Matrixx InFusion Whole House Water Filtration System Review

The US Water System has shown that it can make potent filtration systems. We tested their Bodyguard Water filter system, and it was impressive in every aspect of filtration. Now to completely cover all the filtration needs of your house, US Water Supply offers an iron and sulfur removal filter system named Matrixx inFusion. Iron and sulfur removal is a requirement for houses with stagnant water storage systems such as a well or a reservoir. The high amount of iron in water is not only bad for piping, tiles, and other bathroom fittings, but it also tends to create unsightly orange marks. Iron at high concentration is also harmful to skin and health. Sulfur in the form of hydrogen sulfide is one of the causes that stagnant water gives off that rotten egg smell.

Thus, iron and sulfur filters become a necessity to tackle what we mentioned above. Now, the question arises: Can the Matrixx inFusion provide the proper filtration to get rid of these two contaminants? We had tested the Bodyguard water filter from the same brand, and the performance of the same, we wanted a similar experience of the performance of Matrixx inFusion. We ordered one for ourselves and tested it to its limits. Here’s the full and detailed review of the US Water System Matrixx inFusion iron and sulfur removal system.

What’s In The Box?

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The unboxing experience was great, just as it was with the Bodyguard. The box was thick and of high quality, and so was the print quality. There was a proper amount of padding and protection, along with decent wrapping to protect the filtration unit. The unboxing experience does not feel cheap at all.

You get the main filtration tank, a peroxide tank, a water metering system, two jars of oxi-pro 7, smart valve, vortech plate, bypass, catalytic carbon bag, and an instruction manual. Now, coming to the build quality of the material, we are happy to say that none of these components, along with the main filtration unit, felt low quality. The filtration tank is solidly built and has a good heft to it. It makes the filter feel durable and expensive (which it is). But apart from the steel tank quality, the quality of the plastic components is also very great. Everything feels premium quality, and you will never feel any lack of it.

Talking about looks, it may not be an issue with many people. But if you are paying a lot of money, the product’s look does matter to some extent. The good news is that this filter looks great. With the dual-tone finish of steel and black plastic parts, it looks great from every angle and in any place you want to place it. The Matrixx inFusion feels and is built exactly like its price. Top marks for the build quality of every component of this filter.

Now, let’s come to the most important part – the filtration abilities. What is the purpose of a good-looking filter if it fails to remove any contaminants properly? Let’s look at what the filter can do and how, then, we’ll explain in detail our tests to check the company’s claim.


This filter has an iron and sulfur removal system that comes under the filtration umbrella. The technology used for removing these two contaminants is very different from the one used in filtering general contaminants, such as lead or chlorine. The filtration tank uses a powerful oxidizing agent, i.e., hydrogen peroxide, to remove the iron and sulfur. The peroxide reacts with the contaminants, forming their oxides. And thus, it helps in the removal of contaminants. The backwashing technology then removes the contaminants from the system. However, on paper, this sounds very simple and basic, the actual process is quite complex.

Matrixx InFusion Whole House Water Filtration System User Review

The amazing thing about this filter is the carbon filter during oxidation that removes some microorganisms as well. Microorganisms are also a big concern in stagnant water. It is what the company claims. But no claims can go untested. So, we tested the filter to its full potential to see if it works the way it is supposed to. Here’s the test procedure we followed and the results we got.

Testing The Filter

Checking the real-life performance of the filter was necessary for the review, but we went one step further to make sure if this filter could manage the toughest water. So, we prepared our water sample and spiked it with iron and sulfur, along with E. coli and Giardia, some of the most common microorganisms found in the US water supply. It was just to see how well the filter is in removing microorganisms without the help of any extra add-ons.

Matrixx InFusion Whole House Water Filtration System Review

The water sample had high amounts of iron and hydrogen sulfide, and we could not bring the sample close to us because of the unbearable smell. We know that we were sending a very strong opponent for the Matrixx inFusion to fight. And so the battle began, and we were ready to see the results.

Filtration Results

After a few minutes of filtering around 4 gallons of contaminated water, the sample was ready to be tested, and the moment we took it out and put it in the glass beaker, we were impressed by the filtration. What was once impossible to be brought near our face, we could not find any trace of the awful smell anymore. It was a great sign that the filter has worked very well.

We tested the sample, and we are glad to say that the iron content in the water was way below the recommended level, making it perfect for household consumption. The case was the same for sulfur. The filter successfully removed the excess amount of sulfur, removed to the amount where there was no trace of smell. While the removal of the double trouble was successful, we were glad to find the filter removed E. coli and Giardia totally from the sample. So our tests and experience with this filter can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the filtration of the Matrixx inFusion.

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What We Loved About This Filter?

  • Add-Ons
  • Great Warranty
  • Great Water Flow Rate
  • Smartphone Connection
  • Price
  • Sub-Par Customer Service

The filter is great in filtration, and there are some other features and benefits of this filter that make it a great option for your home. Here are the things we loved about this filter.

1. Add-Ons

Add-ons are always a great option to enhance the filter’s features and usability. The Matrixx inFusion comes with two great add-on features that will make it one of the best filtration options to consider. Add the pre-filter option to make the filter remove most of the common contaminants such as lead, mercury, chlorine, etc. It makes it a great whole house filter as well. But there’s more.

You also get an option for the Matrixx infusion filter that can remove the hardness of the water. Also, there comes a UV-filtration option called the Pulsar. It is great for removing any microorganisms in the water, making the water fit for drinking. Does that make the water super expensive? Yes, it does. The cost goes as high as $5,000. But it solves your house’s filtration needs.

2. Great Warranty

If a company cannot vouch for its product’s durability, it is not a product you should be getting. Gladly that’s not the case with the Matrixx inFusion. You get a great ten-year warranty on the carbon filter tank, valves, and other valve electronics. You also get a great five-year warranty on the precision injection panel. This warranty is great because the company is giving an impressive ten-year warranty on electronic parts. Hardly any other company offers this. So props to the US Water System for that.

3. Great Water Flow Rate

US Water System has always impressed us with some of the best water flow rates in the industry, and the same applies to this filter too. This filter uses an electric motor to improve the flow, and you get an amazing 10 gallons per minute flow rate as standard. But you can pay some extra bucks and get an astounding flow rate of 25 GPM. 25 GPM is one of the highest flow rate numbers we’ve ever seen.

4. Smartphone Connection

You can also download an app for both iPhone and Android and get important information about filtration in real-time. You can check and adjust oxidizing levels, filtration rate, valve pressure, and much more through the app. While we did not find ourselves using it too often, it is good to have an extra feature.

What We Did Not Like About This Product?

Here are the biggest cons of the Matrixx inFusion iron and sulfur removal filter. There are two things that we did not like about it, and we think these cons are impactful enough to influence your decision to purchase this filter. The first con will affect your decision.

1. Price

The price of this filter cannot be called “affordable,” but we definitely can call it “justified.” While the average price of iron and sulfur removal is around the same ballpark figure, the Matrixx inFusion is expensive. At the time of writing this article, this filter would cost you a hefty $2,600. It is the standard price. If you add the add-ons, the price increases astronomically. So, this one goes in the cons list.

2. Sub-Par Customer Service

There were many complaints in some forums and reviews websites about poor customer service. Most of these complaints were about slow response times. We did not experience any such issue, but in all fairness, we did not spend too much time with the filter. So that’s why we have added it here as a heads up for future buyers.

Matrixx InFusion Whole House Water Filtration System Review

US Matrixx inFusion Whole House Water comes with the technology of iron and sulfur removal system. The filtration tank uses a powerful oxidizing agent, i.e. hydrogen peroxide, to remove the iron and sulfur. This Filter has some powerful addons to increase its functionality along with smartphone integration. Furthermore, it offers a great water flow rate of 10 GPM.


When it comes to iron and sulfur removal filters, you have to be prepared to shell out more than two grand for any decent filter. The Matrixx inFusion filters come in the list of the best filters for this purpose. While the price is a little bit steeper than the competition, the filter does not compromise the features, quality, technology, or looks. You get what you pay. But if this price is too steep for your budget, then this might not be the one for you. For filtration, looks, and features, we give it a solid 9 out of 10. We do recommend this product.

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