How Much Do Home Water Filtration Systems Cost? {Price Chart}

Water filters are essential additions to your home as they protect you from the many dangerous residues in the water. Imagine taking a glass of water from your kitchen faucet and discovering large sediments inside or having an uncomfortable reaction because you bathed with unclean water.

Water filters remove foul odor and taste, organic sediments, iron, arsenic, sulfur, and other contaminants. No water filter can remove all the possible contaminants in water, which is why different types of water filtration systems are available for your home. Luckily, you don’t have to use all of them as water from a particular source hardly comes with all the possible contaminants.

The trick to solving water filtration issues is to find the water’s contaminant and install the right purification system. With the different filtration systems available, the installation cost varies and can significantly affect your chosen method, so we’ve put together this guide highlighting some of the various systems and their prices.

Filtration Systems And Their Costs

When it comes to the cost of a filtration system, you have to consider the cost of the design and installation separately. However, some of these systems can be installed using DIY guides. This section will consider different water filtration systems and their costs.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis systems
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Reverse osmosis filters water by passing it through a microscopic filter membrane, reducing the water to its base molecules. The filtration process removes sediments, chlorine, salt, and other molecules more significant than the water molecules that pass through the tiny semi-permeable membrane.

While reverse osmosis systems were initially built for large projects like labs and factories, companies have now engineered them for home use with both whole-house and point-of-use systems available.

Cost of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Whole-house reverse osmosis systems will naturally cost more to purchase as they are larger and should withstand a lot of water pressure coming into the home. Typically, this system will cost anything from $750 to $8000.

Point-of-use reverse osmosis filters are considerably cheaper than whole-house systems, costing $150 to $1500. The average cost of a reverse osmosis filtration system is $1000. Bear in mind that the size and type of the reverse osmosis system, its efficiency, filtration process, and other additional features will affect the cost of the system.

Cost of Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems Installation

Like most filtration systems, some are user-friendly and can be installed by following DIY guides. However, in cases where expert piping and plumbing experience is required, it is best to employ professionals. The installation cost is usually around $120 to $900, depending on the type of reverse osmosis system.

Whole House Water Filter

Whole House Water Filter
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As the name implies, the whole house water filter purifies the water coming out from all faucets in the house. The system installed in the main water line brings water into the home, so water from every outlet is clean and safe, including for showering, brushing, cooking, and more.

Whole house water filters have up to six filtration stages indicating their sophistication level. Its position between the main water line and other pipes and its structure allows it to remove sediments, clay, dirt, chlorine, sulfur, and iron.

Cost of Whole House Water Filter

Whole house water filters come in stages one to stage six. The purchase cost differs for each set, with the price rising with each additional filter.

  • Cost of single-stage filter: most single stage whole house filters cost between $100 to $200
  • Cost of double-stage filter: two-stage filters costs between $200 to $500
  • Cost of three-stage filter: with more filtration stages, the efficiency of the three-stage filter increases, and so does its price. Costing between $400 to $550

Cost of Whole House Water Filter Installation

Whole house water filters are complex as they deal with the main water line into your home with large pipes and complicated installation procedures. After installation, professionals installing the system will reduce the possibility of a leaking whole house water filter, so they are best left to the professionals. Installation costs for this system are steep, ranging from $1000 to $4000.

Faucet Mounted Filters

Faucet Mounted Filters
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As the name implies, faucet-mounted filters are attached directly to the opening and filter water as it leaves the faucet. These are point-of-use filtration systems linked directly to faucet openings and are practical since water is purified at the last stage before it gets into your cup or bowl.

Faucet-mounted filters are simple and take up less space than most other filtration systems making them the go-to filters for homes with minimal room. However, the system can make the fact look clumsy and may even affect water pressure.

Cost of Faucet Mounted Filter

Faucet-mounted filters are small and need to be mounted on every faucet where you want purified water and, as such, are predictably affordable. These filters cost between $40 to $100; since they are small and easily removable, thus, great for renters who may need to move quickly.

Cost of Installation

Faucet-mounted filters are simple filtration systems you can connect in a few hours with the right tools. There are several DIY installation guides you can follow. However, if you lack the required tools or choose to employ the services of professionals, installation of a faucet-mounted filter will cost between $100 to $200.

Ceramic Water Filters

Ceramic Water Filters
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Ceramic water filters are made of ceramic material, with their filtration system taking advantage of the porous nature of ceramics and their ability to filter debris, dirt, and even bacteria. They are eco-friendly and long-lasting if you don’t break the fragile ceramic system.

If you are worried about your carbon footprint, this ceramic filtration unit is the way to go. However, you’ll need to feed the system with the water from your home and then take the water from the faucet attached to the ceramic system. As the water moves downward through the many filters in the ceramic system, it cleans the water.

Cost of Ceramic Water Filter

With different ceramic water filtration brands, prices for the system will vary based on the size and number of filtration layers in the chamber. Typically, a ceramic water filtration system costs between $250 to $500.

Cost of Ceramic Water Filter Installation

The basic system only requires assembling by following the setup instructions. This filtration system has no installation cost, as the setup is easy and quick.

Countertop Filters

Countertop Filters
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These filtration systems are away from the water source and are usually placed on the countertop. Water is fed into the unit, which goes through filtration with water tanks storing up to one gallon of purified water. With such a large amount of clean water stored in the tank, you get enough drinking water for daily use.

The idea behind countertop filters is the primary carbon filters that the water passes through to produce clean water. Recent countertop filters offering reverse osmosis filtration systems increase the appeal even further.

Cost of Countertop Filters

The cost still relies on the features and type of filtration system it employs, so this may vary significantly; however, the average price for countertop filters is $150 to $500. Some countertop filters have up to four-stage filters for ultra-clean water.

Cost of Countertop Filters Installation

Countertop filters have no installation cost, as you can easily set them up by following the instructions in the product manual or concise guides on how to install countertop filters. The total cost of this unit significantly reduces without any installation cost.

Under-Sink Water Filters

Under-sink Water Filters
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Under-sink water filters are some of the most popular home filtration systems that deliver clean water while working away from prying eyes. These are point-of-use filters you can connect under a water outlet to purify the water from that faucet. It is usually related to kitchen sinks where the need for clean drinking water is higher.

This water filtration system taps into the supply entering the faucet with up to six filtration stages producing sparkling clean water. Carbon and sediment filters inside the filtration unit help remove dirt, dissolved waste, and more.

Cost of Under-sink Water Filters

With several options available, from single units to six-stage reverse osmosis filtration systems, the cost of purchasing under-sink water filters will vary slightly.

  • Simple under-sink water filter: basic under-sink filtration systems with one to two-stage units will cost about $250 to purchase
  • Reverse osmosis under-sink water filter: these are more sophisticated systems with multiple filtration stages and long-lasting filters, so you don’t have to replace filters frequently. It costs around $300 with additional features.

Cost of Under-sink Water Filters Installation

Hiring the help of professionals to install this filtration system will put you back between $150 to $1000, depending on the type and size of the filtration unit. Employing professionals is also helpful as they can quickly run routine maintenance on a system with time.

Under-sink water filters are easy to install with the right tools and some DIY experience. You can use a clear under-sink water filter installation guide to install the filter and ensure consistent clean water.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Home Water Filtration Systems

There are several factors affecting the cost of home water filtration systems, and understanding these factors will help determine a more accurate cost range for your specific needs.


The size of the filtration system is usually divided into whole house systems or point-of-use that are attached directly under-sink, on faucets, pitchers, or a countertop. Generally, whole-house systems are more expensive, which is understandable as they cover the water coming out from every faucet in the house.


A complex filtration unit will typically cost more as it is harder to build and maintain. Complex systems also mean a more sophisticated filtration system that produces better water-cleaning results.


Filtration systems come in different types, which also affect the cost of the filters. For example, standard carbon filters cost between $50 to $500 on average, while ultraviolet light filters cost $200 to $1000. Well filters and reverse osmosis filters can go as high as $4000 with other filtration types like chemical injectors and ionization.


Some brands are known for selling expensive filters, while others are budget-friendly. As with most products with huge brands, the brand you choose will affect the cost of the filter. Brands like Culligan water have filters for as low as $50, while more high-end brands like Rainsoft have filters for as high as $8000.

Number of Filters

Most filtration systems have between one to six filtration stages. More than one filter is required to clean water from traditional sources. The more contaminated the water is, the more filters are needed to clean it. Also, more filters naturally translate to more costs.


Labor becomes a huge addition where DIY installation is not possible. The labor cost is usually lumped into the installation fee charged by professionals and will vary depending on the difficulty of reaching the installation point.


Do you have any questions about the cost of a home water filtration system? Check out this section for some common questions and their answers.

How much is the average home water filtration system?

The average home water filtration system costs between $200 and $10000 with point-of-use filters typically more affordable than whole house systems.

How long do home filtration systems last?

Some higher quality filtration systems can last for up to 25 years while lower quality filters last for up to 15 years. For example, the time for replacing a whole house water filter can vary based on brands and you should follow the average time on the instruction manual.

Are home filtration systems worth it?

Fixing the filtration system that solves your specific need will make it worth the cost. If you need safe water for bathing, among other things, a whole house system is the way to go. While point-of-use systems are worth it if you only need clean water from specific faucets.


Installing water filtration systems in your home can go as high as $10000 or as low as just under $100, depending on many factors already listed in this guide. Other tips affecting water filtration costs are the need for water testing before choosing the installation type, regular maintenance cost, and additional plumbing in some cases.