the low price and great features that come with it. It is one of the most value-for-money whole house water filtration systems that you can get.

Great Filtration

There was no compromise in the water filtration with this filter. What makes filtration so better is that there are 3-stage water filtration units, each stage designed to handle specific types of contaminants. The three units used are:

  1. The first stage is the sediment filter, and this is the first and basic filtration stage, getting rid of larger particles from the water such as sand, silt, insects, plastics, etc. The filer pores are fine enough to prevent very small particles from passing through, offering excellent initial filtration.
  2. The second stage of filtration is the most important one, and this is where most of the filtration is achieved. This unit consists of a Granulated Activated Carbon. This unit clears the water of all the microscopic and dissolved contaminants in the water, such as chlorine, pesticides, benzene, and other VOCs. This stage also removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. This part is crucial for filtration, and we are glad to say that it works effortlessly.
  3. The third and last stage is the carbon block filter. This part is done to do a final, light filtration that improves the taste and odor of the water. Carbon block filtration removes chemicals such as chlorine, Chloramine, sulfur, and other harmful chemicals.

The filtration works perfectly. We tested it through some tough conditions, making it filter some of the most polluted and contaminated water, and it was able to handle it easily. In addition, the filtered water tasted and smelled good, thanks to the carbon block process.

Size and Compactness

The NU Aqua 3-Stage Filter is the most compact whole house water filtration system in the market. This three-unit filter will hardly take up any space in your home. Comparing it to the other whole house filters in this list, this one barely takes any space. Small and powerful is what we’d use to describe this filtration system.

Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee

The filtration system comes with a decent 5-year warranty which is not that great, but when you factor in the price, the warranty seems decent. It is made even sweeter with a great 120-days money-back guarantee that ensures that you get your money back in case you do not like the filter or it somehow fails to deliver. A good warranty and money-back guarantee ensure your money so that you don’t lose any due to poor choice.

Great Support

NU Aqua stands out from the competition in terms of price and support. This filter comes with one of the best customer support that we have seen with any filtering company. You get great lifetime support which also comes in the form of online support, available 24/7. The waiting time to get a customer support representative was a bit longer. However, they responded within 20 mins.

Great Flow Rate

The flow rate that Nu Aqua is giving is beyond impressive, especially at this price. Remember the other filters, such as the Bodyguard or Springwell? They offer a max of 10 GPM water flow rate as standard. With the NU Aqua, you get a 15 GPM flow rate as standard. And this costs half the price of Bodyguard or Springwell!


NU Aqua is also offering a great add-on filtration unit with this one. You can get a complete 5-stage RO system to make the water drinkable. And this addon costs just $176. So for just over $500, you are getting a complete home water filtration system that also purifies water for drinking—one of the most value for money deals.

Easy Filter Replacement

 Replacing filters is also quick and easy and only requires a little use of professional tools. But what makes this even better is the cost of the filtration replacement is as low as the filter itself. Replacement sets cost just $55.95.

What We Did Not Like?

There were not a lot of things that we did not like about this filter. But, of course, this does not mean that there are no cons to this filter. The point is that since the price is so low, it makes up for any lack of features. And adding to that, there weren’t many cons that were serious enough to be a deal-breaker.

Faster Filter Replacement

The company never mentioned in any of their product pages the filtration capacity of the filter. But after a little bit of digging and research, we found that the filters would have to change every 3-4 years, less if the water is more contaminated. It is not a great replacement period.

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7. Tier-1 48,000 Grain High-Efficiency Digital Whole House Water Softener System

Tier 1 48,000 Grain High-Efficiency Digital Whole House Water Softener System
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The first whole house water softener system in this list, the Tier1 48,000 high-efficiency water softener, says all in the name itself. Water softeners are designed to remove the hardness of water, which comes from the presence of mineral salts such as magnesium and calcium salts. Unfortunately, the presence of these salts leads to the build-up of deposits on taps and pipes, which can cause skin and hair irritation and a lot more problems. Here are the things that we loved about this water softener:

What We Loved About The Product?

Tier 1 48,000 Grain High-Efficiency Digital Whole House Water Softener System User Review

Great Water Softening

The water softener uses charged particles which it then mixes with the hard water. The charged particles have a negative charge, while the calcium and magnesium salts have a positive charge. It causes the salts to attach to the beads, which filters the water from the hardness. It is how the hardness of the water is removed. Here, the “48,000” refers to the capacity of the filter to soften the water. The entire system also contains a brine unit, which has salt water. This salt water is used to remove the attached calcium and magnesium salts from the charged beads and then backwash the salts out of the system.

We treated some of the hardest water that we could create, using heavy calcium and magnesium salts (we kept the concentration of calcium salts more as that is the case with most of the water supply). We found that Tier 1 managed to soften the water easily with no performance hiccups.

Excellent Flow Rate

Tier1 is offering an excellent flow rate of almost 11 GPM, which is one of the best flow rates in the industry. It is not saying that it is the best as we have seen some other water softeners that can give a water flow rate as high as 18 GPM, but those products cost almost a thousand dollars. So, the flow rate is commendable for the price you are getting this.

Great Customer Support

Tier 1 has one of the industry’s most professional and active customer care support. For the purpose of testing, we talked with a few of their customer care representatives, and we could say that they were knowledgeable, helpful, and resolved most of our issues quickly. Plus, there is a choice of English-based and Spanish-based customer support, making it even better for the customer.


The Tier 1 48,000 water softener is one of the best-priced water softeners in the market. The entire unit comes at around $520, which is almost a hundred dollars lower than most of its competitors. Couple this with the long-lasting nature of the resins to be changed (you must change the resins after 10-15 years); you’ve got yourself a great deal. The value for money with this product is fantastic.

LCD for Convenience

 An LCD screen on the softener unit gives almost all the information you need to know about the processes. We doubt that you’ll be needing this information too often. As for us, it mostly fixes it and forgets it, but it can be helpful at times to ensure everything is working properly. We like it when companies give some extra features to make it convenient for the customers.

Compact Design

The single softening unit does not take too much space, easily fitting in any corner of your house. The dimensions of the unit are 10 x 54 Inches for the mineral tank and 15 x 34 Inches for the brine tank. The entire product was also very easy to fit (not install).


Some powerful add-ons come with this product that makes water softener a complete water filtration system for your home. You can get the softener with a reverse osmosis unit or with a complete under the sink filtration system.

What We Did Not Like?

The product worked well and delivered on what it claims. There was no issue with that. When it comes to cons, we only could a few, and here are they:

Not Made in the US

The entire softening unit is made in China, not the US. From the brine tank to the resin beads used are all Chinese manufactured. While we did not notice any drastic drop in the quality, and the overall product was built well, we understand that some people might refrain from buying a Chinese-made product. 

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8. 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Sanitary Quick Change Water Filter System AP904

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Sanitary Quick Change Water Filter System AP904
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3M is a familiar and trusted name in many industries, and the same can be said for this product. The AP904 is a very simple and basic stagnant and flowing water enhancer that does the job very well. Note that this is not a complete water filter, even though it has a basic carbon filtration unit. The 3M AP904 is made for basic chlorine removal, softening the water, enhancing the taste and odor of the water in case you have a well or water reservoir tank. It is a very basic filter that can get rid of sand, silt, and other larger sediments in the water. So what makes this product a recommendation from us? Let’s find out.

What We Loved About The Product?

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Sanitary Quick Change Water Filter System AP904  User Review


The whole first reason why we are recommending this product is the price. Even though this filter is a small one with just basic filtration capacities, the price at which it comes is brilliant. You can order this for just $232.66 at the time of writing this article. Do note that we are not recommending this product just because of the low price. We are doing so because the price to feature ratio is great, and this is from 3M, a reputed brand that you can trust. While other products in this category cost less than this (lower than $200), we did not want to include products that are not worth the price, even if the price was very low.


The filtration is basic with this one, nothing spectacular. But it isn’t because the filter is underperforming. It is what the company offers, and you are getting exactly that. The filter can easily clean out the water of larger sedimentary contaminants such as sand, silt, plastic parts, and other smaller particles as well. It works excellently for the removal of chlorine and other basic chemicals found in the water supply. It enhances the taste and odor of the water, so if you live in an area with really bad-tasting water, this is the one for you. It also removed water hardness up to certain levels, but we would not recommend using it to soften hard water. It should also not be used to filter water for drinking.


This is a single filtration unit system that is very small and compact. It means that the 3M AP904 can be installed in any place or mounted on any wall without taking up too much space or even being an eye-sore. Fixing it also does not require too much work or extra support structure.


The filter is one of the most capable filters in the market. 3M claims that the product can efficiently filter 100,000 gallons of water. Yes, we have included filters that can filter 1,000,000. But for this price range, we think it is great for smaller houses and families. Great filtration and brilliant filtration capacity.

What We Did Not Like?

Water Flow Rate

The company says that it can offer a water flow rate of 10 GPM and even at intermittent peak flow rates of 20 GPM. While this sounds good, the actual results were not that great. Using it with a water supply that goes to three bathrooms, we were getting a poor water flow rate of around 6 GPM. It severely impacts the normal day-to-day usage as the flow feels very slow. We were not the only ones to experience this by reading through other customers’ experiences, and we found that this was common for many places, including New York, Boston, and New Jersey.

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Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Whole House Water Filter System That Fits Your Needs

Parameters to Consider For Choosing Whole House Water Filter System

Parameters to Consider For Choosing Whole House Water Filter System

To bring the best of the whole house water filters, we looked at the most important requirements people need in a water filter. After making a list of all these features, we put all the selections to the test, ensuring they provide value in all these departments. Here are the parameters we chose and how it helps you in getting a great water filter:

#1. Price

Price is one of the first things people consider when buying a whole house water filter. It does not mean that we looked for the cheapest water filter in the market and put it on the list. Instead, we tried to find the most value for money filter out there, which gives you most of the features at the least price.

#2. Features

Another reason people prefer some water filters and leave the other is the features. We have selected the ones that come with most of the features, some useful, some gimmicky. We think the more features a filter has, the better experience the customer gets.

#3. Warranty

Warranty is as important as the price of the filter. The longer the warranty period, the more trust you can have in the product as the company is sure of the product’s performance. It also ensures that the money you are spending is not wasted and is safe.

#4. Contaminants Removal

Filtration and contaminants removal are other important parameters that we have considered while making a list. How many contaminants can the filter remove, and how well is the filtration is one of the foremost requirements of the filtration.

#5. Odor Enhancement

When it comes to whole house water filtration systems, many people also want the filter to remove the awful smell that sometimes can creep up. It is either due to the presence of chlorine and other chemicals or sometimes due to hydrogen sulfide (that causes the rotten egg smell) in stagnant stored water. It is why we have also included water filters that can tackle this issue easily.

#6. Filtration Capacity

Whole house water filtration means that you need to have a filter that can filter a ton of water. It is why we have only considered water filters that can filter millions or hundreds of thousands of water. It ensures a long-lasting water filter.

#7. Customer Support

Another very important aspect to consider while getting a filter is how good and responsive the customer support is. Everything goes well and well until you encounter a problem when you need customer support. We have tested their customer support services and removed those from the list where the support team was unresponsive and not helpful. Remember that even if a product comes with a great warranty, who will contact you if the customer support service is broken and you want to redeem your warranty?

Important Points To Understand

Another very important aspect to consider while getting a filter is how good and responsive the customer support is. Everything goes well and well until you encounter a problem when you need customer support. We have tested their customer support services and removed those from the list where the support team was unresponsive and not helpful. Remember that even if a product comes with a great warranty, who will contact you if the customer support service is broken and you want to redeem your warranty?

1. VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds are harmful compounds in our houses, such as plumbing, wall paint, etc. These compounds are present in water as well as in the air.

2. PFA

 Polyfluorinated substances are harmful substances derived from industrial processes and can be present in trace amounts in the water supply.

3. NSF

NSF is an organization that tests the efficacy and features of water purifiers. NSF-certified products are safe to use.

4. PPM

Parts per million. This metric determines the number of chemicals and heavy metals in water. So a 10 PPM would mean that there are ten molecules of the contaminant for every million water molecules.

5. GPM

Gallons per minute. It is the measure of the water flow rate from the filters.

The Need For Filtration

The need for filtration has become as essential as the need for water itself. It is important to know that the water you drink is safe and clean to the utmost degree. It is the reason why we put all the effort into finding the best whole water filtration system that can do the filtration properly at the most cost-effective prices. The water supplied to the US houses is treated for most of the contaminants and microorganisms, but this does not mean that it is clear of all the contaminants. Heavy metals, hardness, chemicals, and other harmful elements are still present in the water supply, even in cities like New York.

A study conducted by The Guardian and Consumer report tested a water sample that almost 19 million people were using. The test was conducted on “safe drinking water,” which went right from the tap to the mouth. The results? The data revealed some shocking facts about the quality of water.

More than 35% of the samples had toxic metals that last forever or PFAs. More than 8% had arsenic way above the normal levels as per the Consumer Reports. And here’s the big shocker; 118 samples out of the tested 120 had detectable amounts of lead. Detectable means dangerous here because lead is dangerous at all levels.

This data just shows how important it is to get a water filtration system for your house. Heavy metals such as lead or mercury are very harmful to us; even if they are, you are not consuming them directly by drinking the water. Chemicals such as chlorine and other VOCs can cause skin irritation, and some of the chemicals found in the water are known to cause cancer. With all this data and dangers lying dormant in the water, spending a few dollars on a water filter system sounds like the best thing to do. Stay safe, and stay protected.