10 Creative Ways To Hide Pipes Under Bathroom Sink

The exposed pipes of the utility sink in the central area or bathroom sometimes do not go with the aesthetics of your house or the bathroom. It will always create a problem with the surrounding area because it doesn’t look good and attracts much attention.

The main problem is that you cannot remove these pipes altogether because they have an essential function. Still, you can permanently hide or conceal them using different options, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

You can remodel the nearby area so that your house will not look like an ordinary one, and it goes wonderfully well with the design of your room or bathrooms. But you will have to think out of the box so that it would look nice and enhances the aesthetics or adds value to the room/bathroom.

This article will discuss ten ways by which you can hide the pipes under your bathroom sink. So make sure that you read every method in detail.

Why Hiding Pipes Under the Sink is Essential?

Just assume that you have bought a new house and designed or remodeled the home based on your taste. You have chosen everything from the curtains to the color of every room according to your requirements and desires for your dream house.

But once you enter the house, everything goes well until and unless you see those pipes under your sink area, which attracts a lot of attention. It is directly visible to the eyes, and your eyes always get stuck on those hanging pipes instead of the surroundings.

Apart from this, nobody wants the visible pipes to come out of the sink and be the center of attraction when you have worked hard. But you know what? A little creativity in hiding the pipes under the sink can be of great use, and it will automatically enhance the value of your house.

Creative Ways to Hide Pipes Under the Sink

Creative Ways to Hide Pipes Under the Sink

We all know that we cannot disconnect the pipes, or we cannot remove the pipes, but what we can do is think creatively to arrange and renovate the nearby area. It can be pocket-friendly, costly, etc., depending on your budget. It all depends on your budget and what type of renovation you want. So, make sure that you opt for something that is not only affordable but also highly durable.

To save you time, below is the list of all the methods:

  • Blending the color of the pipe
  • Building the shelves to hide the pipes
  • Using decorative pipe covers
  • Installing sink skirts and cabinets
  • Box the pipes in wood and paint
  • Adding some exciting joints and curves
  • Using the pipes for a functional purpose:
  • Hide the pipes under the decorations or furniture
  • Installing a bottle trap system
  • Put a storage Bin in front of the pipes

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Now it’s Time to Discuss Them in Detail One by One

Blending the Color of the Pipe

One of the easiest ways is to use a pipe similar to the color of your bathroom or the room where the sink is present. For example,  you will choose the color of your bathroom and every object very carefully, so you also need to ensure that the color of your pipe goes along with it. You can easily find them (colorful pipes) in the hardware stores or from where you buy the standard lines; just ask the shopkeeper to give you a colorful one!

If you are still looking for one (because it is generally hard to find a colored pipe in small towns), ask the painter to color them. This is one of the most accessible options and can automatically enhance the vibes of your bathroom. There are several other options, like hanging a leafy wine or fake foliage along with them. Still, it entirely depends on what type of creativity or room you want. Ensure everything goes according to your taste and looks good.

Building the Shelves to Hide the Pipes

Building a shelf above these pipes can be a great choice because it will not only hide the pipes securely but also provide you an advantage in giving you extra space for your products. For example, if you build a shelf in the bathroom sink, it will provide you with extra space to keep your products, like shampoos, facewash, etc.

If you are making a shelve in a room sink, then it will provide you with enough space to put your books or some other hygienic products. You can also put some photo frames, handbooks, trinkets, etc., so it wouldn’t look odd.

Using Decorative Pipe Covers

We have already discussed the colored pipes in the first point. But if you don’t get them, you can use specific covers that hide your pipe’s original color. You can choose any pipe covers that go according to the theme of your bathroom. It will also give an exciting look to the pipes. Alternatively, you can also use wallpaper,  but make sure they are wrapped with plastic and will not go waste if water gets in contact with the outside surface of the pipe.

Installing Sink Skirts and Cabinets

If you have the budget, you can build some cabinets near the bathroom sink, which will help you hide all the pipes near the sink area.

This sink area will give you the advantage of hiding the pipe and allow you to store several other products in the cabinet. You can also use this cabinet as a storage area for cleaning products like brushes, sprays, etc. However, you will have to enhance the budget depending on the type of cabinet and the material you want. But make sure that you are choosing a highly durable material.

The sink skirts are another cheaper option for sewing the fabric and making a skirt. Though this will take a lot of hard work, you must be creative while properly installing the suction cups. The suction cups should not come in direct contact with the sink skirt.

Box the Pipes in Wood and Paint

This is one of the inexpensive options, but it will take a lot of hard work to cut every piece of wood and make it appropriate to the pipe’s size. You can also consider it as a drywall alternative.

It can enhance your house’s decorative value but make sure you go creative with it. We recommend you be well aware and continuously check for any leakage or pipe problem.

We would like to remind you that choosing this option can take a lot of hard work because it is covered with wood.

Adding some Interesting Joints and Curves

One of the best places to use these options is the bathroom or kitchen sinks. These areas have a lot of pipes, and you can use them as a place to keep/hang certain things. For example, you can ask the plumber to install the joints and turn them at a 90-degree angle.

Ensure you are doing this with others because you can create certain leakages or problems in the plumbing system. Once the plumber turns them 90 degrees, it will not only enhance the look of the nearby area but also give an extra space to hang the towels or the other spoons.

Make sure that your idea of opting for this option should be highly creative. You will also have to buy some metals to turn the pipes in an appropriate direction. Also, ensure that the turning would not affect the water flow, temperature, or drainage.

The association of a plumber and a metal worker can only do this option. One highly demanded option for the exposed pipe is to use them as a railing.

Using the Pipes for a Functional Purpose

This option will require a lot of hard work because you will have to reroute the parts of all the pipes. Still, it requires a lot of planning and well-coordinated work because the pipes turning can play with the pressure and the flow rate of the water. Make sure you talk with the planner, metal worker,  and plumber whenever you use this option. You can hire an agency to develop the plan and better understand your ideas.

Hide the Pipes Under the Decorations or Furniture

This is one of the easiest ways to decorate the room. All the furniture will require a little bit of hard work because you will have to go creative with that,  but using decorative things like flowers, a vase, and soft toys in the knots, can help you come up with a fantastic idea.

 As a simple option, you can always keep certain big potted plants under the sink to hide the pipes and the other areas. It is a great option, but make sure that it goes along with the aesthetics of your house or the bathroom.

Installing a Bottle trap System

It is expensive to hide the pipes under the sink. You can easily find it in a home improvement store or ask your plumber to help you find an appropriate bottle trap system. We recommend hiring a plumber or an improvement professional to help you because it can create specific issues with the pressure and water flow afterward.

Put a Storage Bin in Front of the Pipes

This is a temporary and inexpensive solution because you always need a dustbin in your room or bathroom. So you can keep the basin or bins under the sink. Arrange tall baskets so that the pipes would not be visible. You can also invest in a rectangular storage pin, circular bins, etc., according to the type of sink available at your house.

The ten options mentioned above are highly used and one of the budget-friendly options to hide the pipes under the sink. We recommend you go highly creative if you have decided to hide these pipes. Apart from this, make sure that every option color, type, etc., go along with the design of the house or bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most budget-friendly option to hide the pipes under the sink?

Whenever you buy a pipe, ask the shopkeeper for the colored pipes that go along with your bathroom’s aesthetics/ theme. If you don’t get the colored pipes, you can ask the painter to paint your pipe to match the color.

What is the best option to hide the pipes under the sink?

It is one of the most creative ways to hide the pipe, but it is an expensive process. Building a cabinet near the sink is the best option. It hides the pipe and gives you enough space to keep your products. The space can be used as a storage area.

Can I use potted plants to hide the pipes?

Yes, you can use the plants to hide the pipes, but make sure they are large and not short. The large pots will not only help you to hide the pipes but will also be visible to the human eye. It looks good, automatically enhances the impact, and puts a good image.


The visible pipes under the bathroom or sink can be very irritating to the eyes of the house owners. In this article, we discussed how to hide the bathroom sink and gave some ideas for hiding the sinks in your main hall or room. It looks very odd when the pipes under the sink are visible to the human eye because homeowners invest a lot of hard work and money in selecting the colors and each product accordingly. Still, these visible pipes can take away all the attention. We hope that the above options will help you make an appropriate choice.