How To Install Pur Water Filter On Pull-Out Faucet? Complete Guide

Everybody wants clean water for their daily activities, but the water coming into homes often needs cleaning. People need a filtration system of some sought to remove contaminants. Filtered water has become quite popular as it is free from the many impurities common in water.

Mercury is a common water contaminant that often enters the water through factory run-offs and natural deposits. Pur filters contain materials that absorb impurities as the water passes through the pur. Pur will comfortably remove mercury from the water and prevent long-term repercussions, which include kidney disease.

Attaching faucet filters to pull-out filters has always posed a massive challenge as the filter weight drags the faucet. Nevertheless, connecting filters to pull-out faucets is not impossible, and we’ll see how to do this using pur water filters. You’ll also learn other details about the filter.

What is Pur Water Filter?

Pur water filter is a system that contains carbon and ion exchange materials, with the carbon-absorbing physical and chemical impurities while the ion exchange absorbs heavy metals. The system is similar to a multi-stage filtration unit in allocating duty.

Faucet-mounted pur is among the different pur versions, which include replacement filters and pur water pitchers. The faucet-mounted pur filter works by purifying water as it passes through it from the tap. For a pull-out faucet filter, its build varies from other faucet filters to prevent damaging the tap.

While the filter can work as an impurity absorber in its carbon membrane, it exchanges harmless ions with harmful ions in its ion exchange membrane. Their capacity ranges from removing heavy metals like mercury to chemicals like chlorine and other particles.

Non-woven materials around the carbon block trap sediments like rust and particles before they reach the carbon. The material prevents quick clogging of the carbon pores as larger particles are trapped before it reaches the carbon.

Why You Should Fix Pur Water Filters on Pull Out Faucets?

A pull-out faucet contains a hose from the tap’s body and a docking station to hold the head when unused. So asking why you should fix a pur water filter in this type of faucet is pertinent.

Its three-stage system delivers clean water for versions used with the stages. Consider this popular pull-out faucet water filter to remove sediments in the first stage, chlorine and chloramine in the second stage, and volatile organic compounds in the third stage.

Guide to Installing Pur Water Filter on Pull-Out Faucet

Guide to Installing Pur Water Filter on Pull-Out Faucet

Learn a simple procedure to install a pur water filter on a pull out faucet that involves minimal tools or a lot of technical skills. It is a simple, efficient process that ensures clean drinking, cooking, and bathing water.

Step 1: Remove The Old Water Filter

If you have an old filter installed, unscrew it and pull it out to remove it. You want to create room for the new filter, so removing the old filter from the faucet is vital. Where there are no pre-installed filters, you can jump this step and move to the next.

Step 2: Install New Filter Unit

Before installing the new unit, you should understand the main faucet parts, which include the hose, spout, and head assembly. The head assembly typically carries the pur filter, so locate this part before proceeding.

Screw the filter housing unit to the faucet while ensuring it fits snuggly and there is no space for leakages. The housing unit features designated spots for filters, and you should stick to areas when installing. Insert and screw the filter to the identified location before screwing the cap.

Step 3: Attach The Hose

The method you use to attach the hose depends on the type of hose you have. Some hoses are easier to fix with quick attachment mechanisms. You can attach these hoses to the filter by pushing them in while it clicks into place. Other hoses require manual attachment and are time-consuming.

Step 4: Connect Sprayer Head

The sprayer head is attached to the hose, and the pull-out section allows you to direct water in awkward directions. The process is easy since most are easy-to-connect systems where you only need to align and push into place.

Some sprayer heads require manual fitting with screes. Hand-tighten as much as possible before using the wrench only for a few turns to prevent over-tightening.

Step 5:  Inspect For Leaks

Leaks are common after adding a new fitting and adjusting hoses and their connections. This is why inspecting for leaks is essential, as it prevents costly repairs in the future.

Turn on the water supply knob before slowly turning the faucet controller so water can enter the filter. Allow this water to run for about two minutes while inspecting for leaks. Check the hose and its connectors, the pur water filter, and around the setup for water droplets indicating leakage. Fix any leakage by realigning the fitting or changing damaged parts.

How to Install Pur Filter on Pull-Out Faucet With no Space?

Some pull-out faucets need more room to install the pur water filter making it challenging to use on pull-out faucets. Interestingly, you can improvise by unscrewing a minor circular fitting on the tap, the aerator. Pur filters come with adapters, so screw this to the end of the faucet and attach the pur filter to the adapter.

How to Check For Faucet-Filter Compatibility?

Faucets come in various designs, sizes, and forms that make compatibility testing even more vital. Start by checking the type of faucet – whether standard or pull-out. You’ll need an adapter to add a pur filter with a standard faucet, while a pull-out-specific filter is required.

Size is also an essential compatibility factor to ensure you choose the correct filter. Standard-sized faucets will match the pur filter, while smaller or larger facets require adapters before you can connect the pur filter.


Pur water filter attached to pull-out faucets is a multi-stage system that delivers impressive water quality. The system can remove impurities ranging from sediments to volatile organic compounds.

Pur water filters on your pull-out filters are simple to install and maintain while taking up minimal space in your home. If you want to add this filter to your pull-out faucet, you should understand the parts of the faucet, as this will hasten the process.