How Long Does a Whole House Water Filter Last?

The whole-house water filter has become one of the most critical water appliances in everyone’s house. It has become the most demanding water appliance on the market, and its demand is continuously rising. The main reason behind it is the deteriorating quality of water worldwide, which is degrading daily.

As the water problem varies from region to region, you can see wide varieties of water filters available in the market that work on different principles. The manufacturer understands people’s problems, so they have presented various options. But one of the most critical questions is how long-lasting they are. In this article, we are going to discuss the same!

Why do we Need to Change or Replace the Filter or Change the Whole House Water Filter?

We all know that the water filter appliance specifically used for filtering out sediments, debris, chemicals, etc., all have one thing in common, i.e., the filter. The filter filters out all the residue, debris, or chemicals from the water, so it gets clogged up or filled with sediment. After some time, this filter is useless, so to maintain its efficiency, we need to replace the filter in a certain amount of time. Although this filter also varies from one brand to another. Replacing a water filter enhances the efficiency and flow rate of the water. In short, replace the filter so your family can access clean and healthy ed water to prevent their health and life.

What will Happen if you don’t Replace the Filter?

What will Happen if you don't Replace the Filter

Replacing the water filter is not an option for the user but is a mandatory task. If you are not replacing the filter periodically, it would mean the filter is no longer working. It has already clogged up due to the accumulation of several sediments, debris, and other chemicals.

You will get the same water supply from the taps or the faucets, but it will not be filtered. It would be the same water supplied to your house by the municipality department, well water, or directly from the water source. You must fix the filter that needs to be more efficient with time.

Sometimes it is hard to predict the replacement period of the filter, but you will notice a change in the flavor and the quality of the water, which means you need to replace your filter immediately. You can also see the growth of fungus, microbes, and molds if you last replaced the water filter a long time ago. This type of water is inappropriate to use or drink because it has a high chance that it will impact your family and make them more prone to skin-related diseases. Apart from this, it also puts your digestive health at risk.

How Frequently Should you Replace the Whole House Water Filter?

There are different brands available in the market presented by different manufacturers. Different types of equipment work on different principles, so the replacement period also varies. Several other factors also influence the period of water filter replacement. A few of these factors are listed down below:

  • The amount of water the family uses per day
  • The size as well as the capacity of the filter (varies from one brand to another)
  • The number of minerals as well as the sediment present in the water

The above-listed factors are a few factors that can impact the longevity of a water filter. Whenever you buy any equipment, make sure that you ask for its replacement period or maintenance period from the manufacturer. Apart from this, if you are ordering the water filter online, an instruction manual will come along with it, clearly stating the equipment’s replacement period. For example, the filter can filter around 100000 gallons of water within its lifetime.

Here we can only predict the average period the water filter requires a replacement, but this does not apply to all the brands available. Ensure that here we will talk about the average time, not the specific or the exact time you need to replace the water filter. Average house water filter has different types of filters. The three most common type of filters with their average replacement period is listed down below:

  • The carbon filter traps microscopic contaminants from the water. These filters have pores in them, which get blocked with frequent usage. It requires a replacement every 12 months.
  • Pre-filter removes solid debris and sediment from the water. It requires a replacement within 3-6 months.
  • The post filter removes very fine dust particles from the water and works as a sub-Micron filter. It requires a replacement within one year.

As the above list was only about the average replacement period, some signs can help you predict if your water filter requires replacement. If you feel an unpleasant smell from the water or the taste changes, the filter needs replacement. If you notice stains on the washed clothes or utensils very frequently, the water filter has lost its efficiency and requires a replacement.

How Many Filters do I Need to Replace Per Year?

How Many Filters do I Need to Replace Per Year

It’s a tricky question, but the replacement period depends on the above-listed factors. Water usage, contaminants, or chemicals in the water source can fluctuate during this period. Apart from this, there would be a mention of the replacement period in the instruction manual, or the manufacturer will inform you about the replacement period during the buying and installation process.

Does the Replacement of Filters is Challenging?

Periodic filter replacement is one of the essential tasks to get healthy and clean water. Replacing the filter is a relatively easy task; one can do it by themselves even if you are unaware of the plumbing tools or installation process. The house owner should always address it.

Replacement of the filter is simple or time-consuming, but you should do it carefully to avoid any errors or leakages from the plumbing system. Most customers prefer to hire professional help instead of doing it alone because they find it challenging and need more time to invest. Hiring a plumber can be expensive, but there is a guarantee of no errors or leakages from the pipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to change the whole house water filter periodically?

The main aim of the whole house water filter is to trap all the sediments, chemicals, and other contaminants from the water and pass the healthy and clean water which is safe to drink and use. But if you do not change the whole house water filter periodically, it cannot trap all these contaminants and provide unhealthy drinking water.

What to do if I See Stains in Washing Clothes and I Suffer from Frequent Skin Allergies?

The above symptoms indicate that the water you are using is not clean and has several chemicals or contaminants. If you are using a whole house water filter, you must replace it because it is not performing its task and has gone old.

Why does the Water Filter Replacement Period Vary From one Brand to Another?

Different types of filters available in the market work on other principles and solve various water issues. So many options are available in the market because water issues vary from region to region. Now some of the water filters trap the chemical while a few other filters trap the sediments, and that is why the filter also gets clogged up at different periods. That is why they all have different replacement periods.


In today’s world, getting excess water that is clean and does not influence an individual’s health is very important. The whole-house water filter has become an essential appliance in everyone’s house. The whole house water filter requires periodic maintenance or replacement to access healthy and clean water.

However, this period varies from one brand to another. Apart from this, other factors like water usage, the number of contaminants in the water, and the chemicals also play a vital role in fluctuating the period for replacement and maintenance of the filter. It is crucial to monitor the filter and replace them periodically. We hope this article has helped you gain knowledge about water filters.