SpringWell CF Whole House Water Filter System Review

Countertop and under sink water filters are great for general water filtration needs. They have many benefits but where all of them lack is the filtration quantity. Be it a compact countertop water filter or a large under sink water filter, all of them are just capable of filtering 3-4 thousand gallons of water at most. The average sits at around 600 gallons. It is where a complete overkill comes in; Whole house water filters. These giants are capable of efficiently filtering 1 million gallons of water.

Whole house water filters are designed to filter the entire water supply, from the bathroom to the kitchen. So we scoured the internet with all our water testing expertise to find the best whole house water filter. One of them is the SpringWell CF Whole House Water Filter. We tested it extensively, from the water flow rate to the water filtration quality. Here’s the most detailed review of the SpringWell CF Whole House water filter system.

Quality Of The Filter

Springwell Whole House Water Filter System
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There’s not much to talk about the quality of the product from a consumer’s point of view since this filter will be placed in the basement or some other obscure corner of the house. But the quality says a lot about the durability of the product. So from that area, we are happy to say that there is no compromise in the quality. The metal, plastic parts, hoses, tank quality, everything about the SpringWell speaks quality.

You get a large cylindrical tank that houses the main filter in the box. Along with that, there is a small 5-micron sediment filtration tank. The quality of the sediment filter is also great. In summary, the filter feels premium and durable. The unboxing experience is also simple, and the filter comes well protected and packed. The quality of the filter is discussed, not let’s come to the filtration quality.

Is The Filter Good?

The single tank houses a great three-stage filtration system that is well equipped to manage some of the most contaminated water. The large filtration unit utilizes the space very well. What we liked about this filter is that the sediment filter comes included with it. We have seen many premium whole house filters that often skip adding this part, which is more important than many people think.

So taking the sediment filter into account, there are four filtration units in this system. Here’s what each step does:

The first stage is a flex bed filtration system. This step helps in streamlining the flow of water, and it also removes larger sedimentary contaminants in the water, mostly larger plastic bits, rocks, dust, grit, etc. This step not only reduces the number of contaminants but also improves the life of the main filter.

The second filtration unit uses a technology called Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, and this KDF bed. This step uses iron ions to take the chlorine in the water, which is one of the most common, if not the most, chemical contaminants. KDF easily filters out most of the chlorine present in the water.

The third stage is the most important and impactful in water filtration. This unit is an activated carbon bed that efficiently removes almost all the contaminants in the water. It can remove from the remaining chemical contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, etc., to the heavy and toxic metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. This stage also takes care of the PFOA, POAS PFOS, herbicides, pesticides, haloacetic acids, and most of the VOCs.

The fourth stage is the 5-micron sediment filter, and this comes standard. It is wonderful because many companies need you to pay extra to get this one. Most of the water supply in the US might be already filtered, but due to the piping and supply, finer sediments such as sand, clay, silt, etc., can creep into the water supply. So a microscopic filter is very important to prevent these contaminants from getting into your body.

While the claims are great, and we are sure SpringWell delivers what they promise, we still need to do our testing to confirm it. So we put the filter to the test, making it filter some of the most contaminated water samples.

SpringWell CF Whole House Water Filter System User Review

Since we were filtering the whole house filter, we needed to make sure that only a few contaminants were to be added. Chlorine is the most common chemical contaminant that not only is harmful when consumed but also damages the skin. So we spiked the amount of chlorine and chloramine. Then we turned to heavy metals. Since lead is the most problematic one, we added lead in amounts way too dangerous. Along with these major contaminants, we added some minor contaminants such as VOCs. PFAs, etc. Then we let the filtration begin.

The Testing

The test sample had high amounts of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), which shows the number of contaminants. The TDS level in the water was 733, which is very high. After the filtration was done, we tested the water for TDS levels; it came to be around 87, which easily qualifies for consumable.

Now, coming to the chlorine and chloramine, the filter easily removed the high amounts of chlorine. There was a very strong smell of chlorine in the sample before it was filtered, making it unfit for consumption. But after the filtration, the smell was gone, and we could easily drink. It was different from the sample.

SpringWell CF Whole House Water Filter System Review

Now coming to the heavy toxic metals, lead was our main focus. It is worth noting that lead in any amount is toxic. But we are glad to say that lead was undetectable. There were trace amounts of mercury, chromium, etc., but that is understandable. None of the metals detected were at harmful levels. The same goes for VOCs, PFAs, and other compounds.

In conclusion, there are no complaints regarding filtration. This filter works well in removing excess amounts of contaminants easily. The sand and silt filter works extraordinarily well, making the water crystal clear and devoid of all the larger sedimentary particles—one word; Great filtration.

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What We Loved About This Filter?

  • Outstanding Filter Capacity
  • Add-Ons
  • Warranty and Moneyback
  • Price
  • Installation
  • Pre-Filter Problem

There are a lot of great things about this filter, and we could not stop listing those. Here are all the great things that will make you want to buy the SpringWell CF whole house water filter.

1. Outstanding Filter Capacity

Since it is a whole house water filter, it is required that the filter should have good filter capacity, and it does. The SpringWell CF can filter an astounding 1,000,000 gallons of water, and 1 million gallons of water is a lot. Now, if we assume that your house has around 2-3 bathrooms, the filter would easily last around 10 years. It depends on the quality of the water supply, but you can easily expect 7-8 years of filter life.

2. Add-Ons

What makes the SpringWell whole house water filter is the add-on features that enhance the functionality of the filter. For example, there is an option to add a reverse osmosis filtration unit to this so that you can also make the filtered water completely safe to consume. You can also opt for a UV filter that mostly kills and removes microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, etc. There is also an “easy installation” kit that makes installing this filter much easier without the help of a plumber.

3. Warranty And Moneyback

We never recommend any filter that is seriously lacking in the warranty. No matter how good a product is, if the filter does not come with a great warranty. Everything is great until the filter stops working and you are panicking because it is out of warranty. SpringWell CF filter comes with a great warranty. You get a lifetime warranty on the tank and the valves. The mineral tank gets an industry-leading 10-years warranty and a 5-years warranty on the electrical parts. Sweetening this deal even more is a 6-months money-back guarantee which allows you to return the filter if it does not work as expected.

4. Price

It would be another great reason for you to consider this filter. While most other filters cost as much as two grand, the price of SpringWell CF sits at a pleasant $863. So for a four-stage filtration, lifetime warranty, and 1 million gallons of filtration capacity, a price below one thousand dollars is amazing. The price to feature ratio is great, and you are getting worth every penny that you pay.

What We Did Not Like?

There are a few complaints that we have with SpringWell CF, and thankfully none of them is a deal-breaker. Here are some of the cons of this filter and which might make you want to reconsider if you wanted to get this filter.

1. Installation

Unless you get the DIY installation kit, it is not easy to install this filter all by yourself unless you have good experience with plumbing and some complicated tools. For us, installing it was not a breeze; it was kind of a strong gust that was difficult to manage.

2. Pre-Filter Problem

The sediment filter which removes the sand and silt needs a replacement every six to nine months, which is not a big problem, but it can be annoying for many people. Each of these filters costs around $40. The only issue we think you’d face is getting annoyed by changing the filter every few months.

SpringWell CF Whole House Water Filter System Review

Springwell’s whole house water filter comes with a powerful four-stage water filtration unit capable of filtering an impressive one million gallons of water. The filter is priced to ensure affordability and has some powerful addons to increase the functionality. Further, it offers a great water flow rate and improves water flavor and odor—a perfect choice for your whole house.


A whole house filter removes the hassle of frequent filter replacement and the stack-up costs. Plus, the best benefit you get out of it makes a lot of difference. The chlorine in the water is not good for your skin and body, so a filter that removes the contaminants for the entire house’s water supply is beneficial and worth the cost. So you get a great and powerful filter with so many benefits at a great price. We recommend the SpringWell CF whole house water filter.

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