5 Best Water Purifier Pitcher: 2023 Reviews With Buyer’s Guide

Despite the market being filled with powerful and cost-effective under-the-sink or countertop water filters that offer great filtration, the sales figure and popularity of water purifier pitchers are shooting for the moon. This stellar rise of their popularity is understandable as purifier pitchers take the best features of all the different types of water filters and provide them all in portable sizes and preferable prices. If you are on the fence about getting a pitcher water purifier, then this article will bring you down to the side of getting one. We’ve searched for the best water purifier pitchers in the market (that’s our job), tested these filters extensively, and noted down every aspect of them, from looks, quality to extra services, to give you an in-depth review of the best water purifier pitcher you can get in 2023.

Why Purifier Pitcher?

Let’s bring the fence down a little to make it easier for you to climb down. Water purifier pitchers are relatively new to the market. The reason for their popularity is because of two main qualities; portability and price. These water purifiers take away the hassle and mess of other types of purifiers. While there are some compromises, they can be overlooked due to the many benefits they come with.

No Installation Hassle

Unlike most home water filters, water purifier pitchers are just simple pitchers that need no installation, drilling, fixing, or power supply (for most cases) to run. Just fill the jar with water and get filtered water. Simple and easy.

Powerful Filtration

The simplicity and ease do not come with a sacrifice in the filtration quality. That would have defeated the purpose of a water filter. In fact, water purifier pitchers are a better filtration system than many countertop water filters or faucet water filters. These filters are capable of removing more contaminants with better efficiency.


This is the number one reason people prefer water purifier pitchers. It is not fixed in one location of your house. So if you want the filter to be on the dining table during lunch or dinner, it can be done easily. And if you wish to take the filter to another room, this also can be done easily. Without complicating the concept, it is just a pitcher of water that can be moved around anywhere in the house. Truly the king of portable filters.


All these great features, such as excellent filtration and great portability, come at very affordable prices. As observed, some filters offer great filtration but poor portability and price, or some filters offer great portability and price but poor filtration, water purifier pitchers are the best hybrid of different types of filters that lack one thing or the other.  With this, let’s begin going through each of the water purifier pitchers we selected for this review.

Best Water Purifier Pitcher in 2023

Our #1 Recommendation: ClearlyFiltered Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology
ClearlyFiltered Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology
9.5/10Our Score

ClearlyFiltered Water Pitcher is one of the most portable and manageable water pitchers in the market, which is made of high-quality plastics that feel sturdy and solid and it comes with a lifetime warranty at a decent price. 

First, we’ll discuss multiple aspects of the filter, such as build quality, looks, filtration, extra features, warranty, etc., and then our verdict on whether that particular filter is the one for you or not.

Top Pick
Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology

  • Affordable
  • Good Pitcher Capacity
  • Lifetime Guarantee and Money-Back
Runner Up
Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

  • Affordable
  • Great Warranty
  • Filter Change Indicator
Editor's Choice
Invigorated pH Restore Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher

Invigorated pH Restore Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher

  • Affordable
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Great Pitcher Capacity
PUR PLUS Pitcher Filters

PUR PLUS Pitcher Filters

  • Affordable
  • premium design
  • Great Pitcher Capacity
Aquagear Filter Pitcher

Aquagear Filter Pitcher

  • Longer Filter Life
  • Great Pitcher Capacity
  • Lifetime Guarantee 
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1. Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology
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ClearlyFiltered is a near and dear name for us. We have tested and used many of their filters and even recommended them to our friends and family. The company has good experience with water filtration technology and always offers something powerful and trustable. Unsurprisingly, the company has managed to transfer all these qualities to their water purifier pitcher. One of the most feature-rich water purifier pitchers in the market, the Clearly Filtered is a strong contender in this battle of the pitchers. Here’s a brief review of the product.

Unboxing, Looks, and Build Quality

Clearly Filtered has never disappointed us when it comes to the unboxing experience, and the same goes for their water purifier pitcher. The filter came in a solid box of high-quality cardboard. There was a good amount of padding and packaging to prevent transit damage, and unboxing the filter was an easy and enjoyable experience.

When it comes to the looks of this filter, we are not a big fan. This filter is not a looker. And looks matter a lot when we are talking about portable filters. The ClearlyFiltered water purifier pitcher looks like a generic pitcher filter. It looks bland at best and ugly at worst. The filter protrusion at the bottom does not look good at all. It has a very simple and industrial design, with more focus on features than on looks.

Gladly there is no compromise in the build quality of the filter. The plastic is of very high quality. It feels solid, sturdy, and durable. The lid and handle are also made of dense plastic that does not feel cheap in any way. The same goes for the filter housing that sits inside.

With the build quality and looks discussed, now let’s move to the main highlight of this product; filtration.


The ClearlyFiltered is a powerful filter, as powerful as some under-the-sink water filters, if not more powerful. Its powerful filtration unit can easily remove most of the heavy metals, chemical contaminants, larger sedimentary particles, and most organic contaminants from the water. The filter inside is a small one but a very capable, three-stage filtration unit. We are fascinated by how small this filtration unit is and how many contaminants it can filter out.

The three-stage filtration unit consists of a woven mesh screen, granulated carbon, and a composite shell. While we would have preferred a single block carbon filter instead of granulated carbon, tests would reveal if it can be competent enough or not.

The woven mesh screen works as the micron filter, but they could not fit a proper 5-micron filtration unit due to the size constraints. This stage removes the larger sedimentary contaminants such as sand, silt, microplastics, insects, etc. We are glad to see this filter stage here because many companies skip this one. So kudos to Clearly Filtered for adding it here.

The second stage is the most important stage. The granulated carbon filter traps most of the toxic metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, organic compounds, herbicides, pesticides, etc. We wanted this filter to have solid block carbon because those are way more efficient and powerful than granulated carbon filters. We’ll test and see if it lacks in any way or not.

The third and final stage is a composite shell that mostly reduces the speed of water flow. It provides basic filtration to remove any remaining contaminants that may have passed the first two stages. Just remember that if the carbon filter cannot remove some contaminants, this stage is not going to do anything. So what can this filter remove?

With the company’s Affinity filtration system, the Clearly filtered, despite having a very small filtration unit. It can remove lead by 99.3%, fluoride by 99.5%, and mercury by 98.4%, which is seriously impressive. We have seen a full-fledged filter getting defeated in mercury removal. Apart from the metals, this filter is capable of removing chlorine, PFAs, VOCs, organic compounds, and even viruses. The Clearly Filtered can remove more than 365 contaminants! It is beyond impressive, and there’s no other way to put it. If filtration is something you really put a lot of concern into, then this is the filter for you.

These big claims got us excited to test it. So with the intention of seeing if this filter can really perform as it claims, we began the testing process.

Testing the Filter

We did not hold back when preparing the water sample. It is the first time we have added so many contaminants. The test sample was spiked with lead, mercury, arsenic, fluoride, VOCs, chlorine, DEET, herbicides, pesticides, sand, debris, microplastic, and a few more. The bottom line is there were a lot of things that could get you sick if you took a sip of the sample. So, Clearly Filtered had an important task, and the stakes were high.

The sample was fed into the filter, and after a few minutes of filtration, the sample was dropped below in the jar. And then, we were ready to test for the contaminants and see if the Clearly Filtered would earn a spot in this review or not. And since you are reading about this filter, you can guess what happened.

The ClearlyFiltered had removed lead and mercury to obscurity, along with chlorine, arsenic, PFOAs, and all the sedimentary contaminants. There were only trace amounts of DEET and herbicide left, but that is understandable since these were present in high concentrations, and it is very difficult to get rid of them. Safely, nowhere in the US the water supply has this much concentration of pesticides and herbicides. So the ClearlyFiltered capabilities are enough to keep you safe.

In conclusion, there are no complaints about the filtration performance of the ClearlyFiltered. Despite having a small filtration unit and granulated carbon, this filter is capable of removing an astonishing amount of contaminants, from simple to highly toxic and persistent ones. So we’re giving it top marks infiltration.

Apart from great filtration, there are so many other great things about this filter that makes it a great choice. Here are some of the things that we absolutely loved about the ClearlyFiltered water purifier pitcher, followed by a short section of things that we did like about it.

What We Liked?

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology user reviwe

High-Quality Build and Materials

The ClearlyFiltered water purifier pitcher is made of some of the most high-quality plastics that feel sturdy and solid. But not just that, since we are talking about consumables, the plastic and other materials used are 100% BPA/BPS-free to ensure maximum safety. The ClearlyFiltered has been tested independently, which meets the NSF standards (42, 401, 53, 244, and 473). All these ensure your health. All these test results are available to be checked.


Great build quality, top of the line filtration of more than 365 contaminants, a well trusted and established brand; All these qualities come in one single water purifier pitcher at a price of just $90. It might sound a bit too costly but remember the kind of filtration you are getting. Taking that into account, the price is totally worth it. Plus, if you get a subscription for the filters, the effective cost of the pitcher goes down to $81.

Lifetime Guarantee and Money-Back

 The ClearlyFiltered comes with an impressive lifetime guarantee on the body and the filter. Any manufacturing or performance defect will be covered under it. It ensures that the product you are buying is a good one, or else the company would never give such guarantees. Better yet, you also get a 30-days money-back guarantee which lets you get this filter, try it for yourself and if you are not satisfied with it, just return it and get your money back.

Good Pitcher Capacity

The pitcher can hold a decent 10 cups or 80 oz of filtered water that is enough not to bother anyone with frequent refilling. It is something that people don’t pay much attention to but later regret. The chore of filling the pitcher, again and again, might not seem that bothersome. But if repeated every day, this becomes a hassle. The filter can hold 60 oz of water.


The grab handle of the filter is comfortable and ergonomic and allows you to carry the pitcher even when it is fully filled with confidence. We have tried many water purification pitchers where the grab handle feels so flimsy that most of the time, we were afraid it might come right off. That’s not the case with this filter.

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology review

What We Did Not Like?

While only a few, there are a few things that we did not like about this filter. We could have let this one go if only the price were $20-$30 below. Here are the things that we did not like about the ClearlyFiltered.

Filter Capacity

Even with a pretty high price tag of $90, the filter capacity is very mediocre. It can only filter 100 gallons of water before needing a filter change. It is fine, but if the price you are paying is 10$ shy of hundred bucks, you should expect something more than just 100 gallons of filtration capacity. It is further exacerbated when you see other filters that cost less and offer much higher filtration capacity.


We did not like the looks of it, and it could be subjective, but once you see the other filters in this list, you’ll understand how bad this filter looks. But if you like the looks of this filter, then this should not be counted as a con.

Our Verdict

The ClearlyFiltered is “clearly” one of the best and most suitable options to choose from when it comes to water purifier pitchers. You get great quality, great service, excellent (and perhaps the best) filtration, and other benefits too. If heavy metals are your major concern, then this is the filter you should get. However, while the other features make the slightly higher price tag worth it, the filtration capacity is very poor for the price. If you can live with this compromise, then go for it. If not, then keep reading.

To know more about the product or buy the ClearlyFiltered water purifier pitcher, click here to visit the official website.

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2. Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher
View Latest Price

Just like ClearlyFiltered is a familiar name when it comes to great water filters, Epic Pure is another name that has always been in our good books because of the great water filters they offer. Along with extremely reliable and powerful water filtration at an extremely affordable price, Epic Pure has always put a lot of effort into saving the environment by making sustainable products that cause minimal environmental damage. It is why we have always liked Epic Pure’s products.

Where ClearlyFiltered excelled, Epic Pure stays on par with the ClearlyFiltered. And where the ClearlyFiltered failed, the Epic Pure manages to pull through easily. Let’s start with initial impressions and all the exterior qualities of this filter.

Unboxing, Looks, and Build Quality

Epic Pure is a trusted name, and even though the company makes products that are always priced lower than the competition, they never compromise on the packaging quality. Unboxing the Epic Pure water pitcher filter was a pleasant experience. The box quality was great, the packaging was done thoughtfully, and there was enough padding to prevent any damage that would surely happen with the extremely “careful” delivery of the UPS.

We loved the looks of this filter. It’s not something eye-catching, but it looks way better than the ClearlyFiltered. The design, the shape, and the use of clear glass make this filter look very premium. You’ll have a hard time believing the price of this filter based on how it looks. It has the classic water pitcher design, and we loved it. But in all sincerity, anything after the ClearlyFiltered was bound to look better.

Build quality is also great, and there is no compromise here as well. The pitcher has a good heft, and the glass is thick enough to inspire confidence. Something about the build and ergonomics of this pitcher filter makes it feel very premium. Again, no complaints about the build quality of this filter. Now let’s come to the main aspect which can make or break the deal.


No matter how great a filter is built or how low it is priced, if the compromise comes in the filtration, we will not even consider it. And neither should you. Epic Pure knows it, and that’s why the company has armed this filter with one of the best filtration systems. It is a powerful filter, and it is tuned to remove almost all the dangerous and common chemical filters.

The Epic Pure comes with a single solid carbon block filter which we absolutely love. It was one of our minor complaints with the ClearlyFiltered. This single filtration unit is capable of removing the most persistent contaminants efficiently. The Epic Pure can remove lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, benzene, chlorine, fluorides, PFOAs, VOCs, etc. Lead, benzene, PFOAs, and benzene are removed by a brilliant 99+%. Other contaminants removal is 98+%. The bottom line is that this filter is small and compact but powerful enough to manage some of the most polluted water. It can remove more than 200 common and dangerous contaminants, which is enough for the US water supply.

The on-paper claims of this filter are impressive, but we needed to check it for ourselves, even though the filtration test results are open and accessible on their website. So we took the same water sample we had used for the ClearlyFiltered and did some tweaking, increasing the amount of chemical and organic contaminants in the water.

Testing the Filter

The water test sample was prepared with high amounts of benzene, VOCs, chlorine, chloramine, lead, mercury, PFOAs, and a dash of herbicides and pesticides. The concentration of all these contaminants was way more than the normal levels found in polluted water.

We put the sample in the filter and waited for a few minutes as the filter churned out clean water. After a few minutes of waiting we were ready to test the sample. This test was different from the previous filter’s test as here, and we focused more on the organic and chemical contaminants. Testing the sample revealed pleasant results.

The filter has surprisingly worked exactly how it was advertised. Lead and benzene were filtered out by 99+%, and so were the other organic contaminants. VOCs were obliterated, and we could not find even traces of them. The same was the case with PFOAs, removed by 99.96%. Here’s the part which surprised us; the filter had managed to completely remove the high concentration of herbicides and pesticides, along with DEET. We expected to find trace amounts of these contaminants, but we were proved wrong, gladly.

We did not put any microplastics, along with the other 200 contaminants (we have limits) in the sample, but by looking at the efficiency of the filter in removing the most important and dangerous contaminants, we can safely say that Epic Pure’s water pitcher filter can do whatever it claims.

In conclusion, Epic Pure’s filtration not only performs well, but it outperforms its own claims. This pitcher water filter is excellent infiltration and capable of removing every dangerous contaminant commonly found in the US water supply. It is all thanks to the smart usage of black carbon. The Epic Pure is on-par with the filtration of ClearlyFiltered. But is there anything that could make it better than the previous filter? Let’s find out.

Other than filtration, there are a lot of things that we love about the Epic Pure, and these features make this filter the best option for you. So here are the pros of this water filter pitcher.

What We Liked?

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher user reviwe


This is the deciding factor when it comes to our verdicts and if we’ll let some shortcomings pass or not. The best thing about the Epic Pure is the price. At the time of writing this article, you can get this filter for just $60! Subscribe for the filter plan, and you can get it for just $48. Remember, it is not only about being priced less. What makes Epic Pure so great is the number of features and the powerful filtration that comes with the low price tag. The price to feature ratio is the best in Epic Pure compared to any other filter in this list. 

Great Filtration Capacity

 Remember how we were not impressed with the ClearlyFiltered’s filtration capacity for the price it was asking. The Epic Pure is exactly what we wanted. At a price lower than the ClearlyFiltered, it offers a larger filtration capacity. The Epic Pure water pitcher filter can filter 150 gallons of water. It is 50 gallons more than the ClearlyFiltered. With light usage (meaning that your water supply is not heavily contaminated or supplies hard water), this filter will easily last for six months. We are very impressed with the filtration capacity, but there is one more feature that makes it even better.

Filter Change Indicator

 We were not expecting to see this feature here. We have seen it in their countertop water filter, but having it in the pitcher water filter is pleasant. The filter change indicator is a very smart way that does not increase the cost but gets the job done. It is a light that will turn on 90-days before the filter needs to be changed. It is also a great safety feature as you can know when the filter is not working properly and prevent consuming harmful contaminants.

High-Quality Build

Not only is this filter made with the highest quality material to ensure a durable and sturdy build, but the filter also meets the NSF standards ( 42, 53, 401, & P473 for contaminant reduction). The plastic and other materials used are BPA/BPS-free to ensure maximum safety. In addition, this water filter pitcher is 100% American-made, adding to the trust and safety.

Great Warranty

Epic Pure gives a brilliant lifetime warranty for their water filter pitcher, which means that if you find any fault or defect in the filter or the pitcher or just are not satisfied with it for any reason, you get a 100% refund. It makes getting this filter even better, as you always have the option to return it if you feel this does not work well.

Environment Friendly

 Epic Pure has taken multiple initiatives to ensure that they can have a positive impact on the environment and save the Earth. It is such a wonderful thing to do and support. First, all the packaging is 100% compostable, reducing the plastic waste load on Earth. The filter is 100% recyclable which further reduces wastage. Apart from these sustainable measures, the company has partnered with the Inland Ocean Coalition to prevent the dumping of plastics and other harmful waste in the ocean.

Great Pitcher Capacity

The Epic Pure water filter pitcher can hold up to 110 oz of filtered water. It is one of the best in this segment, and it ensures that you don’t have to keep refilling the pitcher again and again.

Looks and Ergonomics

 Not only does this filter look very good, but the design and build quality of the grab handle and pitcher make it so comfortable and easy to lift and hold. In addition, the handle feels sturdy and strong and will inspire confidence even when you lift this massive pitcher filled to the brim.

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher reviwe

What We Did Not Like?

Coming to the things that we did not like is perhaps the most difficult thing to do. There is nothing that we disliked about the Epic Pure, and even though there were a few shortcomings, they could have been easily ignored because of the price tag. It is priced so wonderfully that it is impossible to find any flaws here. But just for the sake of it, here’s one.

Return Policy

 While you can return the filter anytime you want, the company clearly mentions that the cost of shipping while sending it back to the company will be borne by the customer. So in case you decide to return this filter, don’t be shocked when the company asks you to pay the shipping costs. It is not particularly a con, as most companies do that. We just wanted to find one minor flaw, just for the sake of it. 

Our Verdict

You might have guessed from the review how much we loved the Epic Pure water pitcher filter for the right reasons. There is hardly any flaw in this filter. It has a great filtration capacity, a very powerful and capable filter, excellent looks and build-quality, strong brand presence and trust, and is environmentally friendly, and all of these wonderful qualities come at just the right price. So here’s what our verdict is; We don’t know if the perfect water filter pitcher exists somewhere or not, but we are certain that the Epic Pure water filter pitcher is the closest to being that perfect filter pitcher.

Visit Epic Pure’s official website by clicking here to buy this filter or to know more about it.

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3. Invigorated pH Restore Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher

 Invigorated pH Restore Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher
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Invigorated water is an interesting company that we have been testing lately. We tried their faucet water filter and were impressed by it. It was not just because of great filtration, but the company’s focus on something more than filtration. Invigorated water has always tried to incorporate the reduction of ORP or oxidation-reduction potential and make the pH of the water slightly alkaline. It was the case with their faucet water filter and the in this water pitcher filter as well. You can consider this as their USP. The pH Restore has a few tricks up its sleeve and is a very capable filter. So we got one for ourselves and tested every aspect of this filter. Here’s what we found.

Unboxing, Looks, and Build Quality

Despite offering the filter at a very low price, Invigorated offers the filter packed in a good quality box. It is not as good as ClearlyFiltered or Epic Pure, but it certainly is high-quality for this price range. The box feels solid, and the filter is packed properly to prevent damage. A little more padding would have been great, but perhaps the shape of the filter does not require too much packaging (this pitcher has no bulging sections).

The looks of this filter are certainly unique, and we like that. Instead of going with the traditional pitcher design, which the Epic goes for, this filter goes for a much more industrial and minimal design. It looks like a wide cylinder, and the company does not try to hide the large filtration unit. We like this design as it is something different, but we have heard from many that they do not like it. So we’ll let your eyes be the judge of that.

Quality is decent, not too bad, but certainly not too great. We loved the looks and quality of the lid of this pitcher filter, but for some reason, the glass looks and feels more like plastic than glass. Perhaps it is due to the smooth finish of the filter that makes it feel that way. But there is a good heft to the filter, which enhances the feel of it. So we’ll give it a solid 8 out of 10 for quality. It is great, just not Epic Pure level of great.


The star of the show is the filtration quality, and this is where Invigorated has put all its research money. The pH Restore is a powerful filter, and there is no doubt about that. While it does not use a three-stage filtration like the ClearlyFiltered, the filtration is nearly on par with it and, in some cases, better. There are two filtration units called PH01 and PH02.

The first filtration unit is a mix of different filtration technologies such as activated carbon, ion-exchange resin, Zeolite, Maifan, etc. It is the main filtration unit that not only filters out the dissolved chemical contaminants and toxic metals but also adds to the quality of water.

The activated carbon, along with other layers, can remove contaminants such as lead, tin, arsenic, copper, etc. It can also remove pharmaceuticals and chemicals such as chlorine, chloramine, some fluorides, herbicides, pesticides, etc. The list of contaminants it can remove covers all the major and dangerous ones found in the water supply. But this filter does more than just remove contaminants.

The use of ion-exchange resin, zeolite, etc., can actually reduce the ORP of water. Water with higher ORP is considered harmful to the body as it can cause degradation. This filter also makes the water slightly more alkaline, which is good for health. It also adds minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, etc. We said the same thing for the Invigorated Faucet filters, and we’ll say it again here. The remineralization feature is more of a gimmick than a true feature. The added mineral barely amounts to anything useful. But it is great to have something extra nevertheless.

The second filtration unit is an ultra-fine filtration system that comes with a 0.01-micron membrane capable of removing large and ultrafine sedimentary contaminants along with some chemicals. It is a wonderful addition as all the other filters lacked a proper micron filter. A micron filter ensures better filtration and longer filter life.

The claims were big, and so were our preparations to test them. So with the sample of water ready, we began the testing process.

Testing the Filter

We spiked the test sample water with high amounts of lead, chlorine, VOCs, mercury, herbicides, and pesticides, and you know the drill. But since we wanted to check the other features of this filter, the test water sample was made a bit acidic. The pH of the sample was 5, which is fairly acidic, along with a very high ORP. We also added debris, silt, and microplastics to test the UF filter. The sample was put into the filter, and after a few minutes, the sample was out, filtered, and ready to be analyzed.

With the help of a litmus paper, we checked the pH, and it was somewhere around 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. The oxidation-reduction potential was also effectively brought down to safe levels. It confirms that the filter can manage to do what it claims. But what about filtration?

For most of the part, the filter worked perfectly. The sample had no trace of lead, mercury, chlorine, etc., in it. We did find some amount of VOCs in the sample, but that was only in trace concentrations. The filter struggled to remove the pesticides and herbicides completely. But in all fairness, we did put a lot of these chemicals.

In conclusion, the filter is a very capable filter and can easily manage to filter out most of the contaminants. Where it stands out is the extra benefits, such as the ORP reduction and pH change, along with the great ultrafine membrane performance. There was not a single trace of silt, debris, or microplastics. This filter can also remove the hardness of water to a certain level.

What We Liked?

 Invigorated pH Restore Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher user reviwe

Here are the things that we liked about the Invigorated Restore pitcher water filter.


The first and most enticing feature of this filter is the price: great filtration, additional benefits, great build quality, and a lot more at just $54. Honestly, the price makes the features of the filter even better. This filter gives you such a wide range of filtration, from the hardness of water to removing the acid content, all of this at just $54. The price to feature ratio of the Restore is wonderful, making it one of its USPs.

Money-back Guarantee

 Investing even small amounts of money in products could be risky if there is no insurance for getting your money back. It is why Invigorated Water is giving a segment-leading 60-days money-back guarantee. Buy the filter and use it for more than a month (which is when people start noticing issues or problems) and if you do not find it up to the mark, get your money back!

Taste and Odor Improvement

With additional layers of filtration units, this filter can remove elements that affect the taste and smell of water. It not only makes the water drinkable but improves the taste of food. The filter also offers remineralization, which adds important minerals such as calcium, selenium, magnesium, etc. Even though we call it a gimmick, we have seen many people wanting this feature, and it is one of the deciding factors when choosing a filter.

Great Pitcher Capacity

The pitcher can hold up to 118 oz of filtered water, which is as much as the Epic Pure pitcher. It increases the size and volume of the pitcher but makes filtering water a hassle-free process. No more frequent refilling of the filter after taking a few sips of water from the pitcher. Fill it out once and forget it for the day.

Material and Ergonomics

 The pitcher is made of borosilicate, which is a safe form of glass. All the plastic materials are 100% BPA-free and food-grade for safety. The ergonomics of the grab handle are also done thoughtfully, as we had no problem carrying the filter even when it was completely full. So in terms of safety and comfort, this filter passes the check with flying colors.

 Invigorated pH Restore Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher reviwe

What We Did Not Like?

A lot of praise does not mean that this filter is free of flaws. Even though the list of cons is very short, there are some things that we did not like about the Invigorated Water Restore. Take a look.

Low Filtration Capacity

 The Restore can only filter around 96 gallons of water during normal conditions. It will be brought down to even less capacity if the amount of pollutants in the water or the hardness of water is higher. So, people of Texas, this is not the one for you if you want a longer filter life. Even though the price is less, sub-hundred gallons of filter capacity seems too low.

Our Verdict

The Invigorated Water Restore pitcher water filter might look like a generic pitcher water filter, but it comes with the most diverse filtration range. From common contaminants, sand, and silt, to managing the pH of the water and reducing its ORP, the filtration part of the Restore puts it one a different class. It is well-built, with great quality materials. While the looks can be a hit or miss for many, we are sure the filtration and the quality won’t be. But it suffers from a low filtration capacity which is not terrible, especially for the price. But similarly priced pitcher filters are offering more capacity. But if you are impressed by the filtration of the Restore, then there is no other like it.

To know more about the Invigorated Water Restore pitcher filter or to purchase this filter, click here to visit their official website.

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4. PUR PLUS Pitcher Filters

PUR PLUS Pitcher Filters
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Pur Plus is a brand that has always put forward some of the most beautiful and above-average water filtration systems. Their designs are radical, eye-catching, and unique. One look at their filter line-up, and you’ll see the company puts a lot of effort and focus on the design and looks of the filter rather than offering the best filtration, which could be a good thing or a bad thing for many people. While we look for filters that offer the best filtration possible and then pay attention to the looks, there are many who prefer it the other way around. And so, for those people, we have included the Pur Plus water pitcher filter.

Unboxing, Looks, and Build Quality

Pur Plus always puts a lot of effort and thought into the unboxing experience. It is not brilliant like some other filters, but it’s more premium for the price you have to pay. The filter comes with a compact box with padding, and the packaging is done very well. It feels like you’ve bought a premium product. We liked the quality of the box and how everything was presented to us.

The looks are the USP of this filter. Without a doubt, it is the most fun-looking pitcher filter on this list and the only one that comes with some options of colors to choose from. The shape, materials, everything looks very good, and the choice of color on the filter housing, which already has a frosted finish, gives this pitcher filter a great look. The color accent, the design, everything is wonderfully done in this filter, and we will give the Pur Plus ten on ten for the design.

There is no compromise in the build quality as well. No product can look this good with the use of cheap materials. The pitcher feels sturdy and solid, and even though it lacks weight, it does not feel cheap or flimsy at all. The fit and finish of the filter are also very well done, and there are no rough edges that can be seen. The filter feels great to hold, and there is no way anyone would say what the price of this filter is by looking at the build quality.

Now that we have talked about all the great things about the filter, now let’s come to the mediocre part. How does this filter do the most important thing people buy filters for?


On paper, the Pur Plus is an average filter. So do not expect any great filtration from this pitcher filter. But we are in a tough spot right now. We’ll talk about it later in the pros and cons section, but first, let’s look at how well the filtration unit of the Pur Plus performs.

The filtration unit is a single filtration unit, and whether it comes with a dedicated micron filter or something similar is not mentioned on their website. But we’ll test it for ourselves and find an answer. Now, from what we have seen and studied, this filter is not at all a bad filter; it’s just an underpowered filter. We’ll explain the difference between the two later.

The Pur Plus pitcher filter focuses more on heavy metals such as lead, mercury, etc. It can easily filter out lead, mercury, copper, cadmium, and zinc. In the chemical contaminants department, this filter can remove chlorine, benzene, xylene, toluene, pharmaceuticals, etc. However, it cannot remove herbicides, pesticides, and other organic compounds.

It covers most of the common and dangerous contaminants such as lead, mercury, chlorine, benzene, etc. It is the reason why we have put the filter in the list. It is a capable filter, but its filtration capacity comes to an end very soon. While it can remove all these metals, we have serious doubts about how efficiently this filter can remove them. In addition, the filtration unit is very weak, and water with high amounts of contaminants might not get filtered properly.

So to check if we were right about our assumptions, we prepared the test sample and only added the contaminants that the filter was able to remove. But instead of putting a lot of these contaminants, we just added a little over the normal amounts found in contaminated water. It was just to see how well the filter can work under normal conditions. With the sample ready, we started the test.

Testing the Filter

The test sample was poured into the filter, and after a few minutes of filtration, the filtered water trickled down into the pitcher, and we were ready to see the results. The filter worked very well with lead and cadmium. We could not find any trace of these two metals. But, there was still some amount of mercury, zinc, and copper left in the sample. It was just below the acceptable concentration, but still, the filter was unable to handle all the contaminants at once, just as we had assumed.

Benzene was removed completely, which is impressive, but there was some amount of chlorine left. So we did put a lot of chlorine, but it is not uncommon to see high concentrations of chlorine in the water supply. The good thing is the amount of chlorine was below the safe levels.

The bottom line about filtration is this; it is a capable filter, but when large concentrations of contaminants are present, this filter struggles to remove them properly. Granted that it is rare to have all these contaminants at once and at such high concentrations, pitcher water filters are used to filter water and not just look good on the table. But if you live in cities like New Jersey, Minnesota, San Francisco, etc., this filter is enough to provide great and safe filtration.

What We Liked?

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Without a doubt, this is the most affordable pitcher water filter on the market. Yes, there are other cheaper options available, but those are all Chinese-made filters that are as reliable as a horse in a derby with a fractured leg. The Pur Plus offers above-average filtration and excellent looks and quality at just $37.49. It is almost $20 cheaper than the cheapest filter on this list. The low price certainly makes this filter desirable, along with the looks. And the good thing is the low price does not cause the filtration to suffer too much.


This filter is the best-looking filter in the list and the only one that can let you show some personality with a colorful option to choose from. You can get this filter in blue, green, or black colors, all with a frosted finish. Apart from the color, the design of the jar, to the look and feel of the grab handle, the Pur Plus pitcher filter looks very premium and polished.

Great Pitcher Capacity

The pitcher can hold up to 11 cups of water which would be close to around 110 oz. It is the standard, and we are glad that the company made no compromise on this part. It would have been really difficult for us to recommend this product if, along with mediocre filtration, the pitcher capacity was also poor. But that’s not the case, and you can stay hassle-free without the headache of filling the pitcher again and again.

Convenience and Safety

The materials used to make the filter and the body are all BPA-free and made of food-grade plastic. The filter meets all the important NSF standards, and it has been certified independently. The lid comes with a locking technology that prevents it from opening while pouring the water. The pitcher is also dishwasher safe.

Filter Change Light

 This is one of the most convenient features to have on filters, and we don’t understand why other companies are not adding it if a filter that barely costs $40 can have it. There’s a light on the lid of the pitcher that reminds you to change the filter when it’s due. It is not only a convenience feature but a safety feature as well. Improper filtration can lead to harmful contaminants getting into your body.

With the pros out of the way, let’s come to the glaring cons, and there are some very impactful cons here.

What We Did Not Like?

Filter Life: The low price does come with another compromise. The Pur Plus filtration capacity is only a measly 40 gallons. So if you live alone or with one other person, this filter can be stretched to work for two months, and that too is stretching it too much. Forty gallons would work for two months only if you live alone. It is not a filter for a family or any serious filtration uses.

Our Verdict

The Pur Plus pitcher filter is for the people who care about the aesthetics of almost everything they own. It is a good-looking filter with decent filtration power and a great price tag. But the shadows of the low price soon cast over, and here it is with average filtration and below-average filter life. If you are a family of three or more or want to get a pitcher filter for some serious filtration, skip this one. So who is this filter for? People who live alone or want to have an additional filter for their office or a low-priced portable filter would love to have it. Great looks, great price, and works perfectly when used with another powerful filter.

To know more about the Pur Plus Pitcher filter or buy it, click here to visit the official website.

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5. Aquagear Filter Pitcher

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If you are looking for a clean, simple, and basic water pitcher filter, the Aquagear will interest you. The Aquagear takes all the important aspects of water filtration and removes all the unnecessary bits to offer you the barebones features, which is a good thing. One of the gripes we had with the Invigorated Water’s Restore pitcher filter was the absurd claims that their filtration can make the water cause de-aging and detoxification of the body and some other absurd claims. These claims are misleading, and that is what Aquagear does the opposite. It is a filter that removes contaminants, and that is it. So let’s see what made us recommend this simple filter to you.

Unboxing, Looks, and Build Quality

The Aquagear came in a simple box which was not terrible but not too great either. The box was of decent quality, and so was the padding and packaging of the filter. The filter sat well wrapped in the box, and unboxing it feels very simple, just like the filter is supposed to be.

Coming to the looks of the filter, the Aquagear is a plain, white pitcher filter with very subtle branding on the filter housing and a half grab handle. We like this design approach as they are not trying too hard to make this filter look good. So if you are one of those people who wants just to have a basic, plain filter and nothing too loud, this is the one for you.

The build quality is excellent, on-par with the best pitcher filters in the market, such as the ClearlyFiltered and the Epic Pure. The body of the pitcher feels solid and strong, almost like a glass. We were afraid to hold it because we did not want to drop it, just like the feeling you get when holding glass materials. The fit and finishing are also great, and the quality of plastic is premium. The plastic feels solid and dense, and the grab handle inspires confidence. We are giving this filter top marks for the build quality.


Nowhere on the website could we find what type of filtration unit this filter houses. It could be activated carbon filters with granular carbon or solid carbon. We also do not know if there is an ultrafine membrane or mesh membrane to remove the sedimentary contaminants. The company is taking simplicity to new levels. All we know about this pitcher is a water pitcher filter from Aquagear.

What we do know is that this filter is designed mostly to remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury, etc. However, the filter is also capable of removing chlorine, organic contaminants, microplastics, PFOA/PFOS, some amounts of pharmaceuticals, etc. At the same time, the company claims that its filter can remove 2000% more contaminants than what their competitor can remove. But there is no further information about their competitor or the actual data, so we’ll take this with a grain of salt.

So with these claims that had no ground to stand on, we decided to give this filter a run for its money. Our test sample was prepared, and we put a good amount of chlorine, benzene, lead, mercury, arsenic, some amounts of pharmaceuticals (ibuprofen), and some microplastics.

Testing the Filter

The water sample was poured into the filter, and we waited for a few minutes till the entire sample was filtered. Analysis of the sample revealed that the filter had worked wonderfully in removing lead and mercury from the sample, while trace amounts of arsenic were still found. We wouldn’t put it as a negative thing as the concentration of arsenic was way too high. However, there was something that disappointed us.

The amount of chlorine in the sample was just a tad more than the recommended levels. It was not something that we expected because chlorine was not in very high concentrations. We were expecting the filter to fail, perhaps in the pharmaceutical removal and not chlorine. We are not impressed with the filtration. There were trace amounts of organic contaminants still present. Thankfully, ibuprofen was completely removed from the sample.

In conclusion, this filter is great for removing toxic heavy metals, but if enhancing the taste and odor of the water is your priority, this is not the filter for you. The filter has trouble properly removing chlorine which makes us believe that a granulated carbon filter is used inside. We’ll give it seven out of ten for filtration.

What We Liked?

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Filter Life

Although it is not mentioned anywhere on their website, the Aquagear can filter out 150 gallons of water before needing a replacement. It is an impressive filtration capacity and would easily last six months with normal usage. Longer filter life saves a lot of costs.

Great Pitcher Capacity

 The filter has a great 10 cups capacity or around 100 oz. It will remove the hassle of filling the filter again and again.

Look and quality

We like the looks of this filter. It is very clean, simple and elegant. We do understand that looks can be subjective, but from what we have seen, most of the people who looked at it liked it. What’s not subjective is the build quality. This filter is built to last. It has a great heft to it, and every component of the filter feels premium. All the plastic components are BPA-free, and the filter meets all the important NSF standards.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Aquagear comes with a lifetime guarantee, which means that if there are any manufacturing defects found or some parts of the filter fail to work, you get a free replacement/service or refund. It is great as your money is insured.

Now let’s look at the things that we did not like about this filter. Here are the cons of the Aquagear pitcher water filter.

What We Did Not Like?


We are not very happy with the filtration. If it were a low-priced water filter, we would have let this pass. But that’s not the case. As mentioned before, the filter can manage heavy metals but fails to perform properly against chlorine. So it all boils down to your needs.


This is not a cheap filter. The Aquagear is priced at $70 at the time of writing this article. While it is not a poor pitcher water filter, the filter becomes very lacking when you read the hefty price tag. The price can be brought down if you opt for the filter subscription. The effective cost of the pitcher comes to be around $40. But when you compare the filtration and features, $70 for this seems a bit too much.

Our Verdict

The Aquagear is a decent pitcher water filter neither on the top nor at the bottom. It sits comfortably in the middle with average filtration but has great filter life and quality. If your main concern is the removal of heavy metals such as lead and you want a simple and clean-looking pitcher filter that lasts longer before needing a filter change, you should go for the Aquagear. However, if you want to improve the taste or odor of the water and get rid of the chlorine in it, then steer clear.

To know more about Aquagear or buy the filter, click here to visit their official website.

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