Aquasana Claryum Countertop Water Dispenser Review

Aquasana has been a prominent name in the water filtration industry, and rightfully so. All of their products that we have tried and tested stood out from the crowd with some unique features, be it mobility, filtration, ease of use, etc. The Claryum is no different. It is perhaps the cleanest, modern-looking countertop water filter that we have seen. We can only appreciate how much effort Aquasana has put into the design of this product. A filter that looks like a small alien monument has more to the Claryum than an interesting design.

The Claryum is a passive, direct-to-the-line water filter meaning that it does not require electricity (since there is no reverse osmosis or ion exchange). But unlike the other passive countertop water filters that we have tested, this one is a little different. Most of the passive countertop water filters require gravity to filter the water. The Claryum is direct to the line, meaning that it connects to the water line and uses the water pressure to filter it. In a way, it works exactly like an under-sink water filter. There are many benefits of the Claryum going with this approach.

We had to find out whether this is the right countertop filter for your home. So we ordered one for ourselves and tested it with all our might. Day-to-day usage and some detailed filtration tests revealed a lot about the Claryum. Here’s our detailed review of the Aquasana Claryum countertop water filter.

What’s in The Box?

Aquasana Claryum Countertop Water Dispenser
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We always love a clean and simple unboxing experience. We don’t want to open a box that is filled with ten pipes, tens of screws, three or four separate filters, a water tank, etc. This just makes the entire process a big hassle. But unboxing the Claryum was a pleasant experience. The box in which it came was well built and strong. We loved the packaging. You’ll find just the single unit filter along with two pipes attached with some paperwork and a metal bracket. That’s it. We were impressed by the unboxing experience, and you will be too.

The next important thing is the quality. Even though you’ll hardly touch or interact with the filter, the quality still matters a lot. We did not have any doubt about the quality since this is an Aquasana product, and we are glad to say that the quality is top-notch. The plastic used feels sturdy, dense, and strong. What makes this product feel even better is the weight. Since the size is small, the weight feels concentrated. This makes it feel very premium.

Apart from the filter, the pipes, metal parts, and everything about the filter speaks premium. What makes the quality even better is the price. For this price range, we have not seen any other countertop filter that’s so good in quality. When we saw the price, we assumed there must be some compromise in quality. But that wasn’t the case. There are no complaints in terms of quality.

With the quality and unboxing experience out of the way, now let’s come to the most important part of the review; filtration. Can this small and simple water filter provide good filtration? Let’s see what the filter can do.


Aquasana Claryum comes with a two-stage filtration unit, one is an activated carbon filter, and the other is a catalytic carbon unit. The combination of these two is enough to manage almost every water supply in the US. The filter is connected to the waterline, becoming the intermediate between the state water supply and your faucet. So by using the water pressure, it is filtered instantly and served through the faucet.

The filter is capable of removing 77 of the common and toxic contaminants, some by an excellent 99%. The list of contaminants it can get rid of is impressive. Starting from toxic heavy metals, it can remove lead, asbestos, mercury, arsenic, etc. Lead, and asbestos removal is at an impressive 99%, whereas mercury is at a decent 95%. The next is the chemical contaminants, and the Claryum is well-equipped for it. It can remove chlorine and chloramine by an impressive 97%. PFOA and PFOS by an equally impressive 96%, and other VOCs by 99%. These chemicals are also the reason why water smells and tastes bad. So the Claryum can improve the taste and smell, along with filtration.

Aquasana Claryum Countertop Water Dispenser Review

Claryum’s filtration technology is certified to all the important NSF/ANSI standards, which include 42, 53, and 401. For the people who don’t know, these standards are set by the labs (NSF and ANSI), and it states the filter’s ability to remove certain contaminants. Basically, It is a testing of their filter. But we cannot let any filter pass without our own extreme testing. And that is what comes in the next section.


Any claim that the company makes has to be tested, even if the company is Aquasana which has always proved to be rock-solid in terms of reliability. Since this is a passive filter without a sediment filtration unit, we did not want to go all out for the testing. Our water sample was laced with lead, asbestos, mercury as the metal contaminants. We added chlorine and chloramine, benzene, and some other VOCs to see how well this filter could remove these contaminants. The number of contaminants was way too high, and this was done on purpose to push the filter to its limits.

We sat there watching the filter work, and finally, the filtered water was ready, and so were we. Even though the water had extreme amounts of contaminants, the Claryum worked like magic, filtering the metals and chemicals with ease. We tested the sample, and it was completely devoid of all the lead, asbestos, cysts, and VOCs, confirming the company’s claim.

It was also very efficient in removing the ungodly amount of chlorine and chloramine that we had put in, making the water consumable. There was no sign of any smell, which meant that the filter is capable of doing what it claims.

Apart from the great filtration, Claryum uses selective filtration to remove the contaminants while preventing the removal of important minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Aquasana Claryum Countertop Water Dispenser User Review

We are very satisfied with the filtration of the Claryum, and our tests showed that it proves what it claims. For every day to day usage, this filter is more than capable of providing good filtration. A solid 8 out of 10 for filtration.

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What We Liked About This Filter?

  • Price
  • Easy Filter Replacement
  • Great Filtration Capacity
  • Excellent Water Flow Rate
  • Expensive Filter Replacement
  • Poor Warranty

Apart from the great filtration and the modern looks, there are a lot of things that make this filter desirable. Here are the pros of the Aquasana Claryum that might make this filter your consideration.

1. Price

The best thing about the Claryum is the price. Such excellent filtration, that too a two-stage filtration system and the premium build quality and looks, all of this comes at a pocket-friendly $90. Yes, a powerful countertop water filter for under a hundred bucks. That’s not all, if you get the Water for Life Plan, the price becomes $65. Do note that this also adds the extra cost of filter replacement.

2. Easy Filter Replacement

Another great feature about this filter is how easy it is to replace the filter. All you have to do is open the filter latch to access the filters. Then give the filter a good twist and remove it. The same process goes for installing the filter as well. The entire process takes not more than 5 minutes.

3. Great Filtration Capacity

We were very impressed with the filtration capacity that comes with this relatively small water filter. Even though there are just two filters, the company claims that it can churn out 450 gallons of filtered water. 450 gallons might not sound that impressive, but keep in mind that there are three or even four-stage filters that can only manage as much as 600 gallons.

4. Excellent Water Flow Rate

One of the most common problems that we have faced with countertop water filters is the water flow rate. Most of them are terrible at this. But since this filter directly connects to the waterline, the water flow is brilliant. It is fast and steady. Filling up bottles feels instant when compared to some other countertop water filters.

What We Did Not Like?

The good part is that this filter has all these above-mentioned benefits, but that is matched by a big list of cons. Here are some of the negative things that we found about this filter, and you might want to reconsider if you are planning to get the Claryum.

1. Expensive Filter Replacement

The soaring high filter prices negate the great filter capacity. The two replacement filters come at $60. That is a lot compared to the price of the filter. You can get it for $51 if you choose the subscription service.

2. Poor Warranty

We were totally confused and disappointed by the warranty that Aquasana is giving with this filter. You get only one year warranty. This is because it is a passive filter with just two filtration units. We have seen some filters with reverse osmosis units come with such warranties because RO units have high failure rates. But one year for passive filters makes no sense.

Aquasana Claryum Countertop Water Dispenser Review

Aquasana Claryum comes in a pocket friendly price and is small yet very powerful filter, It claims of removing 77 of the common and toxic contaminants, some by an excellent 99%


The Aquasana Claryum is a wonderful, small passive countertop water filter. It filters just as the company claims. How the filter looks and feels, from the build quality to the heft, definitely makes it a worthy contender. But it is the price that makes this filter perhaps the best choice for you, only if you can ignore the one-year warranty and the high filter replacement prices. For the people who want to keep a sophisticated and elegant-looking countertop filter and do not want the hassle of a water storage tank, then the Aquasana Claryum is the choice for you. Low cost, great filtration, and excellent looks. These three make the Claryum a wonderful product.

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