How To Replace Or Change Your Frigidaire Water Filter?

Frigidaire is a well-known consumer & commercial equipment manufacturer. They’ve even started making tiny appliances like irons, toasters, and gadget accessories (refrigerator filtered water). People refer to all types of refrigerators as “Frigidaire’s,” regardless of the manufacturer’s name.

The main purpose of using refrigerator air filters is to preserve the inner workings of your fridge’s smelling (or to keep the inside of the freezer fresh) and help avoid food cross-contamination or food from seeping into drinks.

Frigidaire fridge filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The WFCB Frigidaire Pure Source Plus water filter and the WF1CB Frigidaire water filter variants are the two best-known Frigidaire water filters.

The replacement of a refrigerator water filter is still as simple as this is necessary. And if you want your filter to perform well and function effectively, then you need to manage and care for it.

Why Do You Need To Change The Filter?

Every machine, equipment, or even a tiny part of the machine has a shelf life. After a certain period, the machine parts or the device needs replacement. The manufacturing company states that the refrigerator’s filter should be changed every six months (even mentioned in their packaging). Similarly, the filter is a tiny part of the refrigerator, but it still needs to be changed or replaced every six months for proper functioning. This filter alone removes 99% of the contaminants from the water, but after some time, it becomes useless, resulting in unhealthy and contaminated water.

As time passes, this filter collects all harmful particles or filtered out particles, thus becoming less effective. This can result in a smell because of excessive filtered particles or contaminated particles in the refrigerator. It is better to keep in mind or note down the installed or manufacturing date and add the date to replace it.

As the filter makes less effective in removing particles, it can create problems in the quality of water and the functioning of the overall appliance. So to prevent the general machine, you need to change the water filter in regular intervals.

What Are The Steps Of Changing The Frigidaire Water Filter?

The process of changing this water filter is straightforward. It’s not a very difficult task and can be done within a few minutes, but only if you know the procedure. You do not need any exceptionally skilled person to perform this simple task.

Before going into the procedure, you should have all the equipment or requirements needed to replace a filter. For example, you must have purchased a new water filter of the same model. Remember that you should never use any filter from another company or another refrigerator model. You can also check the manual or model number if you want to cut down the process of asking a technologist. The model number is always present online and is easily accessible from the company’s website. So, that’s it, and you only need a new water filter. That’s the only requirement of changing a water filter.

We will move on to the process now, but don’t worry, it’s not very difficult. We are going to provide a step-by-step procedure to change the water filter, making it easier for you to understand.

Step 1: Water Supply

Water Supply

The first step would be to stop the water supply. Shut off the supply valve of the refrigerator that may be present at the backside of the machine. If the fridge uses electricity, you should switch off the main supply.

Step 2: Finding The Location

The first and essential step is finding the water filter. Most of the time, the location can be in the interior upper right corner; add a fridge grill at the base, take the brochure and match the areas of the fridge. Check these areas very carefully.

Step 3: Removing The Filter

Removing The Filter

While replacing or changing the water filter, you don’t need expensive equipment. There will be a button or a knob to quickly release the refrigerator’s filter. This step can help you to find out the location of the filter. You just need to start finding a knob or a button.

Step 4: Remove Protective Caps From The New Filter

After you have removed the old filter, take your new filter out of the packaging.  You will notice that a protective cap is present in it. Very carefully, remove the protective cap to be installed in the refrigerator.

Step 5: Assembling


This step does not require a complicated assembling process. You simply need to slide the new filter in the part of the compartment from where you removed the old filter. Now push the lock in the same way.

Now your filter has been replaced with the new one. Check properly, and if the filter is misplaced, use the knob to remove it and fit it correctly in the compartment.

Step 6: Quality Check

Now that you have replaced the new filter, you need to dispose of the first 1.5 gallons. This should be done with every refrigerator, not only Frigidaire. It will help in removing the contaminants from the new water filter. After dispensing, your water is free from contaminants and safe to drink.

The dispensed water can be used for washing utensils or clothes. Remember that you need to change this filter again after six months.

If you still cannot understand what to do or the above process, we recommend you to thoroughly read the procedure again. It’s not very difficult to understand, but if it’s not helping, you can simply call out the service provider to avoid your confusion or ask them to schedule a visit to your home.

From Where Should You Buy The Water Filter?

The water filter should be according to the model and the brand of your refrigerator. In this case, you must replace the water filter made explicitly for your refrigerator model and make sure that Frigidaire must only manufacture it. You can find this water filter in the online store or visit their stores that may be present nearby to you.

If you feel that there are several issues with the refrigerator or water filter, you can simply call their service provider and request them to visit your home.


Curious to know more about how to replace our frigidaire water filter, here are more answers to the queries you have been looking for.

Q1. Where is the water filter reset button on the Frigidaire?

In order to reset the water filter indicator, you have to locate the multi-function button on your display – that is what controls the filter indicator. Press and hold until the light changes.

Q2. How do you reset a refrigerator after changing the water filter?

After you change the water filter on your refrigerator, the next step is to reset it. To do that, find the RESET WATER FILTER button. Press this button and hold it down for around three seconds until the red light is off. On some refrigerators, the red light will turn off; on others, it will turn green. Either is okay. If you do not press down on the button firmly, then the red light will remain red.

Q3. How do you change a Frigidaire Electrolux water filter?

• Buy the right filter
• Shut down the ice maker
• Find the water filter housing
• Remove the old water filter
• Replace the one you removed with a new water filter
• Reset your Elextrolux’s ice maker and change its filter light
• Clear out the water filter by running a least 2 gallons through

Q4. How do I know if my refrigerator water filter is working?

The best way to know if your water filter is working is by doing a performance test. In this, you conduct two tests: one on the water before it has been filtered and another on already filtered water.

However, this may prove to be complicated, and a more simple method to know your filter is working is this: Know the signs that your filter may not be working, and if you don’t see these signs, chances are your filter is good to go.

Q5. What happens if you don’t change your refrigerator water filter?

Aside from the biggest consequence, consuming unclean and unsafe drinking water,  not changing your water filter when you should – also leads to faster degradation of your appliance’s overall quality. It may mean the difference between getting maximum usage out of it and having to replace it much earlier due to the build-up that may have affected its functionality.


A refrigerator water filter is one of the most straightforward and affordable solutions for providing better-quality drinking water. Only one thing that needs to be done to keep the filter in good working order is to change it on a consistent schedule.

The Frigidaire is among the best refrigerators on the market, and it was created to provide fresh water. However, please remember that the filter is only valid or functional for six months, and you should replace it after that time. How soon your water filter fills depends on the water complex, water management, and how often you’re just using a dispenser and ice maker. If you’re concerned about its cleanliness, you could use testing kits to see what toxins are prevalent in the home water system. These filters are simple to install or change without the help of a professional.